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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 29

Radu stomped his boot down onto the pathway outside of the Refuge. He twisted his feet slowly as he shifted his body, crunching on some loose stones. He put his hand onto the door but stopped an inch from it, pushed back. The door lit up around where his hand was, sparking yellow like a Plasma ball.


He pulled out his sword from the sheath at his waist, holding it up to tell the crowd behind him to settle down. He put the sword into his palm and pulled down slowly.


Blood dripped from the slice on his hand. It dripped towards the sky but got stuck in the air. The drops hovered there frozen as though they had forgotten how to move. He squeezed his hand into a fist, causing a large gush of red to shoot out. The blood had formed a runic circle that was now glowing very lightly over the sidewalk and the door to the refuge.


“Boom.” He said, loudly and clearly, slapping his cut hand onto the circle. The was a flash of red light twisted with yellow, the sound was muffled but it definitely sound like an explosion.


The wall entering the refugee was destroyed, leaving a couple of stronger steel support beams and a mound of broken concrete rubble. There was still magic protecting the Refuge, sealing it away from prying eyes, keeping what was inside hidden in shadow. “Well, go on then.”


“Radu… I could still be of use.” Her face was covered with dry tears and mascara. She held her sides and moved slowly even with two other vampyres pulling her along.

“No, you can’t.” He pointed his sword at her and motioned towards the dark hole in the wall.


She stopped just before the hole in the wall, shaking in terror. “Go!” He walked up behind her

“I-I can’t!” She screamed. He lifted his leg and gave her a hard shove with his foot.


She half fell, half stumbled through the threshold.


Her body shot back out, Radu stepped to the side to dodge it. A large piece of ice protruded from her chest and back, there were several holes in her now, most cauterised, some glowing and some sparkling. The front of the crowd looked at her and took a few short steps back.


“If you don’t run in now you’ll all end up like that!”


They all seemed to turn and look to the Vampyre next to them, then nodded. Breaking into a human paced run, they piled into the hole.


Radu slipped in through the barrier with a bigger cluster of Vampyre, allowing them to take most of the hits. The moment he passed through the barrier he jumped into hyper speed. He felt his whole body get heavy, they had planned for that as well.


No matter, he was still faster than most.


He ran at the closest refuge enforcer he could see, the one shooting the bolts of ice. She noticed him heading for her and quickly fired four ice-javelins out of her hands.


He only just managed to sidestep them. They left cold patches on his jeans and shirt. He put his hands onto her head, a look of terror came over her face. Her eyes so wide he could see his own smile in them


With a flick of his wrists the reflection was gone and she fell limp to the floor, the ice sword she was preparing shattered into a cloud of snow.


He looked up from her lifeless body and snarled hungrily. Two other mages chose him as their target.


‘Wise’ He thought dodging an arrow made of pure white light. His sword was drawn again, just in time to cut through a wire net that appeared above him.


Darting forward in a zig zag, he was upon the archer after he missed his second shot. He shot past without even turning his body. The archers bow split in two, as did his body.


The net Weaver was already moving backwards as fast as he could without taking his eyes of Radu. Radu made a sucking sound with his tongue on his teeth. The Weaver clicked his knuckles and made several swift movements with his hands out stretched in front of him. Like he was tying a knot with the air.


Radu almost ran directly into the wire net that appeared in front of him. He wasn’t used to fighting mages that would actualize non magical items for combat purposes. Not because it was particularly hard to master but to do it at useful speed you would have to stick to creating the same item if you wanted to do it quickly.


As he twisted to avoid the second net another one appeared in front of him. He hadn’t touched it but he could tell it was made from silver, he could feel his own aura burning as it drew close. Radu twisted his neck, facing towards the mage who wove this trap.


The wound in his hand was long since healed due to his soulless nature. There wasn’t even a scar. Without drawing it completely he used his sword to open it back up.


He flicked his own blood at the mage who just grinned arrogantly.


In an instant Radu was no longer flesh but a mist of blood, spreading out like a swarm of mosquitos.


