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Chapter 5

Lucifer took her seat next to Reese. The body she was wearing looked near 16, with the clean skin of possession but the cracks around her ears made Reese recoil. She would have to have been in that body longer than four years for that kind of degradation to appear. Reese stopped himself before becoming outraged, if the soul wasn’t letting the angel stay there would be a sudden expulsion. Even with all his strength, this close to the full moon he was having trouble keeping his anger down.

“So, what are you doing here?” Reese blurted out in an attempt to hide his clenched fists.

“Didn’t I say? Drink.” She looked at Mr Red, her eyes wide and pleading.

“Do you have ID for that body? Looks like I’m serving a minor.” She pulled a card out of her back pocket and handed to him.


“Oh…” She turned back to Reese while she waited for the Chimera to get her drink. “Did you mean? Do I have ulterior motives?” Reese nodded at her. “I’m hurt.”

“Don’t look hurt, maybe you should smack your head against the barrier again.”

“Okay, okay. My usual motives are the same, stay on earth, have fun, eventually gain enough power to reclaim heaven. Vengeance on my brothers and sisters, et cetera et cetera.” Reese frowned at her, Lucifer had been in politics too long.

“Out with it woman.” Mr Red placed her drink in front of her. She took long swig from it. She scrunched up her face.

“Jesus, this body has its taste buds all wrong.” She put the glass down in front of her. “I know you lot say this all the time but, trust me, the old times were much better.”

“I need a doctor.” Reese and Mr Red looked at her then at each other, both puzzled.

“What?” They asked simultaneously.

“Don’t give me that crap. I know you saw them Blackwood.” She ran her hand down the crack on the side of her face. It was like painted porcelain, the skin flaking off where the corruption started. It hadn’t opened yet but it wouldn’t be long till it did.

“Jump into another willing participant. That’s what you normally do isn’t it?” Mr Red leaned against the wall behind the bar.

“It’s getting harder and harder to find those. Especially ones that would last me as long as this one has.”

“How did you know I was here?”

“Huh?” Lucifer looked over at Reese, one eyebrow raised.

“There are only eleven people I know of who would know how to fix that blight.” Reese took another sip. “Five are working for the demons, two are working for the non-fallen angels. Isaac, wouldn’t even come back to this Refuge if he knew you’d been here and no-one knows where Hank is. That leaves me, and Thras.” Both Lucifer and Reese shivered at Thras’ name. “How did you know where I was?” She pressed her lips together breathing deeply out her nose.

“I followed you, okay?” There was a softness in her voice that Reese felt the base of his stomach.

“Fuck sake.” Reese got up and walked off before anyone could say anything.

He got to the corner of the street before he heard the patter of a girl running in chuck taylors behind him.


“Don’t Lucy!” He turned and held his hand out in front of him. “I’m done, I am so done.”

“Reese I need your help.”

“I know, I instantly knew when I saw you walk in the door with your blackened wings wrapped around you.” She stepped back.

“You can still see them?” He frowned at her again.

“Didn’t I say don’t? You can’t keep showing up next to me when you want something.”

“I know, and I didn’t want to.” She stepped forward again, dropping her head, the spiky hair brushing his face. Reese took an involuntary breath, smelling something unusual under the hair gel.

“You’ve been in there longer than four years haven’t you?” She grunted in a defeated tone. “Proud to the sticky end huh?” She pushed her head into his chest. She started sobbing.

“I don’t want to go back there Reese. After what they did to me last time. I’ve been patching this body up for so long I don’t think she’s even in here anymore.” Reese put his arms around her back and pulled her closer. She was a whole head shorter than him. Crying where his neck met his shoulders, he gave in, like he always had.

“You’re lucky you picked a smaller body this time. If you were still in that linebacker’s body this would look totally awkward.”

After she had cleaned herself up Reese took her back to the bar. With her body falling apart there were many that would pay heavily for anything that leaked out, even if it was forced out. The refuge was the safest place she could be for now. He put her back in her seat and had Mr Red give her another drink, then Reese led him down the other end of the bar.

“You don’t have to do this to keep our good name this time.”

“That’s not why I’m doing it.”

“Why then? Because she cried her story into your chest?” Reese almost flared up again but even the angrier side of him was tired now.


“If Lucifer ends back up in heaven the only boss level spirit walking around here is Mephistopheles. You want that? Furthermore she is the reason we can even exist let alone think past fucking and eating. Do you want it on your conscious that you let her go back to a place where they will undoubtedly torture and imprison her?” Mr Red knew he was going to lose this argument, normally it took a few more turns before Reese came out with the hard to answer questions. He sighed.

