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Whiskey and Maeve 31

Whiskey coughed and spluttered her way through the cigarette, she felt like her lungs were cursing her with every breath. It was only in her mind but it made her lose focus on what she had seen. The bodies and blood.


She never liked the smell of tobacco smoke, it was the reason she stayed away from the alleyways at her old high-school.


“Well at least smoking isn’t the worst thing I’ve done today.”

“Murder detectives all used to smoke back in the day whether they liked it or not.” Mr Red said after having said nothing for a while.

“Before they invented nose plugs I guess. You were right, this at least makes me think of something less terrible.”


“Come on Sam!” Alix’s shout reached down the corridor to them. Whiskey and Red looked at each other then Red bounded down the hallway. Whiskey looked at the burning paper in her hand then looked around, hesitating isn’t a strong enough word for what she was doing.


“Just throw it, these halls are magically protected.”


Whiskey was still frozen in place. She couldn’t just throw rubbish around, let alone something on fire.


“Damn it Sam!” Alix was screaming this time. It pierced Whiskey’s mind breaking whatever mental conditioning had been preventing her from littering. She released her grip and let it fall, she ran after Red.


“Alix? Sam!” Red was gone from Whiskeys view but he could hear him clearly as she leapt forward with every step.


“Sam!” Alix screamed again her voice turning hoarse. Whiskey made it round the corner, Alix was sitting on the ground holding Sam’s limp body. “Red! Red she’s hurt!”


“Alix, what’s happened?”

“I found her. Like this. She’s breathing. Her arm is broken. Her back. Her back is broken too. She’s not healing. Why isn’t she healing?” Alix’s voice was much quieter than it was before.

“Her curse is gone, temporarily. This is some strong blood magic.”
“You can fix it right, blood magic isn’t as strong… right?” Whiskey got down on her knees next to Alix.


“As strong as soul magic?” He had guessed she meant, Whiskey nodded. “Yeah, but only Isaac and David studied that. You haven’t trained in transfiguring a human have you Alix?” Alix shook her head hurriedly “And if there was a ritual that could fix this Sam would be the one to ask.”


“So what do we do?” Whiskey asked quietly almost in a whisper. “Could we get Isaac or David to help?”

“It would take too long to fix this and if I know them they’re probably already helping someone else.”


Whiskey’s thoughts ran wild.

“She’s human now, for how long?” It felt as though something in her head had clicked into place, her eyes widened.

“A day, two maximum.” Red replied
“And she’ll heal once she has her curse back?”

“To perfect health.”

“Alix can you pick her up?” Alix nodded saying nothing. “We’ll take her to the hospital.”
“They’ll ask questions.” Red said “We can’t draw attention”

“People who come into hospitals with bullet wounds draw attention, girls who may have fallen down the stairs get politely dealt with.”

“So i’ll be staying here then?”

“People are presumptuous and you are rather… large. No drawing attention right?” Whiskey got up finally having a plan.

“Alix take Sam to the nearest hospital, me and Whiskey are going to track down anyone else who needs help.

“Yeah I guess that’s fair.”




The observatory was drawing close. David had started to walk, all the running he was doing started to make him remember how human he was.


He stopped suddenly, then slowly put himself into a fighting stance.


“Hello David. Sensed me coming did you?” David flicked round bringing up his arm for a block, a thin long sword hit it with a twang. “That’s quite the arm you have there.”


The attacker’s clothes were small melted patches. Half his face was the wrong complexion and tighter than rest. His hair missing in places and too long in others.


“That’s quite the face you have there. I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

“My sincerest apologies, I am Radu I lead the Vampyre army laying siege to this Refuge.”

“What Vampyre army? You’re the first one I’ve seen since I got here.”


Radu slashed his sword down again hitting David’s arm again with the same effect. David threw a punch with his free hand, Radu jumped back to dodge.


Now that his soul bound arm was free he swung it forward. Radu quickly bent over backwards to dodge again. He flicked his sword at the same time, aiming for the closest leg. David jumped over it and grabbed it with his enchanted hand.


“Well you are quite spry for someone your age.” Radu licked his lips as he spoke.

“I could make the same quip except you’re probably younger than me. However we seem to be in a stalemate.”

“You may have misread the situation then.” Radu bit down on his tongue and spit blood into David’s face. David didn’t let go but did start to bring his other arm up to wipe away the fluid on his face. “Oh it’s too late for that.”


David felt his legs go numb and his face started to burn.


“What have you done?”

“Seriously, didn’t you guys know I was a blood mage.”




Whiskey wasn’t going into the main bar area anytime soon but luckily anyone that was still alive in there had already been taken to a makeshift triage room they had.


“Why don’t you guys have some medical facilities?” Whiskey asked as they scoured the hallways. “Surely most cursed don’t want to go to a human doctor.”

“We do get complaints. But healing magic isn’t something that many people study.”
“Why not? It would surely come in handy?”

“Anyone with Cain’s curse wouldn’t have even wavered with the injuries Sam had.”

“But what about people without a curse that use magic?”

“Magic holds them together as well, they’ll heal most wounds quickly even ones magical in nature. Some have said that Mages are stronger than the cursed simply because you have to kill them quickly if you want to succeed at all.”


“So let’s say that Isaac got hit by an Afreet’s slow burn, what would happen to him?”

“Oh he’d be dead after a while, unless David got to him.”

“But he surely he could save himself.”

