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Chapter 3

The Stitch sat in its cell, it mumbled to itself. It scratched at the seams of the resealed holes in its sides. Staring at the wall, talking but not saying anything. It leaned forward, reaching over its head and scratching the back of its neck right above a piece of skin with a tattoo on that had been sewn on. It threw its head back smashing into the enchanted stone behind it. The stich started a scream that would split ear drums. Each breath was followed by another slam into the wall behind it and another scream lasting longer than the last.


It put its hands on the side of its head, at first in effort to stop the smashing but then it used the arms to slam harder into the wall. It could not damage itself, the magic holding it together also kept it from taking injury by blunt force. Pain still got through, every part of it. The guards knew the walls would not be broken like that, they weren’t worried about that, they were more concerned about getting replaced. The scream of a soul in pain gets into your own soul, they resonate and empathise. Every guard that wasn’t of a soulless breed started to bash their own heads against walls.

They had magically sound proofed the cell when two guards had thrown up in the hallway from extreme concussion. The stitch didn’t need food, it wouldn’t eat it even if it was given to it. It never slept, it had been in this cell for six months and the only time it stopped screaming was to talk to itself and breathe. There were drawings on the walls, there were no drawing materials in there. Whenever it could draw blood it would draw symbols and death scenes on the walls until the wound healed. All while screaming. This stitch is the last because no magic has found a way to kill or disassemble it. It is a creature that even hell fears.


Sam always hated Necromancers, worshiping death was one thing. Death himself is not such a bad guy, or girl depending on the mood. The curse he put on Cain turned out great for all the magical creatures his kids turned into. But Necromancers worshiped death on a whole new level. They bathed in coagulated blood and were normally necrophiliacs as well. Plus the whole idea of using corpses as slaves did not sit well with her at all.


Mr Red had gotten word of a string of grave robberies in the area, keeping the magic arts in line was normally the mage guilds job but the refuge didn’t want a zombie army running around. That was another thing Sam hated about Necromancers, they always want to take over the world. She opened the gate, failing to silence the loud screeching it made. Luckily she never had much of a problem with cemeteries or she would have had to wait till morning. The ground was wet and soft, squelching under every step. She ducked behind the worn and broken gravestones, making sure no-one was around before she moved closer to the mausoleum.

Ever since the Vampurists attacked the refuge the enforcers were hard pressed for back up. Sam had been unable to re-summon her clay golem as most of the ingredients needed for the doll core are hard to import. All but two of the hell-hounds normally used for raids had been killed in the attack and those two were kept at the refuge so it could still be safe enough as to be used as asylum. That meant all enforcers had to act covertly. As Sam came upon the mausoleum door she transformed, her cat form was excellent for moving stealthily.

Not many humans had known about the mansion buried under this cemetery but to the magic community in the area it was common knowledge. Sam slipped right through the secret entrance in the back of the mausoleum. The mansion had long since collapsed in many places and most of it was inaccessible. It was once the home of the Vampire Royal family when they had moved out of Europe. They abandoned it soon after the start of the Salem witch trials, now it was reminder of why they keep magic away from the masses.


Sam slowly walked through the corridors being careful not to put her paws on something that might make a lot of noise. She heard chanting echo down the hall, she froze and used her powerful hearing to check if they were getting closer. She started moving again when she realized they were still and at the end of the corridor.


“I summon thee, the counter weight and the destroyer of worlds!” A robed man waved his hand over a fire.

“Well where is he then?” Another robed man stood on the other side, noticeably shorter than the first.

“I told you to be patient!” The fire lit up the cave with an orange glow. Two bodies had been placed on either side of the fire. One was an ensemble of different parts at different points of decomposition. The other was the body of young man, still in the suit he was buried in. Sam was now hidden behind a large, old and broken cabinet listening to the pair argue.

“You said he would be here instantly!”

“Shut your goddamn mouth Larry!”

“Boys, boys. What the hell are you arguing about?” A new voice entered the room. “Why have you summoned me?”

“I… ahhh… we… We are but humble servants master.” They both bowed.

‘They actually summoned death.’ Sam thought to herself, quite surprised. ‘Guess this is going to be a bigger problem.’

“So let me get this straight, you’ve put together a bunch of different body parts and were going to perform a trapping ritual on me to get me in there. Just so I could use my powers on this plain.”

“That is what master has wished isn’t it?” Both of them were still bowing even though Death, standing in the suited boy’s body, had told them to stop.