“What do you need?”

“I need you to let her stay here.”

“No way! Out of the question.”

“I don’t want to pull out owed favours George.” Mr Red had almost forgotten his first name. “She’ll only be here while I make the potion.”

“How long?”

“A day. If we have some Belladonna.”



“We don’t.”

“I’ll have to source some then.”

“Where are you going to get Nightshade? It’s a poison.”

“Three days.”

Her face was still red from crying. It wasn’t often that a body displayed the emotions of the angel inside. This time she wasn’t faking the sadness and fear. She couldn’t even imagine going back home without her own very soul shaking at the core and after how she’d treated Reese before, she couldn’t have blamed him for not wanting to help. How her body reacted to her feelings scared her even more, it was possible that the body’s real soul was feeling the same in empathy. It was more likely that the body had become more hers than the original soul.


“What will this potion do?” Lucy asked Reese as he led her to her room.

“Strengthen the vessel, make it more suitable for a being of your power.”

“What will happen to the girl inside?” Reese stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Lucy, how long have you been in there?” He didn’t turn to face her.

“Twenty years. What will happen to her?” He looked down at his feet “She’ll go to where she’s supposed to end up. If she’s not there already.” He started moving again.

“What do you mean?” He stopped again this time facing her, his face reddening up.

“Venus!” Reese had never used that name for her. “You cannot tell me you don’t know!” She couldn’t tell if he was frustrated or angry at her but she definitely quivered. “You are the most powerful angel there is, humans cannot contain energy like that! Not for years! Your body is falling apart at the seams!” The knowledge of this that she was missing suddenly burst back into her mind. She pressed her hands against her temples as a powerful headache hit her. Reese grabbed her as she started to topple over.

“You should’ve come to me earlier.” Lucifer sat up on the couch, she remembered Reese carrying her there but it didn’t feel like her own memory. He was on his knees beside her, looking through some kind of pouch. “Possession doesn’t just affect the body…”

“… It affects the soul and the possessor as well.” She completed his sentence but not in her own voice it was a deeper darker voice that came out of her open and unmoving mouth. Reese flicked his body round and covered her mouth with his hand. Lucy’s eyes darted around in her skull, her irises snapped between different colours, blue, green, purple, red. Both eyes turned completely white, iris and pupil before she closed them.


She didn’t notice before but Reese had put something in her mouth, she bit down on it hard. It oozed out a thick bitter liquid onto her tongue, she let it slide down her throat. A sense of calm washed over her. As she regained control she remembered a line from an angel’s examination of possession she had once read over. ‘Over longer periods of time the possessor of a body will start to fracture just as the body does, if not released or relieved of pressure, the possessor’s energy will separate. When it does, in most cases I have observed the parts are distributed outwards through the cracks in the physical form. They are then returned to the realm they are destined for to wait for the rest to come back and reclaim them.’ Putting herself back together would be easy and painless. Getting into heaven to retrieve those pieces would be the opposite.


“You really  should have come to me earlier.” Reese continued holding her mouth. He moved from where he was kneeling and sat next to her on the couch. She started to go limp, he directed her fall onto him. Laying on him, her body completely numb. Reese looked up and saw that he didn’t close the door on the way in. ‘If anyone looks in…’ He looked down at a young girl laying on him, apparently unconscious, with his hand over her mouth.


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Chapter 4

The prison was quiet, the guards took comfort in that fact. Alix didn’t like the silence however, each tap her feet made on the floor gave her chills, echoing down every hall. Her mind kept moving to the thought ‘The calm before the storm’ but she kept putting it out of her head. Most of the criminals in there were violent psychopaths which just so happened to know magic or be a magical creature themselves. A bad mix but they were all kept away from each other, they were fed in their cells, they exercised in their cells, they slept in their cells and they had their own showers. The only contact they had was with the guard that brought them their daily supplies.


This magical prison had the room for fifty thousand inmates, at this very moment they only housed three hundred. Most bad guys ended up being killed in the process of capture, this was normally because capture would only risk more lives. Occasionally some of the worse magical criminals didn’t obey mortal laws either and got themselves put in normal prisons. Unluckily for them every criminal institute in first and second world countries had been covered in anti-magic wards.

Silence returned as the guards guiding Alix stopped in their tracks. Several stone golems were dragging a large wheeled cage behind them. Alix had transformed a bank vault door into that cage, there were no gaps in it at all, even the door sealed tightly as it closed. Transformation magic was based on imagination and the previous properties of the base item. A bank vault is very secure it was only natural that it would work well as a cage. Sam had given Alix a seal to imprint on the sides of the cage which she had done. The seal stopped all force within the cage from reaching the outside or damaging the box, completely stopping any occupant from breaking out. When a guard told her about the screaming from the stitch Alix quickly had them add identical symbols on the cage as the prison had.

