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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 32

Hey guys and gals, sorry about this one taking so long. I’ve been trying to keep to two a month basis, normally that ended up being ‘bi-weekly’. But alas I was in Japan for two weeks and did not get far enough ahead to schedule any thing substantial.

So without further adieu-

“Took your sweet time didn’t you.” Isaac greeted Whiskey.

“I’ve been helping Red with search and rescue, what have you been doing?”

“The Observatory is the only other accessible entrance to the Refuge, we were preparing for flanking maneuvers.”

“What about the Parking lot?”

“It’s opening cannot be forced, you’d only end up smashing into the building behind this one. Where’s David?”

“I thought he was with you, he ran off after finding out where you were, like an hour ago.”

“Isaac!” Maeve popped out of hyper speed just inside of the Observatory.

“What?” He asked as she threw something over to him.

Isaac stuck his arm out, the silvery ball stopped but not in his hand. It hovered out in front of him. “Don’t just throw things at people.”
“It’s a message pearl.”

“I know what it is.”

“I was telling her.” She pointed at Whiskey.

Isaac allowed the orb to draw closer to him. He plucked it out of the air and twisted it open like a jar of pickles.

“How do you record on these things again, Ah right.” An unfamiliar voice poured out of the pearl, it had a twang to it like it was it was coming through a bad microphone. “Hello Refuge, sorry about the mess. You may think that you have thwarted me, that I would run away with my tail between my legs.”

“Do you know this guy?” Whiskey asked the room. Nobody answered, most shook their heads.

“Well you thought wrong, I have something you may want. Well actually someone, he’s got a really good arm on him…”

“Shit.” Isaac muttered, he dropped the pearl and walked off. It hit the ground with a cracking noise but the voice didn’t stop.

“… has blond hair, goes by David. Anyway, if you want him back you’ll bring me the Omokane by sunrise. I’ll be at the mansion I’m sure you’ve managed to get the location of.”

“Uh…” Whiskey looked around, she couldn’t see where Isaac went. Maeve seemed to have disappeared as well. “Red, are we planning on rescuing David?”

“Isaac’s probably already on his way.” Reese came up beside them answering her question.

“Is that all you want to send?”

“Maeve is gone too.”

“You’re not going to help save your friend?”

“They can handle themselves.”

“Are they going by car and how do I get the garage?”


Whiskey leaned up against the nearest car. She had run over as fast as she could.

“I really need to get fit.”

“I could help with that.” Maeve was suddenly beside her.

“Ah!” Whiskey jumped to the side, surprisingly she still had more adrenaline to use.

“Sorry, I forget that most people aren’t always on guard.”

“It’s okay, I guess I’m already a little on edge. What do you mean you could help with that?”

Maeve disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the car.

“I could turn you, make you faster, stronger.”

“All I need to give up is my soul and moral compass.”

“They’re one in the same actually. But yes.”

“Even if I wanted to be turned, would you really?”

“No, probably not. You have a little more choice than I did. Not saying I don’t like being this killing machine but there are options to consider.”

“Being a Mage or a Soulless.”
“Or a shapeshifter or a beast or a holy, unholy servant. Then there are choices beyond them.” Maeve was back beside her. “Would you hide or would you fight? Well I guess you’re trying to come and save David so you’re a fighter.”

“I-I want to do what I can to help get him back, he’s going to train me.” Whiskey stood straighter in her resolve. ‘But I don’t want to kill anyone else.’ She thought.

“No killing huh?”

“What? Can you…?”

“…Read minds? Ha ha, no I can sense your emotions. Most Soulless can if you don’t keep them under control. I’m just good at educated guesses.”

“That’s still unnerving.”

“Not as unnerving as basically knowing what people are thinking all the time. Ah, Isaac finally made it, did you get lost?”

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

“I forgot my coat.” Whiskey couldn’t remember seeing him without his coat nor did she see him on the way here. “We’re taking David’s car.”

They made their way over to the car. Whiskey got into the back seat and this time there wasn’t a Vampyre causing her any grief.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Maeve asked.

“No, that’s why I’m letting you come.”


Death sat in Radu’s thone. She wrapped bony fingers of the deceased police officer around the intricate wood work in the arm rests. She crossed and uncrossed the legs, straightening the hat as she felt one of her soulless get close.

Another soul came into range at the same time, it was the colour of a mages but it was also branded. Death recognised the brand as one of her own, this soul had made deals with herself or another reaper.

Death grabbed hold of the body she inhabited and slipped back under the mortal veil.

“Death? Are you here?” Radu called out as he burst into his throne room. David’s mouth was covered by duct-tape. “Huh, I guess not.” Radu dragged him up to the throne and kicked him to the ground next to it.

She returned the body to it’s coffin with a single thought. Able to move freely without a vessel under the veil, she floated over to where David lay. Coalescing some of her form into hand she caressed his cheek.

“Of course it had to be one of you two.” She whispered.

David didn’t notice anything, the veil was not close enough for that.


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