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Leesandra 9

The transparent material that separated the viewing platform from the harsh vacuum of space was an advanced polycarbonate crystal lattice that was stiffer than steel and grown from an engineered plant species. Despite it being able to withstand a barrage of bullets from a military gunship at its standard thickness of five centimetres, the architects of Alpha-Hydra had decided to have the minimum thickness of the windows be six times that much.


Leesandra made her way towards the access hole at the end of this level. Along both the floor and the ceiling were series of hand railings for those without magnets on their feet. She pulled herself along using the railings, pushing off one then catching another to slow her momentum.


“Any luck finding out who’s on Delta Cal?”

“There is no-one on level Delta.”

“We’ve been over this. You can see in the logs someone entered the dock and you tracked them to Delta where you can see that they caused an alert.”

“Entrance log is corrupted and sensor data shows no-one on level Delta.”

“Add addendum to your personal log, recent log and sensor damage has lowered system integrity, this is inhibiting your processing of current alerting and system data from level Delta. Human element has advised that there may be an intruder and it is being investigated.”

“Addendum added.”  Leesandra let out a sigh of relief.

“Shit Cal, I don’t have programming genes I can’t think of every way your system could fail to grasp this.”


Cal was the amalgamation of artificial intelligence research done by the same programmers who helped design the first Kybers. Leesandra didn’t even realize how much of an understatement she had just made.


“I am unable currently unable to troubleshoot this fault, running on night time processing.”

“Can you go to daytime processing?”

“You do not have authority to request that function.”

“Of course I don’t. Can you contact a dock operation manager who does?”

“I have been trying since addition to personal log. Unsure if unable to place call or if going unanswered.”

“Fucking great.”


She grabbed tightly onto the last rail before the access hole. There were no hand holds or places for her to stop in between each floor. She would have to push hard enough to make it to the next level or she’d be stuck between floors and have to try and swim through air to get there, but if she pushed too hard and missed she could go past it and would likely hit the ceiling of the top floor. Luckily in any case she wasn’t in the vacuum of space so a misjudgment wasn’t going to cost her life.


“Geronimo.” Leesandra let go and kicked off the railing aimed towards the next floor. Each second felt like a minute for her, the weightlessness she felt only made it worse, something primal in her always went off in the moments between hand holds. This trip between floors always made her feel like this, like her skin was twisting and curling, but during the night shift there weren’t any active loader bots to hitch a ride on.


The railings of the next floor drew closer. Her arms flicked out in front of her like they were pulled by a magnet. The thumping of her heart was so loud now she was sure that it would be heard back at the viewing platform.


She grabbed the metal pole and pulled herself in, breathing heavily. Slowly she had stopped herself from shaking and managed to partially stand against the would-be floor of level Epsilon.
“One more to go.” She twitched.


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Leesandra 8

Leesandra was sprawled out along three seats now, using the straps from each of them to hold her down. She was facing the ceiling with her visor partially obscuring the large grin on her face. It hadn’t been long since she had gotten sick of watching nothing happen, she had requested to view from the external scanner banks.

The stars twisted, swirled and flickered around her she could see it all. Looking to her right she could see Sol, the sun closest and to her left, the suns of far away.

“View from Ganymede Mining operation.”

“Which mining facility?” Cal replied.

“Uh… the one closest to Jupiter.” Her current view started to dissolve into a swirl of greys and coppers. She couldn’t look away, Jupiter’s storm hypnotizing her.

“Alert, unauthorized loader activation.”

“Huh?” Leesandra tried to bolt upright but was caught on the belts holding her down “Uck…” she let out gasp of confused shock. “Cal switch back to dock control view.” Why didn’t it switch automatically with the alert.  Once she had regained her sense of position she unbelted herself from the chairs.

Looking around wildly the blue and green lines blurred but not red alerting lines. “Cal where was the unauthorized loader activation?”

“Which activation?”

“The one you just told me about Cal!”

“There hasn’t been an unauthorized activation in five hundred and thirty six rotations ma’am.”

“What? But you just told me about one?”

“I do not know what you mean, I do not have any alerts listed in my log.”

“What was the last entry in your log?”

“This conversation.”


“You know what I mean Cal. What was the last system event in the log?”

“Elevator request for habitation ring…”

“Okay forget that one. Between my last two view change requests what log entries are there for Dock control.”

“There is one log entry.”

“Well what is it?”

“The log entry is corrupt and cannot be accessed.”


Leesandra pulled her visor down to hang around her neck and pushed herself away from the chair

“Does it have a location tag?”

“Due to corruption it has lost specifying details but based on transaction monitoring I have the MAC address of the alerted device. It is registered to level delta.”

“Thank you Cal. Was that really so hard?” She grabbed one of the chairs and shot herself off towards the door.


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