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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 13

“You said you were a Knappheit? That’s German? I didn’t catch your name.”

“Quite right, it means shortage, lack of. But in our case it means famine. My name however, is just Edith”

“That’s some name to give yourselves.” Edith stood over the map waving a curved wooden stick over it.

“Unlike the more outgoing of the cursed we didn’t get to make a choice. Ours was branded into our history, due to those of us who made some bad decisions.”


“I’m sorry I didn’t mean…”

“I know you didn’t. I’m sorry David and Isaac are a little bit short sighted and haven’t told you much. It comes with the age. Let me give you some simple points that you’ll want to follow if you want to survive as long as they have. Don’t assume anything about the cursed. Don’t trust anyone that’s cursed until you know what that curse does to them. Don’t trust any soulless, ever. Don’t make deals with demons, beware of deals with anything else. And above all else, trust your gut, if it thinks something is wrong, leave.”

“I’ll do my best.”


The stick shot out of Edith’s hand and slammed into the map. Her hand followed, grabbing it and holding it in place.


“He’s a three streets over, closer to the center of town. I think there’s a small bar on that street. I’d say he was there.”

“Thank you Edith. You’ve been a lot of help. Let me know if you need anything from the magic shop and I’ll try to give you a discount.”

“Oh I know you will dear. Now go.”




From the end of the street you wouldn’t know that it had a bar on it. There were no other stores, only family sized houses. Whiskey wondered how they got a license to serve alcohol in this area until she realized it wasn’t exactly a legitimate enterprise.


It was a small house on an even smaller lot that had been renovated to be mostly exposed with open windows to the outside. A small neon sign was temporarily held above the windows, it seemed to be easily taken down in the event of police intervention.


Whiskey didn’t see any sign of Han, she hoped he was just using the bathroom. The bar wasn’t packed but it was definitely well used. There were several guys sitting by the window, some still in their suits having not changed after work. Three young couples near Whiskey’s age were standing nearby, they paid no attention to Whiskey.


“Hey, can I dark spirit with a dark mixer?”

“Rum, whiskey or bourbon? Coke?” The bartender was much grumpier than Whiskey had anticipated
“We both know it doesn’t matter.” She mimicked his attitude.

“Twelve dollars.”

“That’s a good price, I’m really not in the city anymore huh?”


She took her drink and sat and the far edge of the lot facing the door to the toilet. A thin line of light surrounded the door, she reasoned that it meant he was inside.



Her glass was empty now. It had only been a few minutes but she really didn’t want to wait around all night. Getting up in the middle of deciding what to do her train of thought dropped off. Sitting back down she took in what she saw.


Han half stumbled half stepped out of the toilet holding a girl against him, mouths trying to get inside of each other. They were very loudly sucking on each others faces. Whiskey noticed one of the couples tsk at them.


She couldn’t help but laugh, at least quietly. The girl Han was holding onto was all dolled up and wearing barely anything. Han probably only needed some money to get this one, love potion was overdoing it.


They finally unstuck, taking a breather. Han swung one of his arms around almost drunkenly. He almost hit one of the women that was standing with her partner. She snapped around ready to verbally destroy him.


“You want in on this?” Whiskey froze, she felt like all of her blood ran into her face. The woman seemed to go limp, her face suddenly happy instead of angry.

“I…I do.”

“What?” Her partner didn’t know what was real anymore.


Whiskey jumped out of her seat and found herself between the woman and Han in a second.

“Oh… It’s you. I guess you…” Her stomach flipped over. “… want some too?”


Her fist connected with the side of Han’s temple. She hadn’t realised that he was actually shorter than her. Han toppled over like a plank of wood, the other side of his head hitting the ground, knocking him straight out.


“Huh, wha?” Both women Han had wooed shook their head. The spell, a tablecloth on their minds, ripped away.


