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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 23

“Do I have to ride in the back with the soulless who tried to kill me?” Whiskey asked as David stuffed the unconscious Vampyre into the car.

“Not at all, you can ride shotgun.” David opened the passenger door.

“Still doesn’t feel very safe.”

“There’s holy water in the glove box, you can splash it on him if he tries anything.”


“And how exactly is water supposed to stop him?” Whiskey still climbed into the vehicle, although hesitant.

“Holy water is a little different.” Isaac got in next to her. “It’s infused with soul core energy, it reacts violently to damaged soul casings, it hurts demons and soulless alike.”

“So it will hurt him and those like him.”

“It would put him in devastating agony, yes.”




The drive from the magic shop was uneventful. Whiskey was extremely happy for it to be over, she jumped out the moment Isaac stopped the engine. She was used to long cramped car rides but this one made her feel claustrophobic.


“Seeing you guys twice in a month is a nice change.” Whiskey recognised the voice from a phone conversation. It must have been Reese. He was shorter than she had thought he would be but his stocky build seemed to compensate. His shaggy dark hair flowed down his shoulders like a mane and his face was just as unkempt, her immediate thought was ‘werewolf’ but she wasn’t going to ask. “This must be Whiskey? Nice to meet you.” He stuck his hand out.


“That I am, Reese right?” She shook his hand, he had a firm grip.

“You’re an attentive one aren’t you. I can see why they have taken you on as an apprentice.”
“I thought it was just because they couldn’t have children of their own.” Reese’s eyes opened wide and he braced himself on one of the nearby cars in the garage.

“Pahaha!” He burst out in hysterics. Isaac and David stopped halfway through pulling the vampyre from the car. They hadn’t heard what Whiskey had said.


“You want to give us a hand or are you going to stand around playing silly buggers?” Isaac called out. Whiskey clicked her heels together and moved over to help. Reese just started laughing again.


Maeve stopped at the entrance to the garage.

“What’s so funny?” She asked genuinely.

“Oh nothing, but I really like this new girl.” Reese wiped a tear from his eye.

“New girl?”

“Hi, I’m Whiskey.”

“Maeve. How long have you known about magic?” Whiskey saw Maeve’s eyes quickly flick from blue to purple and back. She quickly made a note of that and her image. Hair thick and black, tied neatly into a ponytail. Perfect skin, no makeup, she gave off an odd feeling but Whiskey seemed to like it.

“Uh, just over a week.”


“What do you know about it?”

“Um, caused by the fall of Lucifer, the many types and dangers. Oh and about Cain’s curse.”

“What curses have you encountered?”

“Well, an Afreet, a Knappheit, a timid breed that I never got the name of and that Vampyre.” Reese picked up the Vampyre and put him on his shoulder just as Whiskey mentioned him.

“And now a Werewolf and a Shaphist.” David came to her aid. “You don’t need to interrogate her Maeve.”


“I need to know who I work with David. I’m the Shaphist by the way.”

“Yeah I got that, he’s too hairy to be anything but a werewolf. Oh and so wonderfully strong.” Whiskey saved herself before Reese got set into his pout.




Gary had left the Refuge shortly before Isaac and David were meant to arrive. The Refuge was in too much of a bustle, every enforcer they had in the area was coming to help out. He wasn’t interested in fighting.


“Gary, sometimes doing what’s right means saving yourself.” Reuben’s voice was on Gary’s mind. It had been since the Angels had stopped talking.


Angels normally had bouts of disinterest when it came to their time with humans. This time it seemed different, he could feel it in his bones. Something made them want to stay at a distance. Like they just wanted to sit back and watch.


He had walked all the way home despite wanting to take a taxi to avoid the rain. He must have needed the space to clear his head.


His apartment building wasn’t amazing, but the sight of it pleased him all the same. After getting inside he took off his coat and flicked some of the water off it, it was soaked through. He sighed and looked around the small little lobby checking it was empty. Gary closed his eyes tightly and focused, there was a small buzzing sound like a hive of bees through a wooden exterior wall. The water that had drenched him and his coat was now on the floor in a big puddle.


Climbing into the elevator he remembered that Alix, one of the top enforcers also lived in this building. He half hoped to bump into her, then he stopped himself knowing that she’d probably want him to come back to the Refuge.


