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Maeve and Whiskey Chapter 16

It’s a bit late, a lack of internet will do that. Oh well.


“He’s definitely the Vampyre from the Afreet’s mind.” Maeve pointed out to Reese.

“So why are you in such a sorry state?” Reese hesitated about moving closer to him. The smell making him want to stay as far away as possible.

“Do I look like I would know?” The Vampyre snapped.

“The Omoikane. You didn’t try to use it did you?”

“The Omo-What?”

“The Jar you idiot! Did you try to use it?” Maeve kicked him again.


“When you say use it…?”

“You have no idea what you took do you?” Reese asked

“Not really. I just did what the boss told me.”

“Who’s your boss?”

“I’m not that thick.”

“We got your image out of that Afreet’s head in a under a minute. What makes you think we couldn’t get more out of you with a day and a lot more pain.”


Reese held his tongue ‘Next time she tells the story Sam would have turned water into world peace.”


“Hey, I’m just a lackey okay. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Didn’t even want to be a Vampyre.”


“We’ll get someone down to clean you up, how about you give us a quick rundown on what happened.”


“So the boss tells me to come down to this quarry to meet with an Afreet. I don’t know why we’re doing deals with any Afreet, but then he tells me that we’re going to double cross this guy.


I get here, scare the living hell out of this guy going to sonic and leaving blades in his clothing, you could say that’s my calling card. Ow, would you stop hitting me?


Taking the jar off him before he runs off, think I did a good job, pop it open to take a look inside and bam. Legs are broken and won’t start healing.”


“When you thought you did a good job and opened the Jar, did you say anything out loud?”

“I guess I shouted after that Afreet.”

“What did you say?”

“Uh, good luck?”


“Interesting. Wishing good luck to someone has resulted in you, breaking a leg.” Maeve scratched her chin in thought.

“The Omoikane is supposed to overload minds in the area with simple instructions. Originally I believe its purpose was to spread Wisdom amongst the common folk.” Reese also pondered.

“Why the bad side then?”

“It’s not a wish granting artifact, perhaps it reverts back on the user if used incorrectly. To stop misinformation maybe?”

“So it did the inverse of granting good luck, it broke legs.”

“I guess.”


“Are you two done with the philosophical debate? Want to help me out here?”




“I believe in practical learning, as much as the book is a useful resource…” Isaac started.
“Guide, His name’s Guide now.”

“…o-okay. Guide is a useful resource, he’s not a replacement for actually doing the magic and learning from the mistakes that don’t kill you.”


Isaac took the wand out of Whiskey’s hand and flicked it with his wrist. A fat blue noodle shot out from the end of it, bright enough to illuminate the whole room. It floated around the store like an eel playing in a pond.


“Woah.” The noodle was wrapped in what looked like barbed wire, made from the same material as the noodle itself.


“This is one of the souls in my control. Molded into this state by my will. It is only part of the energy of the soul, even if I didn’t have many other souls in my collection I could easily use my own to generate this.”

“How do you get more souls?”

“We should probably leave that one for later.” David answered that question.


“There used to be many Magicians who would use this kind of soul manipulation. It is a great feat, manipulating your soul into objects and forces. It is much easier if you have other souls, so you don’t have to change the same one over and over.”

“So those Magicians moved into using more souls?”

“Some did, the others found themselves killed or in hiding long enough to be dead. Controlling your own soul is great for tricks but it won’t normally keep you alive.”


“How do you keep yourselves alive? You’re both centuries old, yet you barely look a day over thirty.”

“Well think about it like this, what makes a person old?”

“The degradation of DNA in cells after they have divided too many times.”

“Uh… Science went that far huh?”


“Okay well, our explanation for it is that the additional energy coming from having additional souls invigorates the flesh keeping us young and virile.”


“Okay so a couple of questions, you probably won’t be able to answer them. Why then do soulless, those who by nature, have considerably less soul energy stay young? And do females still do that whole menopause thing? We only have so many eggs down there, our physiology isn’t suited for eternal life.”

“Soulless stay young as the magic that keeps them animated is different to the way a soul keeps us animated. But yeah, we haven’t really talked to any witches that got to be our age.”

“Are there any at the Refuge I could talk to?”