“Sorry about my brother.” Whiskey wasn’t sure how believable that was, but hopefully they wouldn’t think about it till much later. “When he gets too drunk we have to put him down or he becomes insatiable.” She knelt down and pulled his arm over her shoulder.


Dragging him past all the bewildered faces she realized how far she would have to drag him. “Fuck it.” She slipped her hand under his legs and pulled him onto her back.


No-one said any real words to her on the way out, they just made short noises as though they were trying to ask a difficult question.


He was light enough that she could walk him to the end of the street. But she had to lay down with him on the grass for a moment to catch her breath.



Edith made hurried steps out of her house when Whiskey had finally made it near her house.

“Bring him inside!”

“Okay.” She huffed with as much air as could bring in.


“Was this caused by the defective stock?”

“…It… wasn’t… not caused by it…” ‘I need to get fit if I’m going to work like this’


“He’s got nasty bruises on his head, I don’t think I know what could cause that.”

“A fist and a floor.”

“Someone hit him?”

“I did.”

“What? Why?”


“Well, basically the potion did exactly as advertised.”

“Makes people hit you? Why would he want that?”

“I’m going to let him tell you. But just let him know that I’m sorry when he wakes up. Also that he can pick up his correct dosage tomorrow.”


Whiskey stumbled out of Edith’s house. She thought about going back to the bar very briefly. After being depressed about sobriety for a couple of steps she remembered that she had several bottles of wine at home.


‘Oh, it’s like they’re calling my name.’ she paused for a step. ‘Must remind myself to never give wine bottles a consciousness.’


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 12

The Magic shop was a couple hours south of the refuge. Far enough away to not be under the refuges thumb but close enough to to travel easily between the two when needed. It was starting to get dark when Isaac and David parked in the garage.


“Oh hello Maeve, Red didn’t tell me you were back.”

“How you been David, still saving the world?”

“Piece by piece. You in on this vampyre issue?”

“Yeah, first day back and I’m already cleaning up another enforcer.”


“That was a little low brow Maeve.” Reese came up behind her. “Hey guys, how’s the afreet?”

“Not so travel sick unlike the last one.” Isaac pulled him out of the back seat. His mouth had been retaped.

“There was no way we could’ve known.”

“It’s alright Reese, I found a great deodor charm so it wasn’t long lived.” David assured.


They escorted the prisoner to the small cell they had. It wasn’t designed to hold anyone permanently but it was comfortable and sealed with runic magic designed to hold werewolves at their strongest. Even if he could go into fire form, he wasn’t leaving.


“Sorry to make you guys come out so late.” Reese started. “It wasn’t until way later that I realized that we wouldn’t be doing it till tomorrow. I tried to call you guys but I only got your new girl.”

“Answering phone calls already, she’ll be a professional in no time.”

“How long ago did you hire her?”


“I’m not going to ask how you left her alone. I am going to tell you that she said she was making a potion when I got off the phone with her.”

“She what? Where’s your phone?”



“Hello? David? Hi.”

“Whiskey, you’re still in the shop?”

“Well yeah, your hours on the front say that you’re still open for another hour.”

“Really? We’d normally be closed by now. Nevermind that. You made a potion?”

“Reese told you huh?”

“What were you making and why?”

“Well this kid Han comes in and needs an order filled. But lo and behold no potion in his basket. Luckily you left the recipe lying around.”


“Did you water it down for him?”


“Hmm. That potion is what most people would call a love potion.”


“A what? So he’s going to drink it and fall in love with someone? Me?”

“No, it’s the otherway around.”

“I’ll fall in love with him?”

“No, no, no. The way a love potion works in complicated, it’s different for everyone. Gives them likeable traits. For Han, it’s been giving him confidence.”

“Why? He seems confident enough.”

“That’s because my concoction has been working. He’s cursed, did he tell you what he was?”

“No, he did say he was cursed though. Cain’s curse?”


