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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 25

David and Whiskey left the Refuge and crossed the street, Whiskey looked back trying to size up the building the Refuge was housed in. She gave up, she couldn’t begin to figure out how it had held the hallway system she was in.


“What kind of magic can create additional space like that?” Whiskey wondered out loud.

“I’m not particularly familiar with it I’m afraid. Reese tried to explain it to me once, something about shifting the relative dimensions with space. He’s the one who set up our store room.”

“You think he could get a swimming pool into my apartment?”

“Ha, I wouldn’t say so. He did say that the extra dimensions were linked to him somehow, and that he was basically at his limit. Which was why he couldn’t put a portal from the magic shop to the Refuge.”

“Interesting. I’ll have to ask him how to do it myself then.”


They walked away from the Refuge. It was getting dark and the street lights had already turned on. There were a couple of other people roaming the street, they all seemed pretty normal but Whiskey had a new appreciation for outward appearance. All of the people she saw around her, each had their own story, their own battle. Some of them could have a curse, could be hiding a great struggle, or even be one of the Refuge’s enemies.


Whiskey suddenly half remembered one of her mental notes. This was the city that she was going to visit a week ago to print out more resumes. That seemed so long ago now.


“So what do you think about the magical world, after a week in it?” David asked.
“Can you read minds too? I was thinking about that.”

“Hah, just seemed like the thing to ask. So?”

“Well I’m not sure, it’s mostly overwhelming. I guess I’m sort of in the deep end.”

“I did try to keep things simple at first, keeping you at the magic store until you were ready and such.”
“But I just happen to show up in the middle of a gang war.”
“This isn’t exactly a gang war.”

“Neither of the sides are exactly nations in their own right, it’s probably the best comparison.”
“Fair. You are enjoying it though.”
“Hell yeah. But of course, Guide told me how magic entices, it’s like a drug. I’m still yet to weigh the pro’s and con’s.”




“Let me get this straight. We gave up one of strongest fighters to cause enough chaos to capture another enforce,, and instead of capturing one of the highest ranking enforcers, a Chatesque you know, with a curse to exploit. We get not only a mortal but someone that was basically impervious to torture. Then to top it all off you let him chant a ritual to contact an angel removing himself from our hand but also, lobotomising another one of our top fighters!” Radu shouted at her, getting up from his makeshift throne.

“I-I guess.” Her whole body shook as she answered.


“You guess?” Radu disappeared from his throne and reappeared next to her. His fist slamming into the side of her head. She flew off her feet slamming into the wall, falling onto the ground pieces of the plasterboard came with her from the crater she had left. She jumped up onto all fours and pounced into the air. Radu caught her by the neck.


“Ugh.” She went limp, she couldn’t hope to fight him.


“I guess, this will have to do then. We’ll have to just attack them head on. You’ll be the first in the door when we do.”
“I-I’ll die.” Speaking was hard with a hand around her neck.

“Uh dur, but you will actually be of use.”




Isaac snapped his fingers, the Vampyre’s eyes popped open and he jumped back attempting to flail. He was bound in a chair, his arms strapped to the table.


“Rise and shine.” Maeve taunted. Only Isaac and Maeve were in the room. Reese was watching through a one-way window.

“Maeve, Isaac. Nice to see you.” The Vampyre taunted back.

“I’m afraid we’re not familiar.” Isaac leaned on the wall next to the window.


“Excuse me, my name is Leviticus, such a shame we couldn’t meet under better circumstances.”

“I don’t know, I like this look on you, bound. If only we could gag you, but then we wouldn’t learn anything.”

“You won’t be learning anything anyway.”
“Oh you mean that little blood binding spell? ‘Fraid not pumpkin.” Maeve waved her finger at him. “We have Saint Quinn for that.” Isaac pulled a knife from his coat and planted it into the table.


“B-But that’s in Venice!” He tried to pull away from it.

“Shipped it here just for you. I hear that even a touch on soulless skin burns like holy water mixed with acid.” explained Isaac, making his arms quiver as if it even terrified him.

“So what will it be? Sanguination? Or absolute pain until death?”


“I’ll have the cake thanks.” He laughed. “That’s not the Blade of Saint Quinn. That’s the fake that the Serkett had.”


“Well tits.” Maeve sighed, she picked up the blade and inspected it in the light. “Guess we’re doing this the hard way.” She slammed it into the Vampyres hand.

“What the f-!” He screamed in agony. “It can’t do this!”

“I’ve had it for a week, you don’t think I would have made it better? It has a silver coating now!”


“I still won’t tell you anything bitch!” Maeve ripped his head back by his hair and headbutted him for good measure.

“You’ll tell me everything or you’ll wish that you could go to hell!”