“Well, yeah. Even though it’s not very original I do like it. I’m just bewildered that a couple of Necromancers had the initiative to put this sort of thing together. I am genuinely impressed boys.”

“Thank you master, thank you so much.” Sam heard the tears in the tall necromancer’s voice, he was crying with joy from that compliment.

“There’s just one problem…” Sam stood up in her human form and stepped into the light. “I was going to say ‘I’m going to stop you’ cause that would be totally cool. However, there legitimately, is a problem without me even being here.”

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” The tall one screeched, almost in tears again.

“Oh hi, I’m Sam. I’m a ritual magic expert. This is never going to work.”

“She’s actually right, don’t know how I missed that.” Death looked around the room. “Well, it was a good attempt boys, maybe next time.” The suited boy’s body went limp and dropped back onto the ground.

“Master! Master! No! What did we do wrong?” The shorter one jumped on top of the body and shook it by the shoulders, screaming into its face.

“You don’t have enough people to perform a trapping ritual on death.” Sam stepped closer the fire.

“What?” “Trapping a mid-level reaper may only need two people but trapping death himself into a body would require… probably sixty, seventy well versed ritualists. Even with a body that could contain his entire essence. He’s just too powerful, not to include how much that would unbalance soul traffic.” The two boys froze in place, refusing to say anything. “With just you two doing it, all you’d end up doing is sucking the life out of both of you and have nothing to show for it.”

The tall necromancer’s face started to heat up, sweated beaded up behind his ears. The hood over his head didn’t help but it kept his scrunched up face hidden. He felt his nails dig into his palms. His stomach flipped. His vision started to blur. He stuck his hand up at the woman and pushed his rage into it. She stuck up her hands just has he had conjured a flame. He shot balls of blue flame at her. She hit them away with her hands. He pushed more rage into his hand and fired bigger hotter flames at her. She batted a couple then dodged the rest.

Sam jumped behind another cabinet. Fireballs smashed into it. It was definitely on fire. She needed to try something else. ‘Should’ve just let them kill themselves with that ritual.’ Sam thought to herself ‘Damn it Sam you need to stop killing the bad guys. Okay so what else have we got?’

‘No golem.’

A fireball hit the wall beside her.

‘No time.’

Both of them were throwing fire now.

‘Cat won’t handle fire.’

The area around her was now covered in flames. She put her hand in her pocket hoping to think of something. She pulled out a mermaid scale. ‘How did you get in here?’ She looked up at the ceiling ‘If this is a deus ex machina I’m going to go up there and kick some ass you hear me angels?’ She pulled a handful of necklaces out of her side pouch. Grabbing one and putting it on her neck jamming the rest back into the pouch. She could feel the heat now. She broke the scale in her hands knowing that it wouldn’t need any spell-words. The roaring flames around her turned to smoke. She stood and jumped over the cabinet. The necromancers tried to throw more fire but they couldn’t create any. Sam ran at the tallest one bringing her hand up to her chest. As she reached him she pushed out in a fist, ramming it into the side of his head. He had no defence and made no reaction he just went down. The she turned to the short one her head down and ready to pounce. He had his arms out stretched.

“Oh… really? But you’re a necromancer…” A floating cabinet dropped as the short one dropped his arms. It hit Sam on the top of the head. Everything went black.

Sam felt her arms before she felt anything else. They were tied together above her head. Then she realized that she was actually laying on the ground. She could feel the heat of a fire on her front and the cold stone on her side. She moved her legs, they were bound together as well. She opened her eyes.

“Hello sleepy head.” The tall necromancer had taken his hood off, his left eye socket looked like a giant blueberry.

“So we figured out how to get this ritual back on track.”

“We’re going to sacrifice you…”


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Chapter 2

Sam’s apartment was quiet, the candles around the portal circle were still flickering brightly. The portal circle had changed, as it was supposed to, it had become a return platform. Where it was once a white circle with symbols on the outside, it was now a triangle with symbols on the inside. A self-flipping portal circle was not an easy magic, nor was one that could easily change destinations. Of course Sam was well skilled in ritual magic and her portals were known to be the best in the country. It wasn’t often that child of Cain developed magical talents but as the refuge had learned, those that did were perfect for protecting those in need.

The Apartment shook, the candles leaned and the curtains flapped. A powerful wind came from nowhere blowing out the candles. Alix and Sam were deposited on the return platform holding a naked and very pregnant young girl between them. The girl moaned loudly as she seemed to jump in and out of consciousness. They half carried, half dragged her to Sam’s bathroom.