“Yes. His particular one has been present since birth. It’s personal to them so if he didn’t want to tell you I won’t go into it. But just so you understand, without the potion he was mostly unable to leave his house, he could barely talk to people. A full dose of this potion will make him a fighter pilot and every confident word he says will attract anyone who has a sexual desire for men. And in his confident haze he will be almost fearless.”

“Okay I need to put a stop to this before it starts. Where does he live?”

“Torrens Street. I’m not sure which number.”

“Guess I’m door knocking. Thank you for calling before I turned someone into a sleazeball.”

“Thank you for trying something new without hesitation. We’ll keep you on, talk tomorrow.”


“Everything alright David?” Isaac asked as David hung up the phone.

“Everything’s fine.”

“What was the potion she talked about?”

“Oh she was just making a joke, it was about a cup of tea.”

“I’m not sure I like all her wise cracking.”




“Goddamn it I am an idiot. I just make a potion and hand it out without question. What the hell am I doing.” Whiskey mumbled to herself as she walked down the street. It was very dark, out here in this small town, street lights couldn’t make up for store lights and billboards.

“Hi, does a Han Zephyr live here? No? Sorry about that, thank you very much.”


She she got halfway down the street when she noticed how late it was getting. She hoped that she would find him before people started being very angry at her knocking.


“Oh yes, I know Han.” An older lady answered this door.

“You do?”

“He lives next to me, he helps me in the gardens.”

“Do you know if he’s home?” She noticed that all the lights were out in his house.

“I don’t think so, I think I heard his car leave an hour or so ago. Do you want to come inside and wait for him?”


“No, thank you. I need to find him pretty urgently, do you know where he went?”

“I’m afraid not deary, but I can find out for you.”

“Do you have his cellphone number?”

“Huh? No, I know a good tracking spell.”

“Oh.” She wondered about the neighborhood she found herself in.


The woman’s house was warm, not oppressive but quite comfortable. It smelled of incense and cinnamon apple, Whiskey had a burning desire to sit down and never leave.


“Sorry about the mess. I was just organizing my wool collection.” She pushed a rainbow coloured heap off her living room table onto the floor. “Can I ask why you want to find him?”


“He bought something from the magic shop, it was defective stock.” Whiskey started to get a hot flush.

“You’re from the magic shop?”

“Yes.” She wiped sweat from her brow.


“You’re human?”

“I am. Aren’t you?” Her legs screamed at her to sit down.


“Oh silly girl. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” The lady pulled a small crystal from her pocket. It was wrapped in some brown fraying string. “Here, put this on.” The moment it touched Whiskey’s hand the heat was gone. She put the string around her neck and all her energy returned to her.

“Sorry, I’m a bit new to this. What just happened to me?”


“I’m a Knappheit, dear.” Whiskey gave her a look to say she had no idea what that meant. “Like a siren but I don’t sing a song and it’s only when you enter my home.”

“Is it for protection or…”

“Entrapment, but I’ve learned to control myself. But I can’t turn that off I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, thank you for helping me. I’ve kind of found myself in the deep end recently.”

“No trouble, you seem to be a quick learner. There’s a map of the town in that drawer over there can you get it for me?”

“Top drawer?”

“Yes thank you.”


She laid the map out on the table. There were marks of old blood on several points on the map, Whiskey did her best to ignore them.


“Does this call for something that belongs to him?”

“You know your ritual magic?”
“No, that was a pretty big magic trope. Is that really a thing in ritual magic?”

“For beginners, yes. I know some people who could perform this just knowing the person’s initials and the colour of their hair.”

“I imagine I’m supposed to be impressed. So I’m impressed.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 11

‘…Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.’ Those words stuck with him, it wasn’t since the birth of cinema that a performance from the silver screen had impacted him so much. He flipped his fedora back onto his head and lit up a camel.