“Alix? What’s up?” Reese watched Maeve beat the Vampyre, he wasn’t fond of her methods but she always made it work.

“Every enforcer in the area is here, other than the ones that we never see.”


“I was sensing that you were going to say ‘except’?”


“Oh, right, yeah, Gary’s not here. He was here shortly before Red made the call but I haven’t seen him since.”
“Go check his apartment, he lives in your building right?”

“He does?”

“Yeah, take David and the new girl if you see them, she didn’t look like she was comfortable here.”
“Sure, I’ll find them.”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 24

Gary’s arms were tied behind him, the chair dug into his biceps and his calves. He could move slightly in the bindings but it only made it more uncomfortable as he did.


“So what’s a human like you doing with the Refuge?”

“I’m far from human you piece of sh…” The vampyre slapped him. She was clearly holding back, full soulless strength would have ripped his head clean off.

“Yes, I can sense the markings left on your soul by your deals with Death.”

“Then why ask?”

“I want to know what kind of information you have about them Gary.” She lifted her leg and put her foot on his leg, her stiletto heel finding a place between two muscles. “And then I want to know that information myself.”


Gary had once made deals with all forms of celestial beings, not just Angels and Reapers. The last time he asked something of a Demon, his side of the bargain involved spending a week in Hell. Just like Heaven, time is not quite in sync. “So what can you tell me?” She brought her face up to his, licking her lips.


He threw his forehead into her nose, she jumped back as blood spurted from her nostrils.

“I was tortured in the fifth circle of Hell for what felt like years. You’ll have to do better.”




Whiskey marveled her way through the Refuge. From the outside it was about the width and length of the Magic Shop, of course it had multiple levels but the Garage must have taken up the entire ground floor. Yet, without getting into an elevator or coming across stairs, they were now walking in a hallway as long, wide, white and clean as a wealthy city hospital.


“Do you want to be there when we question him?” Reese asked the entire party, his voice completely normal despite carrying a well built man on his shoulders.

“Yes.” Maeve didn’t hesitate.

“Of course.” Neither did Isaac.


They passed an open door, Whiskey couldn’t help herself and took a quick look inside. All she could see was a couple of glass cells. Each empty aside from thick leather dog collars that seemed to hover a few feet of the ground. Just as the room left her view one of the windows fogged up as though a large mouth had breathed on it. She just looked away and pretended that she hadn’t seen anything.


“I’ll stay with Whiskey, get her settled.” David answered

“You do know that we have every enforcer and freelancer here at the moment? They think we’re going to be attacked.” Maeve tried to warn them.

“This will be the first time I see the Refuge with a full house. That should be a treat for her.”

“Huh?” Whiskey half heard the conversation.

Whisky followed David as the others took a sharp turn down another long hallway. They came upon a door that did not fit the rest of the hallway. It was flimsy and made out of particle board, paint worn down where it had been pushed on many times. David pushed right through it without even noticing how much it off put Whiskey. She followed behind anyway.


The moment she passed through the threshold she was surrounded by chatter. The shift from silence to a packed bar wasn’t what shocked her brain the most, it was the decor change. This bar come restaurant was just as she expected with wooden furniture and mismatching stools.


“Do we have to stay here?” She asked David, shouting over the noise.


“I don’t like crowds.” Not completely true, she just had to build up into being in one. With the last week of being around a maximum of two other people she was not ready for this.


“Follow me out then.” David lead the way through, out onto the street.




The female vampyre never gave her name, Gary never asked. It had become a bit of a routine over the last few hours, she beat him, cut him, and generally tried to torture him. Then for a few minutes he would sit in silence while she asked various questions.


Then something broke this cycle. Another Vampyre came in and took the woman outside for a bit.


Gary decided he was over this. He lowered his head and started to mumble a chant.


“Got something to say now?” The other Vampyre came back in. “Sounds like you do.”

“Sounds like gibberish mumblings.” The woman also walked in.

“Maybe you broke him further than you should have.”

“Wouldn’t think so, he’s been to hell.”
“Oh shit seriously? We had to grab the one enforcer that’s basically trained for this.”

“Well it’s better than the one you were trying to grab. Alix the Titan slayer.”


Gary laughed. They were in the building for Alix, they must have sensed the magic in his room and thought that was the target.


“What’s so funny?”


Gary continued to mumble.


“I asked you, what’s so funny?”


Gary pulled his head back and looked the vampyre in the eyes.


“Archangel Gabriel I beseech you! Show me your true visage!”
“No! He can’t!” The woman slammed her hands on the wall and tried to jump in between them.


The male Vampyre fell back, his human mind broken. Gary’s head was gone, only a burnt stump of a neck remained.


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