“Quickly please.” The girl muttered between heavy breaths. They had just got her into through the door when she couldn’t take it anymore and turned back into a mermaid.

“Oh! Gross!” The mermaid exploded out of its human skin sending clear ooze flying out, it covered the girls carrying her and left puddles all over the bathroom. They quickly flopped the mermaid into the bath and let her sort out the taps and plug.

“Ew. Ew. Ew.” Both girls made a failed attempt to get the muck off of them.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that would happen!” Both Alix and Sam shot her looks that said ‘Don’t talk right now.’ When they realized that they couldn’t just wipe it off they grabbed some towels. As Sam looked at the mess on the floor she hoped there would be a spell to quickly clean it.

“Guy’s I hate to ask any more of you…”

“I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

“But… I think I might be having them soon.” Sam and Alix looked at each other almost about to ask if the other knew anything about giving birth to fish. Sam opened her mouth but nothing came out, then she closed it again.

“We’re going to have to call the refuge.” Sam finally found the thought she was looking for. Alix pulled out her phone in agreement.

“Mr Red thanks… Yeah, hi it’s Sam… Yeah it went fine… damn, that reminds me. Dean and Carl are in purgatory now and there’s a stone troll in their apartment… That’s what Alix said, you’ll have to do something about the troll market… So yeah, the mermaids pregnant… Don’t even go there alright… Can you send someone?” Sam’s half of the phone conversation was overlooked by an Alix still trying to get the goo out of her hair. “Yes I know what time it is… no I don’t care who you send I have an underage pregnant mermaid in my bathtub… Okay, thanks… yeah, sorry… thank you Red.”

“So is he sending someone out?”

“As soon as possible, apparently.”

“Did he say who?”

“Nope. But lunch time on a weekday means we’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

“Please not Thras…”

“Mr Red likes us too much to do that.”

“Are you sure? We weren’t supposed to kill them you know.”

“He understood.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t do that, you’re making me freak out okay.”



Sam started to make coffees for her and Alix, also preparing a mug for whoever was coming over in case they wanted one as well. Alix went back into the bathroom.

“Are you okay? Can we get you something?”

“I’m okay. A C-section. Haha.”

“Oh, I feel so rude, I don’t even know your name and I’ve seen you naked.”

“Heh, yeah. It’s alright, we swim around naked. My name’s Nashul but people call me Naz.”

“I’m Alix and my friend is Sam.”

“Are all refuge enforcer’s mages?”

“Eh… oh… no we’re not mages.”

“But the portal?”

“We’re Chatesque, we just learned magic.”

“But we can’t learn magic… My parents said…”

“Magic can be learned by anyone, most of Cain’s children just like to stay away from it.”


“So hate to intrude but, you know, curiosity killed the cat. Who’s the dad of this, litter?”

“He’s a Selkie.”

“One of those forbidden love type things then?”

“No… no no no. Nothing so romantic. Mermaids are fine with Selkies. I’m just a little young you know.”

“Why did you keep them?”

“I’d have to tell my parents for that, abortion clinics wouldn’t have taken well to ten unborn children in one stomach.”

“I’m sure you’re parents would’ve helped, everyone makes mistakes.”

“You don’t know my parents.”

“I know they swore the oath to the refuge so we could come find you.” Naz sat quietly for a moment taking in what Alix had just said.

“They gave up the school for me?”

“That’s what parent’s do, look after their children. But you’ll learn that soon enough.”

Sam had just handed Alix her coffee when there was a knock on the door, Sam hurried over to it.

“That was quick.”

“Thank you, I thought we might need some urgency.” Sam realized who stood in the hallway.

“Reese! What are you doing here?”

“Called for a mermaid specialist didn’t you?”

“Well… yeah, but…?”

“But how does a werewolf become a mermaid specialist? Simple, I read.”

“Reese is here?” Alix jumped round the corner. “Oh dude, yes!”

“Guys… guys. There’s a patient.”

“Oh yeah… she’s in the bath.” Reese stepped in the door and gave each of them a hug.

“How did you get her here anyway?”

“Back portal.”

“Wait… you made her go human?”

“Yeah why?”

“Icky icky mess everywhere?”

“How did you…?”

“Mermaids explode back to fish form when they’re about to give birth. It’s like a defence thing of some sort.”

“Well we know that now.”