“Maybe. You could ask Reese when we take you there at some point, he knows odd details like that.” Isaac looked up as he thought about the question.

“I wouldn’t count on it though, he knows more about Children of Cain than us Mages. They definitely have a different physiology so I don’t think it would apply.”


“Well on to the fun magic then.” Isaac flicked the wand back, the noodle of soul energy shot out the employee only door into the back room.  They followed it, finding that it had disappeared. There was now a circle on the concrete floor, Whiskey only wondered for a moment where it had come from.


The circle was made from a blue residue, a six sided star was drawn on the inside, each tip lined perfectly up with the circle. “This is a ritual circle, it’s pretty bare at the moment. And it’s not always a hexagram in the middle, nor is it commonly a pentagram.” He flicked the wand again, it didn’t seem to a required action, more like he was playing around.


Runes appeared around the outside of the circle, lining up with the points on the star. Whiskey noted their similarity to the language written inside Guide. “Sam, a ritual expert at the Refuge likes to draw up circles on pieces of fabric for ease of use. But as a soul magic expert, I have learned how to draw them up using soul residue, ectoplasm. The circles don’t have to be made up of any particular material, I’ve made circles with stones, flowers, sand. It just needs to make the correct shapes, even if that means you have to make the circle huge.”


“Rituals are the stepping stone to all magics, not all rituals contain a circle but ones that have them are the easiest.”


“What would you like to make first, a wand or weapon?”


“I have wanted to make a wand since I was a little girl, don’t you try to break that dream now.”



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Tl;dr I moved

Hi guys

No chapter this week I’m afraid, I moved house today and was so stressed out all week that I couldn’t write. But I should be good to go next week.

Here’s a little update on what’s going on though.

Maeve and Whiskey is going strong, I’ve basically finished what would be two real world chapters for them so yay.

Leesandra is getting basically rewritten as I feel like I tried to chop both my arms off and did the first one with a saw and now I have no hand to do the other one. In regards to that story. I know that was a stretch but I am really tired.

I am also writing some scripts for some possible webseries so keep an eye out for those.

Thanks for enjoying my work

If you do enjoy, otherwise thanks for reading.

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 15

Sorry about any spelling or grammar mistakes, this is hot of the press.


Gomez let them perform the ritual twice, getting the images of both the Vampyre that he met and the one that killed his granddaughter. No one at the Refugee had seen them before. That did not surprise them, they knew the Vampyre kept as far away as they could from the other breeds.


“Why did they kill her?” Maeve blurted out.

“That’s the big question of any murder investigation isn’t it.” Reese and her were driving away from the place Gomez had met the first Vampyre.  It was an old sea-dock further south, where him and his wife had first entered the country. There was no trace of the Vampyre.


“Exactly. So these Vampyres try to bring in some other breeds, totally out of character. Then when they are turned down they eviscerate Gomez’ only family in the area. It can’t be a coincidence but it can’t just be because they wanted to get back at them.”

“Then add in the fact that they stole an artifact from the vault. Any one of which could be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.”

“What exactly did they steal?”

“The jar.”

“Just a jar? What a jam jar?”

“No, The jar.”


“The goddamn Omoikane?”

“That jar.”

“This investigation is a bit low key for this sort of thing. Shouldn’t we be bringing out the big guns?”

“Isaac and David tracked down who stole it. And now we have you here to help us get it back.”

“Are we really the biggest guns you have?”

“The Refuge also has Sam and Alix. I have some other contacts who would probably be able to help if this got sticky.”

“If, hypothetically, one of these vampyre’s opened the Jar and said ‘obey’ into it, what exactly would happen?”


“Unsure, but I’d say, everyone with a soul within three states would become completely enslaved.”

“Children of Cain included right?”

“Uh, some of them.”

“Think this situation is sticky enough?”


“If we don’t find any trace of Vampyre at the drop point the Afreet gave up, that’s when I’ll look at calling in some favours.”




Whiskey had finished setting up the tablet for store operations by the time Isaac and David had made it back. Isaac didn’t say anything about the potion mix up but David had informed Whiskey of the briefing he gave on the way over. Isaac went into the storeroom almost immediately after stepping in the door.


