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Leesandra 1

This is a rework of the current Kyber series. So consider the the previous stuff non-canon if you like.


The engines popped and whistled, normally you wouldn’t hear them, even this close sound can’t travel in the vacuum. The Spaceport Alpha-Hydra was so massive that it had started to develop it’s own atmosphere.

Each engine moved slightly and fired again with a flash. They were placed strategically for maneuvering the large asteroid, ensuring that it didn’t hit the spaceport. Asteroids like these were a not a regular entrant into the Port, raw material was normally retrieved from one of Jupiter or Saturn’s many moons.

This particular Asteroid however was recently found to have been housing some Rogues that were calling themselves ‘La Mezclado’. It was raided by Border Patrol teams several months ago and it’s orbit had been slowed until it was close enough in the asteroid belt to be pushed into the Spaceport.

Spaceport Alpha-Hydra is true to it’s name. It was the first port ever set up and is the largest by far due to the interconnected capsules that stretch out from the orbital plane like flower petals. It’s still considered the capital city even though Alpha-Cygnus has a bigger population and Beta-Sagittarius was now ahead in total manufacturing output.

Leesandra adjusted her position, delicately touching the controls of her gimbal pack. Slowly she adjusted until she was at a ninety degree angle to the gaping maw of the Spaceport. Looking around just as slowly to not upset her inertia, she took in the view. The inside of this side of the Spaceport was mostly hollow, it allowed for Asteroid mining as well as general docking, it was probably large enough to construct Continental-Class ships.

It was brightly lit with huge flood lamps, other lights were dotted around the outside, red ones on the docked ships, blue ones on any structure that protruded more than five metres out. Leesandra sighed with slight relief, seeing the spaceport like this always seemed to relax her.

“Why do you always have to do it differently?” A voice crackled over her comms channel.

“What do you mean?” She responded, smiling knowing exactly what he meant.

Fifteen other people were suspended  in the nothingness surrounding the docking area. Each of them orientated to have the Spaceport on their side instead of below them.

“Out of safe Zulu margin by plus 12 metres, Yankee and X-Ray within tolerance. Please adjust.” Another voice through the comms this time on the team channel. The engines to the left of Leesandra fired in another quick burst. Then the ones to the right to cancel the momentum. “All coordinates are green, free to fire main engine.”

The Asteroid moved with a majestic slowness. From Leesandra’s perspective it was dropping down nicely into the glittery hole. She noticed some movement, for a moment it looked like a piece of the Asteroid snapped off. Then she noticed something else. One of the blue lights inside the Dock was moving, it was going to get in the way of the Asteroid.

“Angus.” She jabbed at the buttons in front of her hand, accessing his personal channel. “Angus, one of the umbilicals is extending.”

“Call it through then.”
“I don’t have it’s ID.”
“Bring up your catalog then… Ah, sorry I forgot about your HUD-phobia.”

“Can you call-” She was cut off by the team comms.

“Umbilical Delta 10 halt extension please.” Angus made the call.

“Umbilical Delta 10 reverse your extension now. You have not been cleared for use.” A completely different voice, this was through the Spaceport General comms.

‘They don’t know who’s operating it.’ Leesandra deduced.

“We repeat. Delta 10 reverse your extension.”

“Stop the rock it’s going to hit it.” Leesandra called out on Team Comms.

“Delta 10, reverse extension!”

“Guys, it’s out of time. Stop the Asteroid!”

The engines fired too late. A loud grinding noise filled the entire Spaceport.

The umbilical was ripped right off and had to be magnetically stopped before it smashed into the viewing platform on the other side of the dock.


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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 34

‘Pick me up.’

Whiskey heard Anima call out to her. ‘No.’ She yelled in her mind.

She looked past the blade trying to lose focus on it. Isaac groaned as the golem dragged him up by his feet.

“I’ve killed David, stomped on Maeve and am about to give Isaac a swirly in blood. Are you really the best the refuge has to offer?” Radu stepped out from behind the golem. “Oh you brought someone else. No matter.”