“Ew. Anyway, so she’s in the bath, how much water?”

“Check for yourself.”

Reese made his way into the bathroom, Stepping over the mess on the floor.

“Hi.” He smiled and waved at the fish girl in the bath. “I’m Reese, I’ll be your midwife. First thing, that’s not enough water.” He reached over and turned both taps on. “Okay, that’s pretty much it.”

“W…wha… what?” The girl looked up at him with a face that said the same thing she did.

“You’re half fish, having the babies is the easy part. When they want to come out, they’ll just pop out, the problem will be when they turn into screaming little human babies. By the way Sam, we’re going to need a lot of towels.”


Merbabies, the children of a mermaid. Their water form is like a large tadpole, once they escape from their mother’s womb they will continue to swim around for a while until they are content with the environment they are in. Then they turn into their human form. A mermaid pregnancy lasts 11 months, all merbabies are born more mature than any human child and will have already started teething. Mermen in the litter will have completed teething and their teeth will be sharp, pointed and deadly. Luckily none of them will develop poison glands until weeks later.

Selkie are born normally as humans separate from their pelt. They develop like a normal human until pubescence, at which time they will use the pelt they would have been carrying to turn into their seal form. A Mermaid – Selkie hybrid has never happened before. Up until now they have stayed away from each other. 1. Because the Merpeople thought that Selkie would eat them (Seals eat fish). 2. Because the Selkie thought the Merpeople would lure them into their deaths as they did with human sailors.

“Considering what I know about interspecies breeding and what I currently see in this bathtub I’m going to make these guesses.” Reese looked over the tadpoles in the tub.

  1. They are fully Mer, Mermaid being a dominant element in their genes 2. Some will have pelts some will not. 2a. those pelts will turn them Mer or into Seals. 2b. those without pelts will be able to be Mer or Seals at will.

“Hopefully once you turn human again you won’t still be pregnant. That would mean that you still have a Selkie baby to give a proper birth to.”

Luckily when Naz had turned back and got some clothes on she wasn’t still pregnant. Slowly but surely the tadpoles turned human. Two out of the seven were in white fur pouches once they turned. Both Alix and Sam were relieved that there were only seven babies and not closer to twenty. Naz was a little worried until Reese explained that Selkie aren’t very fertile and he was actually amazed there was more than one.

Three were girls and four were boys, the two with pelts were both boys. Sam wasn’t happy about having new born babies in her apartment but she quickly changed her mind when both Alix and her realized how cute they were, especially seeing as they were born clean.

“This has been one crazy day.” Alix said as she played with one of the baby’s feet. They were on a bundle of towels on the living room floor. Alix, Sam, Reese and Naz were all playing with the baby’s.

“Tell me about it.” Sam was holding one of the pelted ones, still in its pouch.

“Grandparent’s will be here shortly.” Reese casually spoke out, unaware of the shock on Naz’s face.

“So how did the parents take it?” Mr Red sat behind the bar. He is a large pale man with long dark hair, there are deep lines on his face but they are his only signs of aging. He wore a red apron suitable for a bar keep, that’s what he was most of the time. When he wasn’t looking after the entire refuge. Sam liked to think that if it came to it he could hold the whole building up with his massive arms, just while he was in human form.

“They were really good actually, there was lots of hugging.” Sam spoke between sips of her drink.

“Not sure they realized they were hugging a werewolf but the look on Reese’s face when the dad pulled him into a cuddle was hilarious.” Alix splayed out on the bench, she was exhausted at this point.

“You girls did well, you’ll see the payment tomorrow.”

“Thanks. No babies next time okay.”

“I can’t promise anything.” Mr Red chuckled deeply.

“Now that they’re going to be part of the refuge…” Alix spoke up from the bench. “You should put Naz in a place where she can learn a magic art, she has a lot of enthusiasm for it.”

“I’ll take that under advisement. Now that you’re mostly awake Alix I need to talk to you about the stitch.” Alix shot up, fully alert half expecting the stitch to be somewhere in the area.

“What about it?”

“You know what it is right?”

“Red, I was there when they came through the market. I know what to expect.”

“Do you? The others only had four or five souls attached. This one has eleven, all screaming in agony. The power and pain that it feels will be driving it far beyond the others.” Both Sam and Alix put on a grim face.

“I have a plan, an idea for a cage and a binding ritual thanks to Sam. I’ll be okay.”