The elevator rang as it stopped at his floor. The moment he stepped through the threshold he felt something was wrong.


Each step he took closer to his apartment felt colder and stiffer than the last. He got his key out and began to push it into the lock when the door fell off its hinges.



“Grab him.”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 22

Gary never fancied himself a fighter. He had always been about talking through problems. With talk of fortifying the refuge biting it’s way through the whole bar he slipped back in his chair to a time since past, a time when he was a teenager, the time that he frequently liked to meander over with his mind’s eye.


“Hello Gary.”

“I know that voice, Gabriel?” This part of his memory is black, only audio.

“This is my true form Gary, it’s a pity you won’t be able to hold its glory in your mortal body.”

“It’s beautiful. Peaceful. But how? I can’t be…”

“In heaven? No you can’t be, your soul belongs in purgatory with the rest of the cursed.”

“I have brought you here temporarily. With your teacher.”


“Stand up Gary.” He saw his master, Reuben. He smiled both in memory and in his chair at the Refuge.

“I have a task for you both”


The memory had faded like that of a dream. Only the beginning and end were completely intact. Small fragments from the bulk of his time there were few and far between.


“Heaven is a plane of existence just like Earth, with its own ecosystem, and products of prolonged evolution, thriving because of the constant flow of new energy from the souls of the dead.” He remembered Reuben explaining.


“The Nephilim are thought to be the products of human and angel consummation. There was a such a case of course, Michael had cleansed those abominations long ago. However the Nephilim we know of, that live here between the battlegrounds of Valhalla and the base of Olympus are not of the same nature.” Gary remembered their form very clearly. Towering colossus’ who could have scaled Everest in four simple bounds. Naked and without gender they drunkenly bumbled around the plains seemingly peaceful.


Their numbers had gotten out of hand. Gabriel had dodged the question of where they had came from, that Gary was sure of. He did however provide Reuben and Gary with the means to thin the herd however.


They had cleared away enough of them before their danger had become apparent. They were hungry for souls, souls like Gary and Reuben.


Reuben’s face as the Nephilim had grabbed him was burned into Gary’s mind.


Gabriel shot out of the sky, a meteorite, maybe a burning chariot. He saved Reuben and Gary. The next time an Angel called upon them for a task Reuben wasn’t so lucky.




“So you’re leaving again?” Whiskey came out back, finding Isaac packing supplies.

“Yup.” Isaac rolled up a bundle of cloth and stuffed it into a rucksack.

“But they’re clearly interested in attacking the store, I can’t protect it like you can.” Whiskey’s voice quivered.


“You’re coming with us.” David came out of the store room.

“To the Refuge?”

“Well as you said, you couldn’t protect the store.”
“Then it’s going to be completely unprotected.”


“Not at all. When no one’s here it gets magically sealed. Only one of us could get in to open it.” Isaac said.

“But then how did I open the store when you weren’t here.”

“I gave you a key.”

“Oh, so it’s like that, not some mystical bond.”

“Hmmm, that would be something I would like to set up though.”


“Okay so what should I bring?”

“Well first you can help me grab some stuff from the storeroom.”


Whiskey followed David into the store, surprisingly she had never needed to go very far into it. It was much larger than she had thought.


“But the shop isn’t big enough for this to…”
“I wish I hadn’t said anything.”




“Huh?” She spun around on one foot.


“I thought I heard something.”


‘Whiskey’ A faint whisper.


“There it was again!”

“Oh thanks for reminding me. Isaac, grab Anima! She’d like an outing ”



“Oh right!” Isaac called back from outside.

“Who’s Anima?”

“It’s that whispering you heard.”
“Yeah, what is it?”

“Well, she, is a soul forged sword.”


“I think I remember Guide saying something about soul forged swords. He tried to warn me about them.”
“He was right to. Soul swords drain the souls of whoever they kill, adding to their power. If a sword’s power outweighs that of its wielder it can easily take control of their mind.”
“So it was whispering to me because…?”
“Because she wanted you to pick her up and kill everyone you could. She’s probably one of the most powerful soul swords on the continent, you could have easily been dominated by her will.”