The golem threw it’s free arm as though going for an upper cut. The blood dragged along the ground, picking up Anima before hitting Whiskey head on.

The arm swallowed her up. She was smothered in blood again but managed to hold her breath this time.

She swirled around and around in the thick soup, holding her nose closed with her hand. Her lungs starting to scream for air.

Whiskey was suddenly deposited on the ground. She rolled onto her side and took the deepest breath she had ever taken. She heard the sound of metal hit the marble beside her. Anima entered her mind again.

‘Pick me up Whiskey.’ The voice was clear now, a gentle voice, like her mother’s.

‘I will not!’

“Such turmoil in this one. She’s a human, did we bring an apprentice Isaac? To a fight between masters?” Radu was close to her now, only steps away. “Magic has barely touched this soul. She hasn’t been trained at all?”

Radu made a few quick strides, his shoes tapping along the floor. “I guess I could use some minions after what happened. But first, we have to work out the kinks.”

His foot smashed into Whiskeys stomach. Her back hit something hard and all the air she had just got back was gone.

Whiskey opened her eyes. Her vision blurred but she could see enough. Isaac was hanging lifelessly from the hand of the golem. Maeve’s every move was met with a quick squeeze making her arms and legs contort against the ground.

‘Pick me up.’

“Look who’s awake.” Radu stared down at her.

‘Pick me up Whiskey.’ The voice was getting impatient.

“I- can’t…” Whiskey couldn’t pull in enough breath to speak.

“You can’t what?” Radu kicked her again. She pulled her head back in pain, she saw David’s headless body.

‘Pick me up or your friends will die by your hands!’ Anima screamed in her head.

Whiskey slowly pulled her hand away from her stomach.

“Are you going to beg for your life?” Radu laughed mockingly. The sword beside him flipped over, he looked down at it. It shot across the ground and landed in Whiskey’s hand. “What?”

Anima felt warm, yet her hand had began to feel numb.

“Stop whatever it is that you are doing.” Radu slammed his foot onto her forearm. The pain disappeared as quickly as it hit her. She tightened her grip.

‘I’ve never had to fill in this much. I can’t wait to see how this goes.’

The numb-warm feeling spread out from her arm and bloomed out once it hit her torso. She jumped to her feet, she felt no exhaustion or fatigue.

“Kill her!” The blood golems fist came down fast.

Anima flashed, the fist splashed down behind Whiskey, losing form and cascading into a puddle.

Radu disappeared into hyper speed. Anima came up and blocked the blow of his sword.

He darted around and slashed at her as fast as he could. Every time, Anima was there to meet his sword.

“H-how? You’re human! That’s just a sword! Isaac wasn’t like this with it!” The golem’s arm had regenerated. It dropped Isaac from the other hand and started to bring them together with Whiskey in between. She didn’t move, she wasn’t afraid.

The golem clapped with a wet sloshing sound. Radu pulled out of hyper speed and stared intently where the hands had met. The golem exploded like a water balloon in slow motion.

“A-” Radu squeaked as he started to shrivel back inside himself.

Whiskey stood in the rain of blood that came down. Anima resting on her shoulder. She let the drops fall on her face, smiling in the shower.

Radu’s blade came down at her. Anima was there to stop his attack, Whiskey just held her head back smile on her face.

“What are you?”

“I am free.” Whiskey spoke but two voices came out.

He swung again horizontally. Whiskey grabbed his blade out of the air. She lifted her head and saw the terrified look on Radu’s face.

“Are you going to beg for your life?” The second voice laughed mockingly.

Anima came down and sliced into his shoulder, not stopping for even bone. Radu didn’t scream he only opened his mouth and stared with wide eyes. Whiskey looked at the split she had put in him.

She looked back at his face. Her back started to hurt.

‘Don’t let me go!’

“No.” Whiskey spoke with just her own voice.

‘You can’t be complete without me!’


‘You won’t be safe.’