Standing in front of the cell Alix had a final shiver before she hardened herself for the road ahead. They would load the cage onto a truck and then drive for five hours to the Institute of Research into Magical Disease. The guards were being put on to alert and blockades were being set up at every exit. A woman in a black lab coat walked up to Alix.


“So you must be the mysterious Alix, I’ve heard so much about?”

“I… What have you heard about me?” The woman laughed.

“It was nothing bad, I just asked around about you when I heard you were bringing the stitch to us.”

“Oh so you’re Doctor Calms?”

“The very same.” She smiled and shook Alix by the hand.

“This is a very noble thing you are doing. Freeing those poor souls.”

“We haven’t done it yet and I wouldn’t call it noble. Anyone with a moral core would want to do everything to help them after hearing that thing scream.” The woman’s face went pale and lost all moisture, such as a Wraith does when dark emotions stir.

“Have you come to escort as well?”

“I thought you might want as much help as you could get.” “Too true Doctor.”

Alix saw the stitch before anyone else. The different colours of skin were the first indicator of what it was. As the guards pulled it out of the cell with a pulsing shield of blue light she saw more of it. Large blackened threads held the separate pieces together, the left arm was much larger than the right obviously stolen from a very large person. Different complexions and skin textures were plastered on in random parts of the visible body, it had a light blue cloth tied around its groin area. It looked around with its different coloured eyes, Alix caught a glimpse of the sigil imprinted on the back of neck. A dim red light glowed from it, it was the magic that held living souls together within this abomination. It not only bound them but it drew power from them making it harder and harder to break it apart as more souls were added to the mix. As it was closed into the cage it started to scream, it was muffled by the locking of the door.

Not wasting any time they loaded the cage directly onto the truck. Alix sat in the back with the cage and a bunch of guards. Each guard was wearing armour, magical riot gear and holding enchanted weapons of their own proficiency. Some were holding guns, some, soul-forged swords. Alix felt underdressed with the enchanted handgun that Sam had made for her, although it was able to instantly freeze any target it wounded to the spot, the other weapons around her were clearly designed for exactly this task. She was put at ease knowing she had another weapon that the rest of them did not, the powerful feline predator she alone controlled was not something these guards could pull out. There was a bang on the side of the truck, Alix knocked back in response and the truck started up. The first few minutes of the ride would be bumpy going over a dirt road but it would be smooth sailing once they reached the paved streets.

It didn’t take long for Alix to get bored of the monotony of looking at armoured guards in a poorly lit space. The only thing that broke through it was when the Stitch occasionally sent a metal twang through the cage. When she felt herself almost falling asleep in the gentle rocking of the truck she pulled out her phone and messaged the driver to make a pit stop. After a few more minutes of trying to stay awake the truck came to a slow stop. The back of the truck opened, the light almost blinding the occupants, Alix held her hand over head in an attempt to block the sun as she inspected the surroundings. They had stopped at a trucking pit stop diner. She focused through the blinding light, she couldn’t see any magical wards with her enhanced cat eyes.


The diner was a human establishment. It wasn’t her best choice for a place to rest, but it was only so everyone could stretch their legs. She took a few more steps and then felt an expansion in her stomach. ‘Oh not now!’ She yelled at her bladder with her mind. Without much more thought she moved off to the diner. Alix stopped in the doorway, her legs held together awkwardly. The waitress took one look at her and pointed towards a door at the back. Alix mouthed ‘thank you’ as she slunk off to the toilet. Surprisingly the toilet here was mostly clean ‘I’ll have to thank the waitress again on the way out.’ She took a seat, putting her head in her hands half embarrassed half wanting to wake up from this dream she seemed to be stuck in.

Cold water, Alix splashed some on her face. The ice cold water slid down the front of her neck. She caught it with a paper towel before it could go down her shirt. ‘That would’ve been uncomfortable.’ Her mind had almost come back to full capacity when she heard some crashing outside the door. The sound made her ears pick up, so far it sounded like a normal non magic tussle in the diner. From all the movies she’d watched she thought that pretty normal for the mortals. Pushing open the door was when she heard the gun shots. Looking into the diner, every person in the diner stood as if flash frozen. A simple trick used to keep the mortals out of danger.


“Shit!” Alix ran out the diner door, coming upon a fully-fledged magical battle. The guards with guns were hold up behind the truck and several cars. Those who didn’t use guns were already splayed out in the car park very injured. Alix dived behind a car as a red bolt of energy flew past her. She signalled the guards to stop firing. The battle slowed to a stop, the whole area was thick with anticipation. “What do you think you are doing? Do you know what we are carrying?”