The Weaver frowned, he had never fought a blood mage before.

Radu reformed, slamming his hands onto the mages’ shoulder and head, pushing him to reveal his neck. His Vampyre teeth punctured the jugular, he only took in a mouthful of the blood. He only wanted to replenish the strength lost during the mist. The mage dropped to the floor already becoming pale as his essence poured onto his shirt and puddled around him.


Radu looked at his army, it was mostly gone now. Only the strongest were left, and they were still fighting with the strongest of the enforcers. ‘The strongest they have on the door’ He turned towards the bar, the door to the stairs and the door to the kitchen had been sealed. A stronger seal than the one on the wall. ‘But not the door to the back. You think you could entrap me?’


He decided to leave the fight, it was starting to bore him.




Sam stood guard outside the artefact vault. The Vampyres’ should have been smart enough to know that even if didn’t know what they were after that we wouldn’t move everything somewhere else. However, Mr. Red suggested that she stay, to be a trap for the stupider of the bunch.


She had prepared several traps infact, but they would only kill if you continued to push through them. Her golem was with her, he was leaning on the wall like she was. This one had a tendency to imitate her, the soul energy used to create a golem would never pull a whole consciousness out of the next life. Sam had made very sure of that, but it seemed that some personality traits were copied from the spirit.


A pale man jumped into view at the end of the corridor. He had his back to her, he was swinging and thrusting sword around at nothing.


Sam blinked and let her Chatesque vision take over, he was swinging at a Hellhound. Another was lying dead just around the corner. It wasn’t just a man. It was a Vampyre.


She stood up straight, the golem did the same. She readied herself, putting one foot facing the opponent and the other behind her for balance. Her Golem stood in front of her but didn’t obscure her vision.


The Vampyre made one last powerful thrust and managed to pierce the shriveled heart at the centre of the Hound. He seemed to relax all of sudden, putting away his blade and dusting himself off. The arms of his coat and one of the legs in his pants had been shredded.


Turning to face the vault his kinked out his neck and scrunched up his face, as if to say ‘Seriously?’


He jumped into a sprint, his shoes slapped against the ground slightly wet with dog saliva. Her golem swiped to the right and slammed him against the wall. He let out a groan like the life was leaving his body.


“You can turn away at any time. The Omakane isn’t even in this vault.”

“As if i’d be that stupid.”


Sam put one hand on her hip and her other palm onto her face. Sighing deeply.


“William, kill him please.”

“Yes my lady.” The Golem’s voice was less a voice and more a grinding of rocks that were done strategically to create the same noise as a voice.


It grabbed the Vampyre with both hands and slammed him into the ceiling, extending its arms as needed to reach.


“I am so done with being trapped today.” The Golems arms were suddenly severed, falling to the ground. It lifted up what was left to its face, confused. They were already starting to reform as the others were being reabsorbed. “Not so fast.”


The blade went right through where the golem’s face ought to be, something came out with it. As Sam saw it she frowned.


“Fuck it, now I have to make another one.”

“You won’t be making anything ever again.”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 28

“Reese, Gary’s been taken by soulless, probably Vampyre. They left a soulless bat-shifter here for us, to try and deter us, he’s dead like the rest of the humans on the floor.” David was leaning on the wall just inside one of the apartments. He had punched down every locked door to confirm his suspicions.


“We’ll send cleaners after we deal with our other problem.” Reese’s voice seemed cold over the phone. David looked down into the lounge of this apartment, he stared at the pale lifeless hand, the rest of the person cut off from view by the wall. “The Vampyres are going to try an attack the Refuge.”


“Can you call our contacts at the police department then? There are lot of dead here, someone will probably find them soon.”

“Sure, just get back here.”




Whiskey sat on the side of the bath. It started to ache where it dug into her thighs. She shifted around to give those muscles a rest. Resting her hands on her knees, then on the bath, then her hips. Staring into the mirror unable to see herself from this angle.