“No!” Anima dropped out of her hand. Pain and exhaustion hit her with a sack of Nokia phones. Her knees gave out and she fell to her ass.

Anima hit the ground, making small twangs with each bounce.

‘Pick me back up!’ The voice screamed over and over in her head.

Isaac half ran half limped over and snatched Anima off the ground. The voice cutting out with a whining scratching noise like a molested turntable.

Whiskey rolled over and held her stomach with both arms. She ached all over, her hair was sticking to her scalp and face. Her eyes burned trying to cry but nothing came out.

“How did she do that?” Maeve asked.

“I’m- not- sure.” Isaac winced as he spoke.


Maeve carried Whiskey to the car, Isaac carried David.

“I’m putting her in front. I’ll sit next to David.”

“Okay.” Isaac’s tone hadn’t changed since Whiskey had gone catatonic.

She lifted the door handle with her foot and placed her down as gently as she could. She could feel a war going on inside Whiskey but she barely moved on the outside.

Maeve pulled the seatbelt across her.

“Thank you.” Whiskey breathed the words warmly into her ear.

“No, thank you.” Maeve checked that all Whiskey’s limbs were inside the car before closing the door. Isaac was just as careful with David.

“So how did she do that? That was full soul fusion, it would take years to blend that well with a weapon let alone one like yours.”

“I said, I don’t know.”

“And how did she let go? She was gone, you heard the sword speak through her.”

“Soul magic isn’t an exact science, I guess she just had the willpower to overcome it.”

They got in the car and started the engine.

“How can you be as plain as her?” Whiskey turned to Isaac.

“What?” Isaac asked.

“You, you’re not feeling grief at all, not at any stage. David is dead and your acting exactly like the soulless we have in the back seat.”

“He’s not going to stay dead.”

“No wonder life doesn’t mean anything to you lot, death holds nothing over you.”

Whiskey popped open the glove compartment and pulled out the holy water David put in there. She took a long swig and stared out the window saying nothing else.


Isaac drove all the way out of the city back to their small town. He dropped Whiskey and Maeve off at Whiskey’s apartment at Maeve’s request. He made sure that they were inside before he took off back to the magic shop.

He parked outside the back entrance, picked up David and carried him inside.

Gently putting him down on the sofa Isaac moved to the store room briskly. He grabbed a small box from the top of a small tower of identical boxes and started to fill it with items.

He must have been around the whole storeroom twice before he came back out.

Isaac dropped the box on the staff room counter and walked over to what seemed to be another cupboard. It opened onto a library, it was two levels high and stacked with books even though the building only had one floor.

He stopped in the middle of the room and closed his eyes, he pointed his finger out in front of him and slowly twirled around. He stopped and extended his arm out further.

There was a shuffle of leather and cloth as a thick brown book slid out slowly then glided elegantly across the room to him. He plucked the book out of the air and left, slamming the door behind him.

The book made a loud thump as it hit the ground next to the sofa. Isaac rustled through the box of ingredients. He took out and carefully placed a small satchel next to the box. He picked up a small sack and threw it back in the direction of the store room. It slapped the door and sagged onto the ground.

Isaac pulled a pen and notepad from his inside pocket. He scribbled a few words on the first page then ripped it off, stuffing it into the satchel.

He stuffed in a few other items as well directly from the box. A small cat bone, a vial of blood, and a pinch of sand from one of the sacks. He dumped the rest of the box onto the floor and sat next to it’s contents.

Isaac started to draw onto the concrete floor with some black chalk. There was already some faded lines drawn in that he was just filling in.

After the circle was complete, he poured himself a cup of water, which he then used to wash away the runes in the middle of circle.

He reached over to where David lay and grabbed the book.

He flicked through the pages and found what he was looking for.

Isaac frowned, he dropped the book onto its spine, leaving it open. He jumped to his feet and re-entered the library. He came out a few moment later with a much thicker and darker book.

He sat back down and began flicking between them as though trying to find differences. He was matching names of the runes to how they looked in reality. He could never remember how to draw them.