“So that’s easy enough to use right?” Whiskey showed David how to use the Cashier app.

“Yeah, it’s great. Last time I used a computer you had to type in the code of the applications you wanted to run.”

“I noticed that you guys don’t have an card machine. If you have a business account we can lease an add on for this to do card transactions.”


“I don’t think we make enough profit for something like that.” David started to play around with the buttons on the app. “How much do we owe you for this anyway?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.”

“Really? Well, if you ever decide to leave us you can take it with you.”


“You want to give me the crash course too?” Isaac came back in.

“I’ll show you through it later, teaching is the best way to learn.” David said before Whiskey could reply. “And on that note. Whiskey, let me show you a whimsical device made for Human life improvement.”


“It’s a magic wand.”

“Oh, right. Sorry, that was not where my mind was going. Also, what? A magic wand?”


“This.” David slid out one of the order draws. From it he produced a dark brown twig. It was thick enough to be held like one would hold a remote controller for a TV. It was sanded smooth and some feathers were stuck into the thicker end of it.

“That’s a magic wand?”

“Here, hold it.” David put into her hand.

“Okay? That’s someone’s order.”

“Don’t worry, we’re going to make another one.”


It was lighter than she expected, in fact the very touch of it made her whole arm lighter.


“That’s an odd feeling.”

“Most wands will attempt to connect with the soul of anyone holding them. For those who don’t know how to control the flow of their own soul it will feel like something is missing where they are holding the wand.” Isaac explained “What do you feel missing?”

“I feel lighter.”

“Weight? That is odd, but not unheard of.”


“Wand’s are used by a variety of different magics. Their uses vary but for soul magic, our academic major if you will, it is used to help focus and sometimes store the energy of a soul. Almost any item can be a wand, but certain materials work better.”

“Does metal work better?” David smiled at her question.

“Soul energy is not electricity, organic items are more…” Isaac replied

“Conductive for soul energy.” Whiskey finished


“Yes. Something tells me they’ve been teaching the sciences more in recent years.”

“Yeah definitely. Okay, so you’re going to show me how to make a wand?”




Reese’s car made a small skid in the gravel as he came to a stop. Him and Maeve got out of the car, the stink got to them immediately, having increased senses was not always a blessing.


“Wow, have we stepped into a Leviathan without realizing?”

“That’s not sulfur, but yes it’s fucking foul.” They had come to the place the Afreet had met with the Vampyre, it was an abandoned quarry a few miles out of town. “Can you find out where it’s coming from?”


Maeve went into her hyperspeed and darted around the area, only a blur to Reese’s unaided eye.


“Over here!” Maeve called out from the top of a pile of stones.

“Hey don’t give me away!” An unfamiliar voice.


Reese made a short dash over while Maeve made her way down.


“Ow, why’d you hit me?”

“He’s a Vampyre.”

“Why does he stink like that?”

“Because I shit myself! Are you happy now?”


The Vampyre was laying on the mound of stones, he didn’t look comfortable.


“Why would you do that?” Maeve went to kick him but Reese held her back.

“Because I can’t move any of my limbs! Why else?”

“What happened?” Reese asked.


“Who are you? How did you find me?” Maeve kicked him.

“We’re asking the questions! Why are you like this? Where’s the jar?”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 14

“How did everyone sleep?” Reese asked as Isaac, David and Maeve slowly draped themselves over the bar.

“I won’t be sleeping until next month.”
“Huh?” David turned to her.

“Soulless have quite a lot of energy, takes me around thirty days to burn out enough to sleep through the night.”

“What do you do all night?” Isaac wondered out loud.

“Japanese RPG’s.”


“If you need some way to sleep, I could mix someth…”

“I don’t need fixing David. Not in that way.”


“Right! Breakfast?” Reese diverted the conversation.

“Bacon and eggs, scrambled.” Isaac ordered.

“Same but poached.” David turned away from Maeve, realising the futility.

“Have you got any live animals?” Maeve asked nonchalantly


“Um, well not at the moment.”

“I’ll be alright just lightly taking the emotions of everyone here then.”

“Only skimming of the top I hope.” Isaac murmured knowing Maeve could hear him.


“And for you Sam, Alix?” David and Isaac didn’t even notice them come in.

