Leesandra 8

Leesandra was sprawled out along three seats now, using the straps from each of them to hold her down. She was facing the ceiling with her visor partially obscuring the large grin on her face. It hadn’t been long since she had gotten sick of watching nothing happen, she had requested to view from the external scanner banks.

The stars twisted, swirled and flickered around her she could see it all. Looking to her right she could see Sol, the sun closest and to her left, the suns of far away.

“View from Ganymede Mining operation.”

“Which mining facility?” Cal replied.

“Uh… the one closest to Jupiter.” Her current view started to dissolve into a swirl of greys and coppers. She couldn’t look away, Jupiter’s storm hypnotizing her.

“Alert, unauthorized loader activation.”

“Huh?” Leesandra tried to bolt upright but was caught on the belts holding her down “Uck…” she let out gasp of confused shock. “Cal switch back to dock control view.” Why didn’t it switch automatically with the alert.  Once she had regained her sense of position she unbelted herself from the chairs.

Looking around wildly the blue and green lines blurred but not red alerting lines. “Cal where was the unauthorized loader activation?”

“Which activation?”

“The one you just told me about Cal!”

“There hasn’t been an unauthorized activation in five hundred and thirty six rotations ma’am.”

“What? But you just told me about one?”

“I do not know what you mean, I do not have any alerts listed in my log.”

“What was the last entry in your log?”

“This conversation.”


“You know what I mean Cal. What was the last system event in the log?”

“Elevator request for habitation ring…”

“Okay forget that one. Between my last two view change requests what log entries are there for Dock control.”

“There is one log entry.”

“Well what is it?”

“The log entry is corrupt and cannot be accessed.”


Leesandra pulled her visor down to hang around her neck and pushed herself away from the chair

“Does it have a location tag?”

“Due to corruption it has lost specifying details but based on transaction monitoring I have the MAC address of the alerted device. It is registered to level delta.”

“Thank you Cal. Was that really so hard?” She grabbed one of the chairs and shot herself off towards the door.


Woo boy its been a long time, sorry about that. I would give you some excuses, like lack of inspiration and all that but basically I’ve been really busy with my new job. Busy enough to not have the energy to write when I get home.
I really like my new job btw, it’s so much better than taking calls. Still enjoy writing though, so once I get into a proper schedule this we’ll have a regular release again.


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