Smoking never quite had the glamor as in the films but it stopped people from enquiring about his age. The Shaphist breed was a blend of curses, this means that sometimes there are minor trait differences between them. In his case, aging was slowed to a halt. Where most Shaphist would reach equilibrium and remain a nice physical age of around the mid-twenties. He was stuck as a sweet sixteen year-old, as baby faced as when he was cursed over twenty years ago during the Great War.


He had come to this town only recently. Small town America was a wonderful place, everyone was polite and happy. The sky was the bluest, and love seemed to float on the very air.


The recent return of troops made it very easy to integrate. Everyone seeing the new face of a young man instantly knew that they must have just returned from victory. They gave him free tickets and meals everywhere he went. He was on his way back to the free room he was offered when he saw her.


She was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. The sad look on her face only made her more intriguing, like an oil painting seen in the distance.


He followed her home. With every step she took he wanted to step out and introduce himself but each time he was caught on himself. Shyness, embarrassment, what would he say, he had to approach this situation carefully to ensure success.


Just as he finally gathered his courage and his words, she turned and entered a modest white picketed lawn. He stopped across the street, lighting another cigarette and putting his hands in his pockets.


Months past, he followed her to school, the beach, the library. Highly agile and naturally stealthy he was never seen nor heard.


The girl was doing badly in school, her mood deteriorated, some of the other girls bullied her. Her parents didn’t notice, but he did.


Finally the day came, a school dance, he had learned about it a couple of weeks ago. The plan was simple, he would knock on the door, her parents having left town for several days. He would ask her to come to the dance with as much suave as he could muster. On the dance floor he would reveal his real nature to her and have her leave her life behind, become a shaphist like him.


Knocking on the door received no answer. He knocked louder and almost dropped the flowers he cradled. There was no way she was anywhere else, he saw her enter and had been watching the house since then.


The third barrage of knocks was harder than he intended, he heard the wood begin to crack at its hinges. Still no response, she might have gone to sleep. Must be a heavy sleeper.


He looked up toward where her bedroom was within the house. He blinked and his eyes turned purple. His vision was not altered but he was granted an extra sense.


Her bedroom was empty, but her spirit was still in the house. He knocked again, her spirit didn’t move but he couldn’t tell where it was accurately. His fist stopped half an inch from the door. The spirit in the house grew fainter. He snapped his head to the left then right, no other human’s within 100 yards.


He made a small step to the left, moving into the soulless hyperspeed. Instantly he was behind the house. The flowers in his hand were only shredded stems now, pulverised by the air during the journey.


The back door split in two and flew open, he moved with hyperspeed again and was up the stairs. He could feel her quickly fading.


The bathroom door burst its hinges and he threw it down the hall by the handle.


Blood red water filled the bathtub. Her hair rising to the top. He pulled her out as quickly as he could without tearing a limb off. She was unconscious, he couldn’t save her, she might as well already be dead.


He laid her out on the ground carefully held one of her eyes open. Staring into her beautiful blue eye he slapped himself to focus. He couldn’t feel her soul anymore but that was his own doing.



“Hey, come on, I know you’re waking up, talk to me.”

“Ugh. A…am I dead.”

“Sort of. My name’s James, what’s yours?”





“So instead of being dead, like I wanted to be, I am now an immortal life sucking monster!”

“Don’t think of it like that. It’s another chance.”

“I didn’t want another chance.” Maeve picked up the blade from the bath and slammed it into her chest.


“T… That won’t work.”

“Why won’t it?” She screamed louder.

“Shaphist can’t die by their own hands.”

“Even better!”


“Maeve, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can leave this town, with me. With our super speed and strength we can take care of anyone who gets in our way.”

“Oh, can we?” She half whispered.




The Refuge file on Maeve reads as follows.


… enforcers investigated the house before the local police officers had become aware of the situation. They found the front door spread out among the front lawn, the back door half on the hinge and half on the kitchen floor. The bathroom door was folded and lying next to a hole in the wall.

The bathroom was covered in blood, found to be from the body recovered from the bathtub.


