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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 27

“I-I should h-have s-stopped, he was moving so fast… I should have just threatened… I-I.”

“Whiskey. It’s okay.”

“His blood is all over me! I killed him! How is this okay?”

“He would have killed all of us.” Alix was back in human form, kneeling next to her.

“He was running away. I-I d-didn’t have to stab down so hard.”


David came out of Gary’s apartment, his face just as grim as Whiskey was feeling.

“No trace of Gary, the soulless wiped away his spirit residue.”

“How can you be so calm about this?”


David stood in front of her looking at her, she was hugging her legs and pressed up against the wall. He got down on one knee.

“Magic is what allows for souls to move from one plain to another. Killing, the ability to die or to even killed is a function of Magic. In the same fashion, to live, to think, create and fight is all because of Magic. I have killed many people, for many reasons. It gets easier, I’m not sure if that makes you feel any better.”


“No it really doesn’t. I-I need to c-clean myself up.” Whiskey stared at the blood on her arms, most of it seemed to have dried or soaked into her skin. She threw up into her mouth a little.

“I live on the floor above this one. Come, I’ll show you.” Alix helped Whiskey stand up.

“I’ll call the Refugee and get some cleaners here. Do you know who else lived on this floor?”

“I think it was just humans. Why?”

“They’re probably all dead.” David mumbled, but loud enough to be heard down the hall. Whiskey half stumbled but Alix caught her.


“I’m o-okay.” Whiskey stuttered and he steadied her feet. Once she got to the lift she used the hand railing to hold herself up.


It was cold in her hands, she lifted up one of her arms to make sure she hadn’t left any blood on it. The shine of the elevator lights shined off it into her eyes, luckily it was murky enough to not blind her. She looked at the distorted and hazy reflection of herself in it.


The lift’s walls were a horrible cream colour like someone had dropped creamed corn into white paint. She noticed that half the floor buttons in it were mostly rubbed off including the floor they were on and the one Alix had pressed. Whiskey took that to mean that lots of people lived in this building, she wondered if that man she killed was at least partially responsible for what had happened.


She cursed herself for not asking, but now her mouth was so dry she couldn’t speak.


Whiskey followed Alix in silence. Alix didn’t say anything either, not knowing what she could say. Whiskey slumped onto the wall outside Alix’s apartment as she unlocked the door. Every step Whiskey took seemed longer and drawn out. She took a slow look around the apartment. It was immaculate.


A few pictures on the wall caught her eye. Walking over to them she could only recognise Alix in most but there was one with Reese and another woman who she figured to be Sam. Whiskey, impolitely, picked it up to look at it. She half expected them to start moving around in the frame as she stared. They were smiling so wide, captured at the end of joke around a table at the Refuge.


“That was just before the Titan’s were released.”

“Have you guys killed anyone?” Whiskey’s voice squeaked like that of a pubescent boy.

“We have yeah, mainly those trying to kill us back. I don’t think I can answer for Reese though, he’s been at the Refuge much longer than we have.”


Whiskey nodded and put the picture back gently. She wrapped her arms around herself, she winced as she felt the damp blood patches on her shirt.  “My bathroom’s in here.” Alix pointed with her whole arm toward the open door.


Black and white tiles covered the floor and walls up to about Alix’s waist. Alix pulled the door closed behind Whiskey to give her some space.


Whiskey took off her shirt first, throwing it into the sink. She twisted the hot water faucet as far as it would go. She squirted the liquid soap to her shirt more than fifteen times, some onto her hands as well. She apologised to Alix in her head.


She viciously rubbed her hands and shirt, trying desperately to wash how dirty she felt.


The hot water became scalding and caught her hand. She jumped back flicking soapy water everywhere. Thinking quickly she shut of the hot tap and opened the cold one to try and calm the burn.


Whiskey sighed loudly and looked at herself, her bra had escaped any obvious blood stains but her jeans had caught a couple of splatters. She rested her head on the mirror above the sink, she could see her own resignation on her face, all these clothes are getting thrown out.




Isaac had left the interrogation room shortly after Maeve started beating up Leviticus. Reese told him that David, Alix and Whiskey were out. So he just went to the bar and bought himself a stiff drink in a takeaway cup.


When he entered the viewing room he grimaced.

“She’s not stable that one.” He turned away from the scene in the interrogation room. Leviticus was covered in his own blood, his face swelling blue and black, the knife still stuck into his hand.

“Did you really think she would be?” Reese was already facing away, staring at his cell phone.


“This isn’t caused by being turned at a young age. She was already like this. You were there weren’t you? You saw what she did to her maker.”

“Yet I’m the one who asked for her to join us.”


“Because the Shaphist council would have just killed her for doing stuff like this.” He pointed behind him with his thumb. “And we have a dirty job to do and no one who likes doing it.”
“Besides her.”

“Besides her.”


“Tell me what you know!” Maeve grabbed the knife from Leviticus’ hand and jabbed it into his shoulder.

“I-I c-can’t.” He sobbed between words. She twisted the knife into his arm socket. He groaned with agony, he didn’t have the strength to yell.

“Tell me!”

“They’re what?” She yanked the knife out.

“They’re coming.”


“Reese, did you get that?”

“Yeah we got it, get ready.” Reese spoke through the intercom.



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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 26

“David!” Alix shouted after them.

“Alix?” David and Whiskey turned to see the girl running up to them. “What’s up?”

“I was going to check on Gary, Reese wanted me to bring you with me.”
“Fair enough, we probably shouldn’t be walking around by ourselves in this situation.”


