Maeve and Whiskey Chapter 16

It’s a bit late, a lack of internet will do that. Oh well.


“He’s definitely the Vampyre from the Afreet’s mind.” Maeve pointed out to Reese.

“So why are you in such a sorry state?” Reese hesitated about moving closer to him. The smell making him want to stay as far away as possible.

“Do I look like I would know?” The Vampyre snapped.

“The Omoikane. You didn’t try to use it did you?”

“The Omo-What?”

“The Jar you idiot! Did you try to use it?” Maeve kicked him again.


“When you say use it…?”

“You have no idea what you took do you?” Reese asked

“Not really. I just did what the boss told me.”

“Who’s your boss?”

“I’m not that thick.”

“We got your image out of that Afreet’s head in a under a minute. What makes you think we couldn’t get more out of you with a day and a lot more pain.”


Reese held his tongue ‘Next time she tells the story Sam would have turned water into world peace.”


“Hey, I’m just a lackey okay. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Didn’t even want to be a Vampyre.”


“We’ll get someone down to clean you up, how about you give us a quick rundown on what happened.”


“So the boss tells me to come down to this quarry to meet with an Afreet. I don’t know why we’re doing deals with any Afreet, but then he tells me that we’re going to double cross this guy.


I get here, scare the living hell out of this guy going to sonic and leaving blades in his clothing, you could say that’s my calling card. Ow, would you stop hitting me?


Taking the jar off him before he runs off, think I did a good job, pop it open to take a look inside and bam. Legs are broken and won’t start healing.”


“When you thought you did a good job and opened the Jar, did you say anything out loud?”

“I guess I shouted after that Afreet.”

“What did you say?”

“Uh, good luck?”


“Interesting. Wishing good luck to someone has resulted in you, breaking a leg.” Maeve scratched her chin in thought.

“The Omoikane is supposed to overload minds in the area with simple instructions. Originally I believe its purpose was to spread Wisdom amongst the common folk.” Reese also pondered.

“Why the bad side then?”

“It’s not a wish granting artifact, perhaps it reverts back on the user if used incorrectly. To stop misinformation maybe?”

“So it did the inverse of granting good luck, it broke legs.”

“I guess.”


“Are you two done with the philosophical debate? Want to help me out here?”




“I believe in practical learning, as much as the book is a useful resource…” Isaac started.
“Guide, His name’s Guide now.”

“…o-okay. Guide is a useful resource, he’s not a replacement for actually doing the magic and learning from the mistakes that don’t kill you.”


Isaac took the wand out of Whiskey’s hand and flicked it with his wrist. A fat blue noodle shot out from the end of it, bright enough to illuminate the whole room. It floated around the store like an eel playing in a pond.


“Woah.” The noodle was wrapped in what looked like barbed wire, made from the same material as the noodle itself.


“This is one of the souls in my control. Molded into this state by my will. It is only part of the energy of the soul, even if I didn’t have many other souls in my collection I could easily use my own to generate this.”

“How do you get more souls?”

“We should probably leave that one for later.” David answered that question.


“There used to be many Magicians who would use this kind of soul manipulation. It is a great feat, manipulating your soul into objects and forces. It is much easier if you have other souls, so you don’t have to change the same one over and over.”

“So those Magicians moved into using more souls?”

“Some did, the others found themselves killed or in hiding long enough to be dead. Controlling your own soul is great for tricks but it won’t normally keep you alive.”


“How do you keep yourselves alive? You’re both centuries old, yet you barely look a day over thirty.”

“Well think about it like this, what makes a person old?”

“The degradation of DNA in cells after they have divided too many times.”

“Uh… Science went that far huh?”


“Okay well, our explanation for it is that the additional energy coming from having additional souls invigorates the flesh keeping us young and virile.”


“Okay so a couple of questions, you probably won’t be able to answer them. Why then do soulless, those who by nature, have considerably less soul energy stay young? And do females still do that whole menopause thing? We only have so many eggs down there, our physiology isn’t suited for eternal life.”

“Soulless stay young as the magic that keeps them animated is different to the way a soul keeps us animated. But yeah, we haven’t really talked to any witches that got to be our age.”

“Are there any at the Refuge I could talk to?”

“Maybe. You could ask Reese when we take you there at some point, he knows odd details like that.” Isaac looked up as he thought about the question.

“I wouldn’t count on it though, he knows more about Children of Cain than us Mages. They definitely have a different physiology so I don’t think it would apply.”


“Well on to the fun magic then.” Isaac flicked the wand back, the noodle of soul energy shot out the employee only door into the back room.  They followed it, finding that it had disappeared. There was now a circle on the concrete floor, Whiskey only wondered for a moment where it had come from.


The circle was made from a blue residue, a six sided star was drawn on the inside, each tip lined perfectly up with the circle. “This is a ritual circle, it’s pretty bare at the moment. And it’s not always a hexagram in the middle, nor is it commonly a pentagram.” He flicked the wand again, it didn’t seem to a required action, more like he was playing around.


Runes appeared around the outside of the circle, lining up with the points on the star. Whiskey noted their similarity to the language written inside Guide. “Sam, a ritual expert at the Refuge likes to draw up circles on pieces of fabric for ease of use. But as a soul magic expert, I have learned how to draw them up using soul residue, ectoplasm. The circles don’t have to be made up of any particular material, I’ve made circles with stones, flowers, sand. It just needs to make the correct shapes, even if that means you have to make the circle huge.”


“Rituals are the stepping stone to all magics, not all rituals contain a circle but ones that have them are the easiest.”


“What would you like to make first, a wand or weapon?”


“I have wanted to make a wand since I was a little girl, don’t you try to break that dream now.”



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