Once he had memorized their looks he pulled himself up again. He kicked the box away and shifted its previous contents around with his feet.

He went into his coat again and pulled out his own wand. It was carved nicely to fit perfectly in his hand and decorated with jewels and golden thread.

Pointing it at the ground he gave it a flick, black goo shot out the end of it and splattered in the middle of the circle. With a few more flicks the goo shifted around into the runes he had wanted painted down.

“Why did you always draw these?” Isaac looked at David and grinned.

He picked up the satchel off the counter and put it down in the middle of the circle.

He gave a relieved sigh now that he had finished. Pulling up a stool he closed his eyes and started to chant in his head, he didn’t have to wait long.

“What do you want?” Isaac opened his eyes and saw the corpse in front of him. It still looked alive, freshly made up for the funeral he assumed.

“You didn’t have to come yourself Death, I’m sure one of your assistants could have sorted this one out.” He stood and pushed away the stool.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Death pulled up one of the body’s arms and inspected the rings and other jewelry on it’s hands.

“David, to come back. It’s all in the offering.”

“No deal.”

“You want more souls?”

“I don’t want anything, David’s not coming back.”

“What? After all the things I’ve done for you.”

“All things that I have compensated you for.”

“Don’t play games with me! Give him back right now!” The corpse moved faster than any soulless could have. It was suddenly in front of him, dead eyes staring into his.

“You dare try to command me. I could take you right now without a moment’s thought.”

“You do this and I won’t be doing anything for you ever again.”

“I know, that was the point.” Death disappeared, so did the runes of the circle and everything in it. Isaac dropped to his knees.

He stayed there till the sun rose the next morning.


Hi, so you may have noticed that this one was a fair bit longer than the previous chapters. That’s because it’s going to be the last for a while, at least when it comes to Whiskey and Maeve.
This is because I will be spending a few months collating these into a more cohesive story. The complete works will the true cannon by the way for all of you like myself that actually care about that.
Once it is done I will find a way for this to be freely available to everyone who would enjoy it so don’t worry about that.

Otherwise, we will be having an intermission between now and the next chapter that will probably be just a bunch of random ramblings of mine and see what sticks.

Thank you all for reading during all those other short gaps, I hope you continue to enjoy as I move forward 🙂

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 33

“This is it.”

“Thanks, I wasn’t sure after you told me to drive through the gates.” Isaac spoke plainly and pushed open his door.

Whiskey and Maeve got out as well, all three slamming their doors closed.

“I was expecting more of a welcome.” Maeve waved out her hand at the empty courtyard they were standing in. “Maybe just one guard?”

The mansion was almost brand new, a mix of dark stone and wood painted black. Whiskey could definitely appreciate the building but she winced away from the idea of living in a house like this.

“How much do you think a place like this cost?” Isaac wondered out loud.

“These days probably three to four million. They probably didn’t pay for it though.” Maeve answered.

‘Oh god I could buy a house like this easily.’ Whiskey quickly made a few calculations in her head. ‘And still have enough to live off with investment returns.’ Whiskey coughed as if it would stop anyone from reading her mind.

Maeve zipped forward and knocked on the front door, still using her hyper speed which made it sound like machine gun fire. “I don’t think anyone’s home. Can’t sense anyone.”

Isaac made his way up to the door at his normal human pace.

“Standard breaking and entering then.” He nodded at Maeve, she put her hand on the door. Whiskey was close enough to see the door entirely now. It was tall, at least twice her height, probably about twice her width as well. It had an intricate design carved into it, spirals and stars, very reminiscent of Van Gogh.

“No enchantments, just wood.” Maeve stated. The door shattered into splinters, each flying off into the mansion.

“Gah…” Whiskey let out a muffled shout.

“You okay?” Maeve asked.
“Yeah… I guess I’m just a little sentimental.”
“It was a door.”

“It was pretty.”

The entrance to the house was just as any mansion should be, crystal chandelier, marble floors and two grand staircases.