“As far as I’m aware Isaac doesn’t know any healing magic at all. David and Reese are the only people I can think of that know magic like that off the top of their heads.”


Whiskey went quiet, she was thinking. She knew that she still had many questions to ask about the Refuge in general but they all seemed insignificant now.


“Do you know any magic? You never mentioned…” Whiskey trailed off wondering if it was an impolite thing to ask.

“I don’t have a focus no, I don’t do much field work. Being a Chimera is enough for me.”

“Chimera of what exactly?”


“Oh right, sorry science has taken that word out of context for me. So you can turn into a lion-goat-snake? That’s pretty cool.”
“Yeah, I thought so.”


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 30

The Golem crumbled in front of her. The ritual binding it together was rendered invalid by the hole punctured through the paper it was on. Radu pulled his sword back and plucked the bright green stationery from the end of it.


Sam broke into a run at him. He smiled, his teeth lightly stained red. He swung his sword to the side but it didn’t touch her. She had transformed into her Puma form putting her lower to the ground.


Her jaw clamped down onto Radu’s revealed leg, she threw him into the wall again, her teeth locking around his tibia. He groaned in pain.


Radu slammed his other leg into Sam’s stomach just under her ribcage knocking all the air out of her. Unable to stop herself, her mouth released him. He kicked her again sending her into the other side of the corridor.


“Damn shifters.”


He reached down and wiped off some blood from his leg. Turning his palm to face her he lowered his head and mumbled something under his breath. She turned to look up at him with a human head.


“You morphed me?”

“No, I temporarily removed Cain’s curse from your blood.”  Sam pushed herself up with her hands and flicked her legs around into him. He fell the ground face first.


They both jumped up, Sam threw a low punch, he blocked it and swung wide to the right. Sam put her arm up to block, his fist cracked into her arm, she screamed as it broke. “As if you could fight me as a human.”


Sam fell to her knees grabbing her elbow with the other hand to stop the break from moving. She breathed hard and fast tears dripping from her eyes.


Radu stepped over her then snapped his leg back, his heel hitting her spine. Sam fell forwards, paralyzed with pain. He continued down the hall without breaking stride. He stopped at the vault entrance, the double doors seemed inconspicuous but he knew what was inside. Bringing up his hands he searched for a hidden seal over the door. He didn’t find one, so he started to push on the doors.


He stopped, his grin turned into a frown. It was too late to move away, the trap was sprung. A fountain of enchanted fire blasted from the floor to the ceiling enveloping him. Just as suddenly, it was gone leaving no marks on the building around him.


Radu was scorched, what clothes were left were still on fire and his skin was black where it wasn’t stripped away. Letting out a series of small squeaks as he lowered his arms.


Then he ran.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Sam mumbled, unable to move and delirious with pain.




Alix stopped at the corner of the street holding up a fist. David and Whiskey stopped behind her.


“What’s up Alix?” David asked.

“I can smell a lot of blood and we’re near the Refuge.”

“Do you think…?” Alix lept forward, shifting mid stride.


David and Whiskey ran after her but they couldn’t keep up.

“We’re too late aren’t we?” Whiskey wondered between breaths

“Yeah, they’d survive without our help.”

“I sense a but.”

“But… if they were facing an army casualties are expected.”


Whiskey started to run again even though she was exhausted.


It wasn’t long before they had made it to the hole in the side of the Refuge. Whiskey squinted and held her hand up to shade her from the city lights but she still couldn’t see through the shadow that was obscuring the hole.


She looked around, the street was much the same as she had seen before. There was now rubble covering the sidewalk and a dead woman in the gutter. Whiskey didn’t look too hard at the body but could see at least one large hole in it.


David came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ready to go inside?”

“Y-Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.”


They climbed the small mound of concrete and passed into the Refuge.


It was the smell that hit her first. Her mind flicked up every warning signal it had as it realized it was detecting burnt human flesh. She stumbled over a body losing her train of thought, the tang of rusted iron filled her nostrils and back of her throat. Blood, that was a smell she remembered vividly.


She ran over to the bar and leant up against it. She took deep breaths, holding her nose, closing her eyes.


“David! What do you think you’re doing bringing her in here?” Whiskey didn’t recognise this voice.

“I didn’t think it would be this bad Red.”

“Come here.” The voice named Red was close. He picked her up in arms like tree trunks and carried her in great strides. She heard the door to the back open and the air rush past her as they moved through.


Hesitantly she opened her eyes.

“T-Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome. David you idiot, this poor girl, she’s never dealt with something like this.”

“I just came back from killing some bat creature, I don’t blame him for this.”

“You killed it? Reese didn’t tell me that.”


“She’s a natural. Where is Reese and Isaac I need a status report. Alix went on ahead she’ll be here somewhere.”

“Reese’ll be in the observatory, that’s where we moved the vault.”

“Can you look after Whiskey for me? I need to make sure they’re okay. Will you be alright here Whiskey?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay, go check on your boyfriend.” David grinned at her and she half smiled back.


“Here.” Red was large and toned, he held out something to Whiskey but she only really noticed how he could hold both of her hands in one of his own.

“What is it?”

“It’s a cigarette.”

“I’m not a smoker.”

“If you ever want to get over that smell you’ll be one.”

“I think i’d rather…”
“Not get cancer? We have magic for that.”


“Can you cure addiction too?”

“Of course.”

“Why is magic kept secret again?”

“You managed to see the warzone before you shut your eyes right?”

“Ah, fair point.”

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