She heard a knock but not onto the bathroom door, it must have been onto the door to the apartment. David must have finished and come to find them.


Whiskey pulled out a stick of lip balm and wiped some onto her dry lips. It burned a little where she had been biting her lower lip.


Looking down at herself she looked back at the images in her mind, they were already dull and empty of colour. Except for the red, there was still lots of red.


Whiskey clenched her fist as she reached a resolution with her thoughts. ‘Whatever he was, ultimately that creature had a hand in kidnapping Gary and killing the people on that floor. I was rash but lucky that it could fit my morals, I need to be more careful in future that I don’t have to find a way to rationalize after the fact.’


She stood and opened the door to the bathroom by just a crack.

“Alix.” She half squeaked half whispered. “Alix?”

“Hey. What’s up?” She appeared by the door, moving swiftly and without noise.

“Can I borrow one of your shirts?”

“I probably have one you can just have, you’ll probably not like it though.”
“I don’t care right now.”


Alix was gone for a moment, then she was handing through a black blouse. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem. You’ll probably want to get yourself a bulk of spare clothes.”

“Isn’t there a magic for just completely cleaning clothes?”

“I could have just transformed your stained clothes back to their normal look.”

“Oh, um.”

“But they would still feel dirtier than you could ever wash out.”
“Right, fair point.” Whiskey shivered even thinking about it. She pulled the cloth over herself, twisting and shaking pieces to get it to get into place. It was a size smaller than she normally wore, pulling a bit tight at the top of her waist and under her arms. It wasn’t uncomfortable so she didn’t have any real complaints.


Whiskey pulled the door fully open.

“Fit okay?”

“Yeah, really well, might actually be the right size for me.”

“Mmm, I could tell we were the same body type but I couldn’t transform it any larger without more raw material.”

“You transformed this?”

“Yeah I had a bunch of old rags that I used to make up my wardrobe.”

“Do you need to transform similar stuff? Like is that why it was rags?”

“Uh, it’s just easier to do it with material closer to the new object. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Not really but I think I’m getting it back together.”
“You’re just asking a lot of questions, like your still in shock.”


“She’s always like that.” David came out of the kitchen with wet hands. “Can I get in the bathroom now? I need to dry my hands. Feeling any better?” Whisky could see on David’s face that he genuinely cared. She smiled at him.

“Kind of…”

“I’m glad.” He walked off into the bathroom.


‘He’s managed to remain gentle throughout the ages even after all the killing. I hope that means I don’t have to completely harden myself to live with magic.’


“So we’ve got to go back to the Refuge? Not hunt down Gary?” Alix asked

“Gary’s scent’s long gone, doubt even Reese could sniff it out…” David paused. “Okay a panther may be able to pick it up but we don’t have time. Maeve managed to get something out of the Vampyre, they’re going to try a full out assault on the Refuge, so we need to be there.”


“Even me?” Whiskey was quiet and hesitant.
“Yes even you. You won’t need to fight, probably just help the wounded.” David was just as hesitant. “We’ll protect you as well.”




Maeve was wiping the blood off her hands onto Leviticus’ shirt. It was already soaked with it from the stump where his head had been. She gave up and pulled off her jacket using it to soak up what was left on her.  Just as she was about to clean the last patch of it she felt something that made her freeze.


She twisted her head to the left, then to the right. Popping into hyperspeed she entered the bar within a second. Several people close to the door looked up at her confirming her identity.


Maeve twisted her head again, looking at the ceiling then towards the kitchen.

“Shit. They’re coming right now! Everyone who isn’t here for a fight, leave now, everyone else get gone!”


She jumped back into hyperspeed. “Reese, they’re almost here, I can feel them.”


“How many?” Isaac asked, sitting beside Reese.

“Fifty, maybe Sixty.”

“Is David back with the girls?”

“I can’t sense Alix, she’s normally obvious.”
“Guess it’s just us then.”

“Just like old times?” Reese asked.

“Old times had David in them.”
“Oh, right.”

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