Their footsteps echoed as the stepped inside. Isaac and Maeve were in front looking from side to side checking everywhere for an ambush. Whiskey stuck close, she felt hot flushes run up her neck and mouth went dry. She didn’t shake though.

‘Maybe I’m just too tired, it is getting late.’

Two doors slammed open, one on each side. Maeve and Isaac stared down their respective doors, Whiskey darted her eyes between them. Three men filed out of the doors, each wore jeans and a shirt of varying colour. But all of them had a bullet proof vest on.

Whiskey had never seen a bullet proof vest in real life before, they seemed to be similar to those in movies, maybe a little bulkier. She felt a coldness touch the front of her, like opening a freezer while wearing only your underwear.

It was different to those that she had felt before but she knew that these were soulless.

Maeve disappeared. So did two of the Vampyres. The last one looked at Isaac and Whiskey. Isaac lifted his arm slowly and reached over his shoulder.

Whiskey blinked. Isaac suddenly held out Anima, but she hadn’t seen him carrying it. The Vampyre was right in front of them, he seemed to be frozen inches from the tip of Anima’s blade.

He let out a gurgle and fell to the side revealing Maeve standing behind him. She smiled and returned a small blade to a sheath at her hip.

“You kept the replica?” Isaac asked as he started to return Anima, Whiskey could see it now, changing shape to be hidden behind his back. “Living dangerously.”

“You know me.” Maeve put her mouth to the arm of her leather coat and licked up to the cuff. Whiskey saw the blood in her mouth before she turned around.

Whiskey couldn’t see the other two Vampyres but assumed they were just as dead as the one starting to create a puddle on the marble.

“Can you sense David now?”

“Yeah, follow me.”

Maeve ran off with Isaac in tow. Whiskey followed suit, she didn’t know what else to do.

“Just behind these doors.”

Isaac kicked the double doors open and drew Anima so fast it hit the ground with a twang.

David hand his arms tied around a small decorative pillar, right next to the throne at the end of the hall. Radu sat smiling resting his hand on David’s head.

“Isaac and Maeve, you two make quite an entrance don’t you.” Isaac bent one knee readying himself for a pounce. “Ba…ba…bap… Hold it right there.” Radu flicked his blade out beside him stopping just as it pressed against David’s neck.

“Did you bring it?”

“Are you a retard?” Maeve stepped in behind Isaac. Isaac raised Anima, blocking her path. With his other hand he reached into his coat. “Oh okay, apparently he’s the retard.” Isaac pulled out the glass jar and smashed it on the ground. White smoke burst out flowing over the steps and slowly dissipated.

Radu froze, shock creeped over his face. He moved his arm, as though he was letting the weight of it carry his hand down. Isaac made a step forward. Radu ripped his sword backwards, David’s neck spurted out a long stream of red. A blood fountain replaced his head.

Isaac lept off the ground and bolted down the hall with Anima raised high. Whiskey screamed as she started to process what had just happened

Suddenly her vision filled with red, a torrent of blood shout from Radu slamming into Isaac sending him reeling to the side. The blood hit her legs with enough force to throw her face-first into the stream of it. She took a short breath involuntarily blood filling her mouth and lungs she fought desperately to get up.

As the blood slowly drained away she found herself on all fours with her head just above the tide. She coughed up the rogue blood, her nostrils and mouth covered in what felt like liquid rust.

She wiped away the thickening mess on her face and managed to open her eyes.

There was a loud booming noise and the ground shook. The blood around her was drained away.

In front of her, Maeve was laying on the ground, a red pillar pushing her down.

It wasn’t a pillar it was a leg, of a giant red man. A blood golem.

Isaac ran in from the side. An arm got in his way, he sliced right through it.

He almost made it to the leg on top of Maeve but the other arm slammed into his back.

He lost his grip and was thrown hard into the wall.

Anima flicked through the air and slammed blade down into the marble floor right in front of Whiskey.

“I really have to hand it to that Refuge witch that thwarted me before, I don’t even need the Omokane with this guy!” Radu gloated out of Whiskey’s sight.

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