“And that’s why I told Maeve to ask you. You always think ahead.” Mr Red smiled “And Sam, I know you want to help, but I have a bigger problem for you to solve…”

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Chapter 1

“What did I tell you honey, magic is dead simple.”

“I like that pun, but you were right Gun.” She ground some stones under her foot.

“The power trip you feel is more than any drug, I know I’ve tried lots of them.”

“It’s like I feel the energy in my very veins.”

“To think back in the dark ages they just killed anyone who was rumoured to practice sorcery. And once the witches couldn’t be found they killed anyone who knew more about the universe than the majority.”

“They just killed anyone?”

“They killed doctors and healers, if they could easily make the masses fear them they killed them.”

“Wasn’t it because of religion though dear?”

“Yeah, but that’s not an excuse.”

“So what? You want to use your magic to destroy a church or something?”

“No, no. I’m just talking about how ridiculous it was that people would so quickly sell out the people who helped them, just because everyone else thought they were evil or something.”

“I see.” The alleyway was dark and damp. It hadn’t rained for several days but there was still puddles littering the broken concrete. They leaned up against bins on opposite sides of the path. “So next one out then?”

“Yeah.” He finished his cigarette and threw it on the ground as he stepped closer to her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” They kissed as a door opened. They pulled clown masks down onto their faces as a man stepped out into the alley. Gun clicked his fingers and threw a dark mass at the ground. As it collided with the pavement it screeched at an unholy pitch then exploded into a cloud of smoke.


“The titles start to roll there.” The rain patted against the window behind the couch.

“You better not ruin this movie for me, it would make me so sad.” The apartment was small but clearly expensive. Top of the building, excellent view, when it’s not raining. Sam sat on the couch and Alix leaned on the stereo set by the TV.

“Well go see it then, silly.” Sam flicked her hair out of her face as she pulled her legs up onto the couch.

“I would but I’m saving for my trip to England, plus I’ve got bitch duty in Cain’s hall tomorrow.”

“Oh that’s right, you’ve got to transfer the last Stitch to the arcane asylum don’t you. Lucky you.” Sam looked over at the clock then got off the couch.

“Don’t remind me about that thing please, I’m edgy enough as it is.” Alix tapped her foot impatiently.

“I guess it’s that time.” They moved out of the lounge into one of the bedrooms. There was a large black mat spread out on the floor. There was a large white circle drawn onto it with a smaller circle inside, runes surrounded each circle. Candles were alight around the mat.

“Can we just walk please? I hate portal magic.” Sam pushed her into the circle. Air rushed up from the mat shaking the curtains and making the candles flicker. Paint lines lit up, the white light flowing around like smoke. Just as the light filled their vision the air rushed, whistling past them. The air slowed and they opened their eyes. Sam landed on her feet gracefully, Alix grabbed at the carpet stopping her fall. Sam helped her up barely containing her laughter. She knew she couldn’t give away that they were here. “This is why I hate portal magic.” Alix whispered harshly at Sam.

They stood in a darkened hallway, apartment doors on either side. Alix pointed at a door behind Sam, both of them nodding after reading the number.

“Should we go in?”

“I don’t think it’s time yet.” Alix pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked the time. “Two minutes.” Sam stuck her hand down her top and pulled out several necklaces making sure she had the right one.

“Have you got your de-clothe charm?”

“I never take it off, sometimes you just need to curl up on the bed.”

“That is very true.” Sam put the necklaces back and leaned on the wall next to the apartment door. “I still can’t believe Maeve asked you to supervise the transport.”

“She did it personally.”

“Ever since she’s been working with Isaac she’s been doing some weird shit.”

“Maeve’s always done weird shit though. That’s why they got her to do the jobs we couldn’t.”

“Yeah I suppose, but asking another enforcer to supervise a catch like that. It’s almost like she had better things to do.”

Alix pulled out her phone and pointed at the door again. Sam put one hand on the door handle and one hand on the door, she whispered an incantation then moved away. Alix was already mid transformation, her skin turning pitch black and her eyes yellow. Sam’s hands started first growing larger and a mix of black yellow and white fur bulged out. Their clothes vanished as they reached full transformation, the door to the apartment clicked unlocked then flew open bashing into the wall behind it. Alix moved in first, her Panther form’s giant muscles pulsing as she stepped. The apartment was bare except for a couch, some chairs and a table. The occupants as seen were a small man with a darker complexion and a larger man that was very pale. The dark man sat on the couch and the pale man sat at the table. Neither of the men were surprised that two large cats had just walked into their apartment but they were definitely terrified.

