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Part 1

The mother’s blood shone in the lights from the floor and ceiling. She shrieked as the doctor wrapped her in a cleaning blanket. He made sure to hold her away from himself as he brought her over to her mother. The doctor couldn’t help but be a little abrasive, he hadn’t seen a woman give birth in 10 years. The mother took the baby in her arms holding her close.

“Name?” A birthing officer stood in the door way preparing the child’s ID implant.


“Full name please.”

“Leesandra Patrick.”

“Time of birth Doctor?” The doctor brought up his memory logger and focused on the time stamp.

“3.46 am 11th of June”


“Kyber – Human hybrid.” The mother answered that time. The Birthing officer cleared his HUD and looked up from the floor.

“You carried a Kyber for nine months? Without implants?” He couldn’t say it but he was disgusted that his race would even touch a human let alone impregnate one.

“That I did. Now take her and do what you need to do, I know you Kybers need a little more than a clean after birth.” The doctor carefully took the baby from her mother. The birthing officer stomped over to the baby, reaching over to it. His arm came apart at the seams revealing the metal and poly-fibres within, a probe whirred as it left his arm cavity. The probe pushed up against the babies hand a silver glow flashed across her skin.

“I’ll take her to the diagnostics ward, they’ve already been notified to bring a cot over.” The doctor nodded to the mother as he left.

“You know she won’t be welcome anywhere.”

“She doesn’t have to be, she’s stronger than the lot of you.”


 Leesandra had just come out of her advanced mathematics class. She was fifteen years old now. Her hair long and naturally coming into dreads filled with sparkling lights. Skin pale and shining silver whenever she didn’t pay much attention to it. At this age her kyber additions were only physical. Enhanced brain function, protective coating on her skin and heat-sinks running through every dread of hair.

The sun shone bright on her face, even though it was slightly obscured by the orbital platforms. Her iris’s compensated by closing completely and changing over to her other visual sensors. She hated when that happened, the visual sensors did process better than her eyes but they were in the wrong place. It’s been happening more regularly over summer and has dazed her every time. She covered her eyes with her hand tricking the iris’s into opening back up and giving back her eye sight.

She was meeting her friends for lunch at the other end of the school. With her perfect skin and generally more attractive body type she has often been asked why her friends are the ‘unpopular’ kids. She never answers these questions of course, but she would like to reply ‘Because they aren’t judging me based on preconceptions.’ She doubted that anyone at this school would understand that thought, even though she was well aware that most teenagers were dealing with that exact problem.

The school was a human school. Its body of students all unaltered human beings. It wasn’t particularly large nor well-funded. Human schools were all like that as far as she could tell. Leesandra rounded the corner of the building, coming upon a crowd of people. She stopped mid stride to figure out what was going on. There was a commotion in the middle, this was where she was supposed to be meeting her friends.

When she’d pushed her way to the crowd she had finally figured out what was going on. Gradient, Leesandra’s best friend stood a pace from Indigo, the resident ‘popular’ girl.

“What are you going to do? Squeeze zits in my face?” Indigo’s parents had paid plenty of money to have a kyber generated anti-body added, keeping her skin clean and acne free.

“I might. See if that gene therapy can handle it.” With that Indigo stepped forward and planted her flat hand onto Gradients face.

Leesandra’s heads up display activated for the first time.

Her vision was suddenly full with boxes of light, dials and notifications. Every person in her field of view suddenly had an outline drawn around them. She felt the adrenaline kick in as well as many other chemical cocktails. The images in her vision cleared leaving room for one notification to fill up most of her sight. ‘Combat in progress.’ She felt herself tense and every muscle she had strengthened both on the biological front and on the implant front. Her mind was awash with thoughts and hormones, not only thanks to the extra processors that finally started up.

She stepped forward in a flash. She grabbed Indigo by the arm she had swung. She didn’t hear Indigo’s protests. She held indigos arm out with one hand and brought the other arm up to a position that would offer the optimum velocity…


 “Indigo’s arm is broken in three places.” Principal Darkly was a tall man and far younger than he looked. Leesandra sat beside her mother, both behind his desk. He was standing holding the X-ray print up to the window so the women could see it.

“Now, I would like to make perfectly clear that I didn’t want to bring you in today. I know that this fight and its swift conclusion was not caused by you, and the fact that it was because you were defending a friend that you’ve ended up in this position actually heartens me greatly. The problem I face is this; had this been a human on human fight, I very much doubt there would have been any real injury. And in such case I would not be meeting with you before I meet with Indigo’s parents, who you can probably see.”

Leesandra’s recently acquired heat vision pointed out Indigo and her parents, she noted the cast covering her whole arm. “It is with great displeasure that I have to suggest this, but unfortunately I am at the front of the firing line when the human and kyber dignitaries come and start asking questions. I believe it would be in everyone’s best interest if you take Leesandra into a kyber learning hive.”

“No. I want to be here.”