[Note: It could barely be called a body, the only things left of him were his waist and thighs]


Both victim and assailant appeared to be Shaphist in breed. Their council was requested, they aided in the capture of the assailant.


Capturing enforcer: Reese Blackwood


[Investigation ended]


[Begin recruitment of new enforcer]


Recruiting advocate: Reese Blackwood


Maeve has demonstrated a great skill set that the Refuge would be privileged to have.

She would be the first Shaphist to be included and would improve the relationship with their council.

Maeve has indicated that she is very interested in joining us.


[Request to dismiss recruitment request]

[Status: dismissal declined]


Request denied upon the grounds:

Actions of newly turned soulless cannot be taken into account, actions are not one’s own at this point.


[Recruitment status: Accepted]

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 10

“You did say Vampyre right?” They had made their way back to the Refuge. Gomez had been pushed back through the fabric of the universe and ripped back like a time travelling Yo-yo. Even those with the power to do that could only safely do it on themselves. Mammon was not kind enough for that.


One of the resident Witch Doctors was sitting near by, mentally repairing Gomez’s soul. He was covered in colourful minerals and gemstones, holding a staff made from driftwood with large beautiful feathers poking out of the top. Maeve and Reese tried to stay out of his way. “Vampyre?” Maeve repeated herself.



“Well I suppose it’s better a secluded kind of cursed than one that’s supposedly extinct.” Reese commented on the situation.

“How do you know it was a Vampyre?”

“When my wife and I were looking into living here, we were approached by a Vampyre.”

“I’m not going to lie to you.

“I know, I was just surprised. Some of us in the Refuge know that they live by, but only one or two of us have seen them.”


“Was it the same Vampyre that approached you?” Maeve continued her line of questioning.

“That… got her?” Gomez paused, holding his shoulder keeping his stinger at bay. “No…”

“Why did they approach you? Do you know?”

“They said something about expanding their borders, they wanted to bring in more of the secluded cursed.”
“Did they ask about your daughter?”

“No they didn’t.”

“Were you taken anywhere? Meet any more of them?”

“No, only met one. Not including the one that…”

“Could you describe them for us?”

“Of course.”


“We don’t actually have any sketch artists in our employ. Would you be okay with a memory print?” Reese cut in.

“What’s a memory print?”

“We have one of our ritual based magicians summon an image of your memory onto a piece of paper. An experienced one of course.”

“There’s a risk involved right?”

“Well memory is a complicated thing so it’s not easy. While we’re in there things can be broken, mixed up or erased.”
“You have someone who has done this many times before.”

“We do, I’ll bring her down. Once we’ve cleaned up what’s happened to your soul.”




“You told him what?” Sam looked up from a ritual mat that she was touching up.

“Well you are experienced.”

“In Ritual magic! I have only done two memory prints, one of those was on myself.”

“The other was on a gnome possessed by a Titan.” Reese gave a cheeky grin.

“And the only reason we think I didn’t do any damage was because the Titan then atomised that poor gnome.”


“You managed to get viable information from a Fay that was possessed by what was effectively a celestial being?” Maeve asked.

“Yes, she did without any issues.”

“That we know of!”

“That’s quite a display of skill. I know people who have done several invasive memory rituals who couldn’t be talked into something like that.”


Sam went silent, she turned back to her ritual mat, rolling it up to put away.


“I’ll see if still have the mat for it. Otherwise it’s probably going to take me a few hours to make up. Either way we’re not doing this till tomorrow.”




“Hey Red, how’s things?” David had called the Refuge on the store phone after showing Whiskey how to use the register. The phone was wired to the base, that would also have to be upgraded.  “Sounds like a mess, we’ve got that Afreet though… Yeah he doesn’t have it… Says that a Vampyre took it. Odd right…huh.”

“Huh?” Isaac noticed a difference in David’s voice.

“He said he had to get someone.”