“Oh, no thank you, we just ate.” Alix answered for them.


“So you have a ritual mat made up for this?”

“Yeah, it’s a bit sloppy.” Sam pulled the small roll of fabric out of her coat and unfurled it onto the bar.

“Sloppy? This is immaculate.” David exclaimed in awe. “And it’s even on a portable mat, you’re a genius.”

“Haha.” Sam wasn’t sure how to take the praise. “Thank you.”


“We have the Afreet in the holding cell and Gomez is just getting checked up on in the hospital wing now.” Reese explained

“Do you want to get started now?”


Reese looked over at Isaac and David as if to ask them.

“We’ll wait for our breakfast, but you can go for it, we’re only in this investigation by proxy.” Isaac answered.


“Come on then.” Maeve was already at the door to the back.




Maeve shoved the Afreet into a chair and cuffed him to it with runic sealed cuffs. Sam rolled out the mat in front of him and sat on the floor next to it.


“This won’t hurt.” Sam assured him as she closed her eyes and threw some dust over him and the ritual mat.


The circle and runes drawn into the mat lit up. Maeve stepped back, Sam’s skill was far beyond what she had seen before. A complex ritual without incantation. The Afreet seemed just as amazed but it was likely because his mind was currently not just his own


The runes started to lift, not the mat but just the runes, hovering above the ground like large insects. They lifted until they were at about Sam’s eye level, that’s when the circle started to rise. It tilted to one side, with its flat sides facing Sam and the Afreet. Maeve stepped forward and placed a piece of paper against the side of the circle.


“Show me his face.” Sam whispered to the Afreet. “You were talking to him, why weren’t you looking at him?”


The Afreet jostled in his chair like he was shivering in the cold. “There he is.” Sam smiled deviously. The circles and runes disappeared from the air, suddenly reprinted onto the mat, Sam snatched the piece of paper out of the air.


“This is the guy that stole the jar.”

“Never seen him before, Reese?” Sam showed it to Reese who was now standing in the doorway.

“No, but pass it here, if it’s the same guy that Gomez saw then we can spare him this Ritual.”

“Good idea.” Sam commented.

“I’ll take the Afreet back to his cell. Check on the boys see how they’re coming along.”




“So you found Han and he’d already taken the potion. How did you stop it from affecting people?” David leaned on the wall next to the Bar phone. “Never thought of doing that. But I guess that would work yeah, without the overconfidence feeding the hold on their minds it would’ve taken them right out of it. Good work. I mean it, making mistakes is expected when you don’t know what you’re doing, being able to take it all in stride is what we’re really impressed by.”


“Thank you.” Whiskey had just started her second shift. Already bored and thankful for the conversation. “So what is the actual dosage I’m supposed to be giving him? Really? No, no, I just thought you would have an actual measurement.”


“I’m not a pharmacist, I am a magician, we’re quite different.”


“Okay, okay. Thanks for checking up on me. You guys will be back soon right. Cool, and don’t feel bad about calling more often.”


Whiskey hung up the phone and sighed deeply. “One part potion and five parts water. Love potion cocktail.”


“New girl doing okay?” Maeve asked as she entered the room. David noted that it was likely she could hear both sides of the conversation from down the hall.

“She’s handling herself well. How’s the Afreet?”

“We have the picture of the Vamp he saw. About to see if it’s the same one that killed our Fropian.”

“Fropian? I think Scrogs a better name honestly.” Isaac came back from the bathroom just in time to join in on the tasteless jokes.


“So we’re probably not actually needed here are we?” David asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well we’re not actually enforcers nor investigators we just brought the prisoner.”

“Oh right. Well yeah, I guess, you should probably get back to the new girl before she beats up all your customers.” Maeve grinned and walked away.


“What did she mean by that?” Isaac asked.

“I’ll explain on the way back.”




“Was this the guy?” Reese passed the picture onto Gomez. It was a perfect, almost photographic image of a man.

“No. This is not the man who killed her.”

“Then are you still willing to have the ritual performed.”

“This girl you have who does this, she is very skilled?”


“She got that picture from a resisting prisoner without incantation in under ten minutes. She’s extremely skilled.” Maeve burst in, just to answer that question.

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