“Are you going to introduce us David?” Whiskey asked.

“How impolite of me. Alix this is Whiskey, my new apprentice. Whiskey this is Alix, one of the Titan slayers.”

“Titan slayers?”

“I don’t know why we’re called that, we only killed like two of them.”

“More than anyone has since the dawn of magic.” David pointed out.


“Okay, total novice here, do you mean like Titans as in the forces of nature from greek mythology?”

“Nah, those are creatures that exist in heaven. They’ve never been on Earth.” Alix answered.

“So what exactly are the Titans that you slay?”

“Creatures from another dimension.” David said.

“Now are you meaning another dimension like Heaven or Hell?”

“Completely different, just as Reese was able to create space, some magics can cut clean through it.” David continued.

“And you kill them?” Whisky turned to Alix.


“Only like two or three, then me and Sam forced them back to their own dimension.”

“It was quite a feat in the magical world, trust me.” David was adamant about that.

“I believe you. I’m just more impressed about opening a way to another dimension.”


“That was Sam. She’s really good at ritual magic.”

“That’s an understatement. I’ve never asked, what’s your magic focus Alix?”


“Interesting, I could see where that would come in handy. I’m assuming you can transform anything.”

“I’m not sure, there hasn’t been anything that I couldn’t transform.”

“Both you and Sam are truly magically gifted.”

“Thanks.” Alix smiled.


“I don’t know why, but I think this is the place.” Whiskey stopped just before the entrance to the apartment building

“You’re right.” Alix stopped with her “How did you know?”

“I got an odd feeling.” A feeling that reminded her of the Vampyre that attacked her.

“Mmm, you are getting more sensitive to these things, there’s a soulless presence here. Claws out Alix.”


Whiskey turned to look at Alix, there was a large cat with thick black fur standing where she was. It looked up her.


“It’s okay Whiskey, it’s me.” She heard Alix’s voice from the Panther

“You can even Transfigure yourself?”

“Haha, no I’m a Chatesque, Cain’s cursed.”

“Oh, that’s actually awesome.”


“Follow me, you may want to hang back Whiskey.” Alix pushed the door open with the top of her head. Whiskey found this oddly endearing, must have been because of all those cat videos. She wondered if there any animals held in Zoo’s that were actually just Children of Cain. ‘There are worse prisons’ She thought to herself.

“We probably shouldn’t take the lift.” David said as Alix entered the elevator.

“Reese said he lives on the ninth floor, you can take the stairs if you like.” Alix curled up at the back of the elevator. Whiskey squeaked, the situation overloading her cute sense.


“I-is it okay if I pat you?” Whiskey blurted out.

“Uh, sure.” Whiskey scratched around Alix’s ears. She didn’t say anything but she seemed to enjoy it during the ascent.




As the lift doors opened at the ninth floor the blood rushed out of Whiskey’s face. Her whole body shivered, she grabbed onto the railing on the side of the lift.

“You okay Whiskey?” David asked.

“I feel like I’m going to float away, and I’m kinda nauseous.”

“Here grab my hand.” Whiskey reached out and he grabbed her tightly. “Feel better?”

“Yeah, a little.”


“Soulless naturally feed on soul energy. They’ll suck the life out of room if they don’t control that latent void.”
“I’m guessing they can turn it on to high as well right? So they dried up this whole floor.”

“You’re not bustling with additional energy like we are, so it’s understandably uncomfortable for you. I’ll lend you some of mine for the time being.” Whiskey nodded at him.


Alix stepped out of the lift hesitantly and looked down the corridor.

“Looks clear.” David followed behind letting go of Whiskey’s hand. The nausea came back ever so slightly. Alix moved like she was hunting prey, looking up at the room numbers.

“It’ll probably be the room with its door wide open.”


“Door’s off it’s hinges.” Alix indicated as she got closer. “Looks like there was a fight.”


Alix turned to walk into the open apartment, something large and black shot out and slammed her into the wall. “Fuck!” She clawed at it and let out a snarl. It lept off her and stuck to the ceiling.


Whiskey got a good look at it. It looked like a huge bat, except it had long carnivorous teeth, eyes like stop lights and arms separate to it’s wings. Alix let out a moan.

“That’s not a Vampyre.” David said matter-of-factly. “Take this.” He pulled a knife from underneath his coat and passed it to Whiskey. The Bat creature snarled and dropped into a lunge for David.


David’s arm lit up, bright white bands wrapped around it. The creature flew right into his fist. As it shot down the hall Alix jumped up and grabbed it in her jaws. They both slammed into the end of the corridor.

“Is there a soulless that can turn into a bat?”

“Yeah, and this will probably be one of those.”

“It’s not exactly full bat.”

“Soulless transformations are normally more humanoid. They have been called abominations for a reason.”


Alix clawed and chomped down on the man-bat, it screeched in pain. It broke free from her grip and clambered up the wall. David readied himself, his arm’s light growing in intensity. The creature zipped along the ceiling. David jumped up trying to hit it. The creature planned for this, and shifted to the wall to dodge him.


Whiskey flipped the knife in her hand. If she could push it back to David, he and Alix could deal with it. Seeing the path it was taking she threw her fist into the wall, blade first, eyes closed.


“Whiskey?” David half whispered. Whiskey slowly opened her eyes. The red eyes filled her vision, they were wide, in shock. Something warm covered her hand. She looked down and saw more red. The knife had gone into it’s chest.


She let go and took slow steps back until she hit the other wall.


The creature’s features slowly receded until he was a man again, naked and covered in scratches, bite marks and his own blood.


She had killed him.


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