“I know Leese but with all this happening…”

“Your mother’s right. You have a distinct advantage over every kid here, you’re faster stronger and more intelligent than any of them. You can’t compete against them on any field because we know you’re better. We have you in advanced classes but even those you are finding too easy, you were not supposed to learn this way. You have ports on the end of your dreads now specifically designed to integrate with an information download link.”

“You could have every piece of human knowledge instantly, then be free to do whatever until you are old enough to work.” Her mother chipped in.

Leesandra refused to say anything more about it.


 When kyber’s first created upgrades that would carry over to children they extended the child period of their natural growth. Evolution’s reasoning behind a quick maturation and short term between birth and developing the ability to give birth, was no longer necessary.  This meant that before puberty they would have full chance to understand social structure before it was clouded by the natural urges to procreate.

Leesandra had been given textbooks on ‘kyber human deviation’ during her time at her human school institutions. She understood the motives and reasons behind the kyber race as a separate part of human advancement. She even knew the chemical and physiological changes that would occur when she went through the belated adolescence at the age of 18.

What she had never thought to grasp was the effects this would have on her kyber implants.

The little spasms and moments of complete inability to move had spurred her mother into taking her to a kyber clinic.

“I see that you’ve disabled your HUD and all notifications.” The doctor sat behind a translucent desk that only served as a display screen for patients and something she could rest her hands on.

“That’s a pretty large breach of privacy isn’t it?”

“Your mother signed the forms allowing my complete view of all your kyber systems. Even being human she still holds guardianship over you until you are twenty one.” Her voice was monotone to the point of sounding artificial. Leesandra expected it probably was. The Doctor continued to rifle through Lessandra’s diagnostic logs, absolutely still, except for the eyes darting from left to right reading information projected onto her retina.

Leese looked around the room she was in. The carpet made from the same poly-fibres that made up her clothes, keeping the room warm, able to change colour on the whim of anyone who linked into its interface.

The ceiling and walls were a perfect white, unblemished except for the health warnings, charts and skeletal images projected out from their surface. This information seemed to only be necessary for the rich human patients the doctor had, that wouldn’t be able to interface with the wireless data net and that would actually need the health warnings.

The window beside the doctor was an illusion, projected from the wall like the pictures on the other side of the room. Although it was an excellent illusion, even able to fool kyber eyes. It could not fool Leesandra’s knowledge of the external part of the building. That wasn’t a wall that reached external side of the building. The trees and leaves dancing in the wind weren’t their either, this building was far from any park.


“What’s interesting?”

“I’ve never seen someone else’s diagnostic log that wasn’t missing a few time stamps.”

That means there was a way to cut out pieces of the log. Leesandra thought a loud curse.

“So there isn’t anything unusual going on here…” Leesandra looked up at the doctor as she paused. “Now that is interesting…” The doctor brought her hand up to her face to rub her eyes. “There is something unusual, but easy enough to get through. The human half to your genetic makeup isn’t something that I, or anyone for that matter, has seen before. Luckily the kyber additions corrected for this instinctively by replicating the extra chromosomes your maternal gamete was missing. This however has left some discrepancies where your kyber puberty is concerned. Only the female kyber chromosomes contain the information dictating what happens with your implants, your fathers can only do so much.”

“So how do we get through this then? Also why would that cause the issues I’ve had?”

“It’s simple really, you just exchange the information through fluid contact with any kyber female. For those issues, it was a nerve confliction where your kyber parts were failing to upgrade implants you had as a female and implants you didn’t have with not being male. We’ve had the same issues with same sex kyber reproduction.”
“What do you mean fluid contact?”
“Any bodily fluid that contains cells. Body contact doesn’t transmit enough of the data to completely change the kyber genetics.” Leesandra jumped out of her chair.

“You want to spit in my mouth?” She backed up awkwardly hitting the chair with her leg.

“Nothing as drastic as that. It doesn’t have to be me that you interact with for this either. Any kyber female will do. The fluid just needs to enter a chemical sensor, not specifically tongue or stomach.” She continued to back up.

“I don’t know any kyber females that I would be comfortable doing that with.”

“It’s not an invasive thing. Your body will take what it needs based on what it was missing and filter out the rest.”

“They will basically be my kyber-mother.”

“Only six out of fifty eight of your chromosomes will be replaced. If you want to be philosophical then yes. However genetically and in the eyes of the law, the kyber in question will have little to no connection with you unless already established.” Leesandra just stood and stared at the doctor.

“I can give you the data stream address for a female only chat room to find a volunteer if you…”

“No, no. I’ll take yours if you are willing.” Leesandra put out her arm, it opened at an invisible seal. A chemical input slithered out into her palm. The doctor stepped around her desk and up to Leesandra. She licked her thumb and pressed it against the input in Leese’s palm.

Her HUD automatically reactivated with the input, it notified her that it detected material that was compatible with her. It requested permission to integrate it with the next cell change.

She selected the OK option.


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