“Reese? Okay, why are we talking? A Vampyre? They did what? A memory print? Okay we’ll bring ours and have one done on him too.”

“What’s happened?” Isaac and Whiskey asked at the same time.

“A Vampyre killed one of their Enforcers. Sounds like something it heating up. They have a witness but are going to do to a memory print, we’ll have them do one on the Afreet as well.”

“Memory print? Never mind I’ll ask Guide.”


David and Isaac hurried the Afreet into David’s car. Whiskey saw them off, caught up in the excitement of odd mystical happenings.


It wasn’t until she sat down at the front desk that she realized.


“I’m going to be stuck here taking sales while they run off, fight vampyres, and use magic.”


She felt the boredom creep into the back of her mind. Grabbing the stock list she started her upgrade. Luckily her MP3 player still had charge even though she had forgotten about it for the last few days.


That shadow of boredom continued to make it’s way through her mind. She groaned very loudly.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” Someone had come through the door.

“Oh, no, please that wasn’t directed at you at all. Just not having a good morning is all.”

“Yeah we all have those.” It was the guy from the store she was in yesterday.


This time she groaned internally. “So uh, where’s David and Isaac?”

“They… had some business to attend to.”

“Oh I see, I’m here to pick up an order.”

“Ah. Well if they had told me that we do orders I may have been ready for this.”

“They keep the order boxes under the front desk normally. Sometimes they have to go out back for the bigger items.”

“Okay.” She stepped back to get a better look under the desk. There were several shelves each with one or two baskets pushed in like drawers. “What’s your name?”


“Han Zephyr.” Whiskey looked to the bottom right hoping that it was in an alphabetical order. No luck.

“What was it you ordered?”

“A potion.”

“I see. Can I ask what the potion does?”

“It increases my confidence.”

“Well, I could use something like that most days.”


“It’s kind of medicinal.”
“Sorry, I’m a bit new to this. What is it curing, a curse?”

“Yeah, I’m a…”

“Found you!” She pulled out the basket and slapped it down on the desk.

“… um.” The basket was empty.

“Huh, that’s not the potion you wanted I guess.”

“Uh, no it’s normally… “

“A little more substantial?”


Whiskey found a piece of paper under where she found the basket. “Well this looks like a recipe. Looks easy enough to follow. Tell you what, come back in a couple of hours and I’ll have one of these made up for you.”

“…O… Okay…Th… Thank you.” He scurried out the door without another word. Whiskey shrugged.

“Guide. We’re making a potion.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 9

After having the history of magic shoved into a couple of hours of conversation Whiskey couldn’t help but feel exhausted. She was also well aware that she would forget most of it by the time she got up the next morning.


Deciding to go to sleep anyway didn’t please Guide in the slightest but he understood her requirement for rest. He closed himself and without even a sigh he returned to being just a normal book. Whiskey immediately removed her clothes, they had been growing increasingly uncomfortable as she sat around listening to Guide.


Taking a quick shower she mulled over all the things that had been made real for her. Gods, demons, magic, curses and vampires. She thought about her pre-existing knowledge of Catholicism and Christianity. Guide had explained that Cain and Abel were only the names that suited the story the best, it was one that had been told since there were even stories to tell.


Guides understanding of Catholicism was that it was a culmination of many other folklore with some changes to the names dates and places. So it was understandable that at least some of it was true, it just affirms the older pagan religions as well.


Only half drying off before she collapsed in her bed, for the first time since she came to this town she slept without nightmares.




A long sleep was just what she needed, she woke refreshed and ready to tackle anything magic could throw at her. She got herself ready to leave, adding the tablet and Guide to the list of things she checked at her apartment door.


Stepping outside, the sun slapped her in the face. It was later in the day than she had realized. Her mind went into overdrive, she really did not like the idea of disappointing David or Isaac. Sprinting there seemed to be her best option.