“Of course we do! That’s why we’re here!” Another female shouted from the far end of the battle ground.


Alix stood up whilst pulling out her hand gun, as a cat her directional hearing was almost perfect. She fired a single shot, it expanded blue as it came out the gun when it collided with the woman’s face it exploded into white crystals making the woman completely numb. Everyone the crystals hit would also be pinned to the spot. The fighting started again.

“We need to stop this now!” Alix voice reached all the guards and they all nodded even though most were firing again.

Most of the assailants had been fatally wounded or frozen to the ground when Alix decided to move to different cover. She took a final look over the bonnet as she was about to move. Then she spotted it, the sight froze her to the ground much like her handgun would have. An MPG. A Magically Propelled Grenade launcher. An assailant pulled it over his shoulder. Alix forced herself to move but it was too late. The launcher went off. She planted a shot into the assailant. The Magical grenade headed straight for its target. Alix screamed. They couldn’t stop it now. It exploded on the truck. A perfect circle of light. The sound boomed around the car park. Alix clutched her ears.


The next few minutes were fast, Alix would think that the sound of the explosion had greatly disorientated her. However what had actually happened is, the sudden influx of magic, in an area where there normally wasn’t any had drained all the energy from everyone that wasn’t protected at the time. The stitch’s scream poured out of the hole in its cage, even though they would have no memory of this event the mortals inside the diner would never feel the same again. The stitch bounded out of the truck lightning fast. It killed the remaining assailants. After tearing apart two guards Alix managed to pull out her gun. A shot hit it, but it didn’t even slow it. The stitch completely ignored the crystals clinging to its back. It grabbed a third guard and knocked him out. It stopped in the centre of the car park to give a final scream. Then it leaped off into the distance. Alix couldn’t think, she couldn’t even move. She flopped onto her back. She couldn’t remember anything between that moment and the moment the Refuge medics showed up.


Reese stepped through the Refuge doors, everyone looked up him. He smiled and waved, they all went back to their own conversations. He turned to his left and signed into the book. Reese Blackwood, Werewolf. The sign-in book was mainly a formality as most of the people who turned up at the Refuge had already sworn the oath. Mr Red still made them all sign it though, he wanted to make sure that if anything happened he had a record of who was there and who wasn’t. Mr Red was more compassionate than he let on. Reese walked over to the bar and took a seat, slumping over the bench.


“You kids, always laying on my bar.” Mr Red put a large glass of a light brown beer in front of him.

“Kids? I’m older than you Red.” Reese looked up to speak and drink from the glass, the bitterness filled his mouth with every gulp.

“On a mortals watch maybe. But up here…” He put his finger on the side of his head. “Still in your 20’s. That’s the curse of being born what you are.”

“You do like to make this philosophical don’t you?”

“Reese Blackwood, not wanting a philosophical debate? What messed up realm did I just get put in?”

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry, after almost two days of being treated like the expert on mermaid-selkie babies I think I’ll be ok with just a beer.”

“I wondered why I hadn’t seen you in here with Sam and Alix.”

“They didn’t have anywhere to go…”

“And your roommates are out of town… Oh you didn’t?”

“What choice did I have? I was the model of all those in the Refuge, and considering the kidnappers had sworn the oath as well…”

“You needed to show them that we’re actually the good guys.”

“Yes, so I had three full blown mermaids in house. As well as seven babies.”

“Sweet Lucifer, guess you’re getting a bonus then.”

“Just let me get drunk here. That’ll cover it.” The door of the refuge creaked open, a woman stepped inside. Everyone looked over. When they saw who it was half of them stood up, battle ready.


“Speak of the Devil and she shall appear.” Mr Red steadied himself. Reese tried not to laugh and the amount of wrong in that sentence. “Lucifer, what are you doing here?”

“I came for a drink, this is a magical asylum isn’t it?” The woman was tall, her hair was short and spiked. She had a black collared shirt on with a red bow tie. As she stepped in Reese noticed her red skin tight jeans and blue chuck taylors.


“Is that what angels are wearing nowadays Lucy? Kinda makes me what to get into heaven.” Reese swivelled in his chair motioning her to sit next to him. She smirked and made another step. A blue light flashed in front of her, she hit her head on it like a child against glass. The bar erupted with laughter for a moment then went back to its usual white noise of conversation.

“No-one gets in without putting their name on the book m’lady.” Mr Red pointed at the book on her left. She hadn’t stopped scowling since she heard the laughter.

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