“Dean Jones and Carl Deeds?” Alix talked without moving her large jaws, voice projection was another charm she permanently carried around. The two men nodded their heads not taking their eyes off the cats’ large impending fangs. “Do you remember Mr Red?”

“Mr Red?” The pale man blurted out the question his whole body starting to shake.

“Yes, the head of house at Cain’s refuge.” Sam moved closer to the table as she spoke.

“Y… yes I remember him.”

“Does he look like a man you want to fuck with? Does his Chimera heritage not chill you to the bone?” Alix licked her lips as she spoke, climbing onto the couch next to the dark man.

“I… I…” The dark man mumbled and pulled himself along the couch until he was on the arm rest.

“Did you not swear to Mr Red that you would uphold the tenants of all house members?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” The pale man trailed off.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about? You didn’t swear to Mr Red?”

“N… n… no we swore.”

“Then what’s the fucking problem?”

“W… w… why are you here?”

“Come on Mr Jones, are you really going to play stupid? To us?” Sam leaped onto the table facing Dean Jones. The pale man jumped up, his chair tipping over.

“Did you really think that you could get away with this?” A bedroom door beside the couch burst open. A troll stepped through, its large wart covered nose dripping puss onto the carpet.

Both men raised their arms, the pale one starting to cast a protection spell, the dark man turning his skin into scales. Sam leaped from the table onto the pale man her teeth plunging deep into his arm and shoulder. Alix swiped her paw across the dark man’s chest before his dragon scales could cover it, the shirt ripped and his chest opened. The wound gushed out, covering the dark man in his own blue dragon blood. The troll shook the building as it stomped, it let out a deep booming yell that gurgled as it finished. Sam tore off the pale man’s arm with her jaw and flung it at the troll, it bounced off its leg only taunting it. The dark man passed out at the sight of his own blood and his friends severed arm. Alix leaped over the limp body on the couch landing on the trolls head latching her claws into his skull.

Sam bounded over slamming into the trolls legs sending it toppling back. As the troll fell Sam reverted into her human body quickly pulling out a necklace from her top and a bag from her pocket. The troll hit the ground with a great dull thud, Alix jumping off its face. Sam grabbed a handful of dust from the bag and blew it over the troll holding the necklace out in her other hand. Alix screamed out through her voice projection.

“The dust of the place sun first touch!”

“And the name of true Icarus!” Sam called out.

“Let there be light!” They both called out at once. The room filled with yellow light disintegrating every shadow and warming everything it touched.

The room now back to its normal brightness was filled with slowly settling dust.

“Are you okay Alix?”

“Yeah I’m okay.” Alix stood up in her human form trying to wipe the dust from her jeans. She kicked the now, stone troll in the middle of the room. “Why do they always have trolls?”

“Cheap? I guess.” Sam steadied herself of the table, conjuring sunlight even with an assistant is hard on the body. “I hope I don’t get a sunburn.” There was a moan behind her, she turned quickly expecting it to be the pale man. When she saw what she had done to him she realised it had come from the bathroom. “She’s in there.” Alix stepped over the troll and moved towards the bathroom knowing that Sam wouldn’t be able to walk for a few more minutes.

“Are you okay?” Alix talked into the bathroom unsure of what she’d see.

“I… I don’t think so.” A girl’s voice came out of the bathroom. Alix peered through the door to see a blond teenage girl laying in a bathtub. “Are you from the refuge?”

“Yeah, we’ve come to help.” Alix carefully walked over to the bath. Suddenly a large fish tail flopped over the side splashing her with water.

“S… sorry, I still can’t control it.”

“It’s alright, I went through that too.”

“Did you go through this?” Alix looked over into the bath, she scanned down the sleek silver tail noticing where the hips were then noticing a rainbow coloured mound where the mermaid’s stomach would be.

“Oh… um… not… wow…”

“Yeah.” Alix didn’t know much about mermaids but this girl was definitely under 17 years old. She now knew why it had been so easy for Dean and Carl to steal a mermaid, she had been hiding this from her school (herd of fish or family of mermaids/mermen).

“We’re going to need you out of that bath and in human form so we can get you somewhere safe.”

“I can’t stay human for long, the children change as well if I’m that form for too long.”

“And how many children have you got?”

“I don’t know but normally we have ten to twenty.” Alix had an image of ten to twenty babies bursting out her own stomach. She gagged silently.


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