“Where’s the fire?” Whiskey had burst through the front door. David was sitting behind the front desk, leaning with the chair on its back legs.

“Huh?” She was out of breath

“Did you run over here?”

“Uh… Yeah… I didn’t want to be late.”

“Pretty sure we didn’t say you had to be here at any particular time.”


“Oh… uh… okay.”

“Come out back, I’ll fetch you some water.”


“So did you read the book?” Whiskey gulped back a large glass of water.

“Well, I tried, but then Guide decided to just give me a run down.”

“Guide? You gave him a name?”

“Had to call him something. Would have been nice if I had been told that the book talked.”


“You would have still been shocked. I had been learning magic for several years before I found him. You never know what to expect, even when you are told exactly how it is.” Isaac entered the room and conversation.

“Right, so where do we start? You want to show me the stock list?”

“The list of stock is under the front desk. You can start work soon but we have something else in mind first. We’re going to talk to the Afreet, we want you to be sure that we’re not just crazy kidnappers.”


“Okay.” Whiskey was hesitant but now that he said it, that idea was fresh in her mind.


“Hmph” The Afreet had some duct tape over his mouth, he was sweaty and shivering. This wasn’t really easing Whiskey’s mind.

“I’m going to pull off the tape now, it’s going to hurt, you want it fast or slow?”


“Okay.” David ripped it off.


“I… I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!”

“First, apologise to the lady that you almost burned.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think a human would jump in the way of that.”

“Uh, thank you for the apology.” Whiskey felt extremely out of place.


“Now, where’s the jar?” The man stopped shaking, or maybe he started shaking at a much higher frequency.

“I… don’t have it.”

“We know you don’t have it, you don’t exactly have anywhere to hide it on yourself.”

“I didn’t steal it.”

“You broke into the Refuge, when you left it was gone. Case closed.”

“Someone else was there!”


“I don’t believe you!” Isaac got up in his face.

“I swear, it was a vampyre.”

“Vampyre? Do you mean Vampire?” Whiskey wondered out loud.


“It was a Vampyre I’m sure.”

“And how would you know that? Vampyres don’t like to mingle with the other curses.”

“They… They were the ones that hired me to break in.”

“So not only did you not steal it, but you were framed?”


“You’ve got to believe me.”

“He’s telling the truth.” David turned to Isaac

“You’re going to take us to where you met these Vampyres before. Then we’re going to turn you over the refuge.”

“Oh… Okay.”


Isaac and David sauntered out leaving Whiskey with a bewildered look on her face. She turned to the Afreet who seemed to have almost passed out. His head was all the way back and he was breathing heavily. Turning back to the door, mouth opening and closing like a gasping fish.


“How could you possibly know he was telling the truth?”

“You couldn’t possibly think that you would have learned all you need to know in one night. Why don’t you ask Guide.”


Guide came out of her bag before she said another word.


“How could you detect if someone was lying?”

“That’s an interesting way to say good morning.”

“Yes, hello Guide I hope you slept well. Please, this is more than idle curiosity.”


“With suitable skills in detecting emotional deviations you could in theory detect when the soul knew it was lying or telling the truth.”

“Is it one hundred percent accurate?”

“Based on the skill level it can be. I imagine that someone with the ability to actually see a soul could know for sure if someone was lying. At least if that person was not celestial or of the soulless breed.”

“So someone like David?”

“Oh yes, David would definitely be able to tell.” Whiskey looked in David’s general direction with displeasure written all over her face.

“Thank you Guide. You will be called on again like this.”
“I’m used to…” She shut the book.


“You could have just told me.”

“We are about to take the Afreet into the City. I wanted to make sure that you knew who to ask if you had questions.”

“Ah. Can you show me how you use your archaic system before you go? Just so I can ring up sales during the upgrade.”

“Archaic?” Isaac asked.


“Your cash register actually rings when you bring up a sale and looks like a typewriter. It belongs in an archeological dig.”

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