“Guide said something else about them. They will cut through anything only stopping at a soul.”

“Yes, only other soul metal or other worldly power could stop her, you should only swing her with full intention to kill.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 21

Whiskey’s previous employment experience wasn’t plentiful. Despite that, she picked up the complexities of selling magic within the week. Even if she wasn’t exactly sure what she was selling most of the time. She hadn’t had another nightmare since she started but maybe that was because she got up early and spent every daylight hour at the magic shop.


Having a tablet at the store front made it very easy to her to goof off between customers. Sometimes for hours. David and Isaac were always around but they mainly stayed out back unless they were helping her practice. She constantly had various social media open in the background, even though she never talked with any of her previous friends and acquaintances she liked to know that they were still around. Occasionally she would see a old picture with her in it, each one feeling like it was taken decades ago. She wondered how she cope when those friends were old or gone and she was still here at this magic shop.


“Hi, welcome to Isaac and David’s magic emporium!” She called out to a customer that had walked in, her own personal joke.

“I thought this was just called the magic shop?” He was tall, his presence seemed to suck the energy out of the room. ‘Soulless?’ She asked herself.

“I-It is. I just like to have a little fun with it.”

“Don’t you think it’s in poor taste to misrepresent your employer’s?” He stepped very slowly over to the front desk. Each of his movements steady, making it seem like he was gliding along the floor.

“They’re not just my employers, I’m also their apprentice.”

“Well isn’t that just great.” He smiled, it seemed very genuine but the gleam of his teeth seemed to make it sinister. “That makes this much easier.”


He pounced over the counter. Whiskey screamed.


He went flying back slamming into a shelf, pushing it over, toppling the one behind it. Whiskey turned to see what saved her. David stood next to her, his arm extended after the punch.


“He just came at me!” Whiskey blurted out.

“I know, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine, I think.”


“Well don’t you hit like a truck?” His voice had changed, like he had suddenly got a lisp. The man got up and snapped his jaw back into place.

“Don’t even think that was my best.”

“Oh I’m sure it wasn’t.” He turned and bolted for the door.

“You’re too slow Vampyre.” He called.


“By sand and stone.” Isaac was already at the counter, his arms raised. He put his hands together, then flicked his right arm up and his left down. The Vampyre froze, stiff as a statue “Call the refuge, I want to know why this is bothering us.”



“If we don’t get some kind of lead in the next twenty four hours, I’m summoning a celestial to get some information.” Maeve stomped her way into the Refuge bar.

“Why are you taking this on the shoulders Maeve?” Reese got up from one of the booth seats.

“Why aren’t you? They killed one of ours! Killed her dad and they’ve got away with it for days!”

“You’re a soulless, calm down before you just want vengeance. There isn’t an enforcer here who doesn’t want to find them.”


“Then why not call an Angel from on high to give us something?”

“Because they’re not talking.” Another enforcer, was sitting at one of the center tables.

“You’ve already gone to them Gary?” Reese sat back down at the booth. Motioning them to come sit with him.


“Summonings what I’m best at, it was the first thing I tried.”

“So what did they tell you?” Maeve asked.

“Nothing, that’s just it. I tried Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael with old and new names. I even tried Michael. None of them came, so I tracked down a lesser angel from the Choir of Gabriel. He told me that all the Archangels just beamed back to heaven last month, excluding Lucifer of course.”

“Could you talk to Lucifer, Reese?”

“Don’t ask me that. They’d know less about it than us anyway.”

“He’s right. Maybe you could go beat up some Demons?”

“I was thinking about it.” Maeve clicked her knuckles


The door to the bar kitchen opened. A stone statue stepped out, every movement crushing and grinding. Slowly moving across the table area, turning to its side so it wouldn’t knock over anything. It held up the bar phone to Reese.

“Who is it? Oh, sorry golem, thought you were Mr. Red for a moment there.” He took the phone. “You can go back now golem. Hello? Damn it! Really? Awesome! Maeve don’t worry about the demons we’ve got a Vampyre to question.”




Radu jumped up as Death appeared once again.
“It was planned, he was captured on purpose!”

“Why?” Deaths tone rumbling like a volcano.

“He was supposed to kill the store clerk then get captured.”

“That’s not the answer to my question!”



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