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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 20

Death blew in through the window in a cloud of smoke. The smoke settled on the floor of the great hall as though it was dry ice. It moved and bubbled giving away its nature.


“You finally made it.” The Vampyre sat lazily in a red reclining sofa chair. The chair didn’t fit the decor, it wasn’t wooden nor handcrafted like every other piece in the hall.


The smoke shot up solidifying into what seemed to be a marching band member. The body’s hair was shoulder length and as black as the uniform.


“I’m not at your beck and call Radu.” His voice sullen and deep matching the face of the possessed.

“I did not mean to imply that you were. I have just been anxiously waiting for you to arrive.”

“Of course you have. What have you got to tell me?”


“The servant that I sent to pick up the Omokane has been captured by the Refuge. I made sure that he isn’t aware of this location.” Death stepped slowly over to Radu, each step loudly splitting the floor like a frozen lake. Radu’s eyes opened wide, unmoving. Death wrapped his hand around Radu’s neck lifting him from his seat.


“Uck!” He flapped his arms and legs. He didn’t need to breathe to live but he wasn’t enjoying the experience.

“You didn’t pick him to have him get caught! Now you will not be able to sneak out the Jar! Even if he didn’t know where to find this place he knows other things!” Death threw him to the ground.


He jumped up and straightened his clothes.

“I thought something might happen, so I sent someone expendable. Even then, he is blood cursed, it will take them a while to get anything out of him.”


“Reese has a vampire friend. If your lacky hasn’t given them everything already, he will any moment.”

“It would have been nice if I had been told this earlier. An original soulless could come in handy.”

“What do you plan on doing about this Radu?”

“I am going to stalk my prey, learn its habits. Then I will strike.”


“If I have to threaten you again… it will be the last time.” The body turned back to smoke and the smoke returned to air.


“I am truly sorry master, I will learn from this mistake.”



Maeve knelt next to Gomez’ body. She felt bad for him at least she thought that she should. Feelings were never really one of her traits, even when she was human she could not remember feeling happy or sad just blank. She often made the assumption that even if being a Shaphist hadn’t made her a psychopath, she would have become one anyway.


Normally being soulless is associated with being completely emotionless, only feeling what those around them are feeling. Maeve is one of the soulless that this applies to. She has gotten very good at faking the normal spectrum of emotion, being able to directly empathise with people made it easy for her.


She still couldn’t help feeling a pinch of regret, maybe it was an emotion that had settled in the air. Perhaps Gomez’ spirit had yet to leave this place and she was feeling the ties that held him to this world. She thought of many possibilities, neglecting the obvious.


Maybe Grayson had started to rub off on her. Caring whether people live or die, piecing together the crime in her head. Probably the reason she needed to get away.


“You got any ideas on what happened here?” Reese asked as he stepped through the doorway.


“Gomez came for revenge, he obviously left this place out of his story so that we wouldn’t keep him away. He had an epic fight with the Vampyre outside but got stabbed in the back. Et tu Brute.”


“It probably wasn’t a grand betrayal, but he did get the ol’ Caesar salad. And the fight probably wasn’t that epic, probably got him with the stinger and basically sealed his doom.”

“Poor bastard, looks like he could have taken one.”

“I’m not even sure how he did that. He must have had an artifact of some kind to help him keep up with soulless hyperspeed.”

“You find anything like that on him?”

“Haven’t looked.”


“Well what? Oh! Okay.” Maeve lent down and rolled Gomez’ body over.


“Is that the sword of Saint Quinn?” She picked it up and held it very carefully so not to let the blade even touch her.

“Quinn’s sword is Vatican city’s Refuge vault. This must be a replica and have similar power.”

“So it wouldn’t smite soulless, you’ll be okay.”

“I’m not going to risk it thanks.”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 19

“Katenka, how have you been, I haven’t been home in a while.” Reese gave her a hug to greet her. Maeve had felt the Vampire coming from the moment she was within the closest Leyline, the soulless in Maeve reacting like a thrall without a master.


“I have been good. Zábavaryba has kept me busy.” Katenka’s accent was normally mistaken for Russian, she actually spent most of her life in Armenia. Migrating shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union.

“I’m sure he has.” Reese winked at her.


“So what do you need me for?” Reese explained the situation regarding the Vampyre’s and their recent actions. “Pathetic thrall breeds vying for power, no offence meant Maeve.”


“None taken.” Maeve smiled at her “I’m not vying for power.”

“So we have a Vampyre in lock up. We need him to tell us more about their operation but he’s been blood-cursed.”

“And you need someone with so called pure-blood.”





Thaddius was handcuffed to a chair that was bolted to the floor, a plastic table sat in front of him. The handcuffs were similar in design to those David had made for the Afreet, but they didn’t reduce his abilities, they were just immune to his hyper-strength.


“Thaddius, this is my good friend Katenka. I’m sure you’ve figured out who she is.”

“My queen please forgive me.” Thaddius pushed his face and torso into the table, trying to bow.

“I’ve never met a soulless that didn’t resist my vampiric presence.” Katenka remarked.


“This is going to be very easy then.”



Whiskey lay in the stool, she had wedged herself in the corner to hold her top half. She wasn’t comfortable, but she couldn’t stand on her legs yet and she wasn’t going to sit on the floor she had yet to clean.


“You sure you don’t want me to take you home?” David said, noticing her discomfort.

“I… need to see what your process is. And to make sure that you don’t have problems with the upgrade.”

“You’re very dedicated to this.”

“I also want to learn more after I recover.”

“Of course. Why are you so into this? I’m sure Guide went over the dangers of magic.”

“Boredom, mostly. I needed a job and magic seems very interesting.”

“But it’s seriously dangerous.”

“Yeah, but now i also know there’s an afterlife.” She grinned up at him as she slowly slid down the wall. “Why are you still a Mage after all these years if you think it’s so dangerous?”

“He’s a Warlock.” Isaac shouted from out back.


The bell at the front door rang as someone stepped in. David and Whiskey stopped their conversation to serve them. They had an order in so they were in and out.


“You see, most of the curses we see here are extremely unfair. Given to people at birth or by others in selfishness.”

“You want to cure the curses?”

“Cain’s curse isn’t that simple, but some are. In those cases, yes we normally fix the curse. There are better methods of punishment if they were cursed for a good reason.”


“There was a prince, likely you’ve heard this story. Cursed to be a hideous creature because he could not see the beauty within people.”

“Didn’t he finally learn to see the beauty within?”

“No, he was still extremely vain. But after we removed the curse, we found that puberty was not kind to him.”

“Magic could fix that too though right?”

“I don’t normally like to fix god’s errors. At least not without payment.”

“You’re still much kinder than I have come to expect in people.”

“Thank you, I honestly don’t think of myself like that at all.”


“Liar, you flaunt that gentleness at every chance.” Isaac shouted from out back again.

“You guys are seriously married, aren’t you?”




Thaddius couldn’t reveal where the mansion the Vampyres set up shop was. He’d always been snuck in like the simple contractor that he was, definitely not trustworthy, hence the blood curse. He did know the normal meeting place though.


Katenka talked everything she could out of him before leaving, making sure that Reese knew she wanted no part in whatever happens.


Maeve made it to the warehouse first, finding one of the Vampyre’s out of Gomez’ mind lying dead outside with his head removed. They would find the poison in him later. She called Reese the moment she found Gomez.

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