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Leesandra 11

Leesandra remained hidden behind the shipping container. She wasn’t sure what else to do, CAL must have still been trying to get a dock superior to make their way in. She could probably just go back to the viewing platform, report the unauthorised access. At the same time she knew that if these people weren’t caught red handed then this would all be chalked up to some malfunctions, unless she gave access to her memory files. She shuddered at the thought.


“Seriously, how long…” The female voice began again

“It’s going to be done when it’s done.” He cut her off.

“Loader…” She started her audio command.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Time until fully loaded?”

“Approximately ten Minutes.” The loader responded in its usual dreary tone.


“Are you happy now?”

“Well good, cause now I have even more log scrubbing to do.”

“How is that my problem? You’re the one who wanted to stay here.”

“Oh and how would you have gotten out of this without me?”
“I’m sure we would have some up with something, can’t be too hard to sneak out of here.”

“The only reason you weren’t picked up immediately was luck. You weren’t caught in the next few hours because I managed to force a cleaning cycle. And you would be stuck here for the rest of your natural life if it wasn’t for my forethought to break this umbilical.” The man’s voice didn’t sound angry it just felt like it was coming from a place filled with it.

“Well thank you. Again.”

“You’re welcome.” Leesandra couldn’t possibly see them without giving herself up but she desperately wanted to see how she managed to calm him down after that.


“Task completed.” The loader declared and started to make its way back to it’s own hole in the wall. Leesandra wondered again about the nature of AI and why the loaders seemed to have such contempt for everything. Today just seemed like the day for that.


“Well you can go now.” The woman started again. “Remember we are going to need you to come out again soon.”

“How could I possibly forget?” The man was already moving away, his voice in a different location. His boots made two loud clangs as they magnetically pulled to the ground. “Stay quiet and safe.”

“You too.” She responded in kind, moving away as well.


The man had made his way over to the airlock between area ten and nine before Leesandra realised what was about to happen. She froze, there was no way to leave her position without being spotted. The airlocks at both ends of the area slid closed, the sound of the locking mechanisms making Leesandra quake.


“CAL.” She whispered. “CAL, I need you to open the airlock between area ten and eleven.” There was no response. “CAL!” She whispered as loud as she was willing to go.


The air started to hiss as the invisible ship started to undock.


“CAL!” She shouted this time. There may have been a response but she could not tell as air was rushing past her ears. She was pulled out from her hiding place.


Desperately she tried to grab onto something. She took in a deep breath and held it.


Leesandra flew out the broken umbilical into the center of the dock and was going to it hit the other side within minutes.


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Leesandra 10

Leesandra grabbed her visor and pulled it up to sit over her eyes.

“Infrared detection on my visor please CAL.”



She had made it to level Delta and was beginning her trek over to the Loader bot distribution panel. Effectively an automated garage that held, maintained and provided the large robots that loaded, unloaded and carried cargo around the dock.


“Open the panel door CAL.” A large section of the wall closest to her opened revealing five loaders inside motionless, as though they had fallen to their knees and went to asleep. “Yeah I don’t want to go through every one of these on the level. CAL can you cycle each Distribution center and see if any loaders are missing?”

“Processing. One loader missing from…”

“Can you locate the loader?” Leesandra cut in.

“Unable to locate.”

“Do we track the movements of loaders?”

“Where was it the at its most recent tracking history?”

“Close to Docking area Delta ten.”

“How did I guess that it would be?” CAL didn’t respond, all AI had been programmed to ignore sarcasm.




Leesandra moved quickly but silently through the level towards docking area ten.  The docking area’s were each as large as a football stadium, not that Leesandra had ever set foot in a stadium of any size, but almost every new dock worker had exclaimed as such. She was sure none of them had been near a real stadium either but guessed that they had seen a real sport in action in an artificial reality program.


Even though she could watch every single piece of television or cinema kept from human history, she never watched any Earth sport. ‘It’s not very exciting if it happened years ago’ was her excuse, but she did watch the e-sports normally the day after it was played.


She passed through area eight, it still had some containers strapped to the floor and ceiling. The containers were probably waiting to be picked up by an inbound freighter with robotic loaders it was uncommon for cargo to wait overnight to be properly received. Now half way through area nine she could see through the clear panels at the far end of the area out into the gap between the other side of the dock.


There were a handful of sporadically docked ships on the other side, easily made out by their red flashing lights. Otherwise they would have easily been lost in the greys and reflective steels. Leesandra tried to get a glimpse over to see if there was a ship at area ten, but couldn’t see anything.


Slowing down as she reached area ten she started to hear voices, clear as day in the silence of the dock in after hours.


“How long is this going to take?” A woman’s voice, stern but not overly aggressive.

“It’s almost done, it’s not like this could’ve been avoided.” A male voice, it was familiar, like when you hear a voice actor playing another character in the same show.


Leesandra was extremely careful now, being sure to keep her momentum as small as possible. Area ten still had some containers to be exported littered around, they still hadn’t been moved since the umbilical was cut off. She hid behind one of them, still unable to see the people speaking


“And I told you that it was necessary. I don’t need you to tell me what i already know.”

“No but you do need me to get you out of here so it wouldn’t kill you to accept my advice.”


Leesandra spotted the loader as it entered the area from the umbilical entrance. Her heart jumped into her throat when she realised the seal was open even though the umbilical had been cut off. They should have been open to space and as far she could see they were, yet there was still air and no alarms were sounding.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #3

Well hello there boys and girls. It is 7 o’clock New Zealand Standard Time and I have not written a single word this week. Basically it’s all because my job has put me through a nice little training course that lasted the whole week and I have been finishing around this time everyday.

Of course this has also left me extremely exhausted mentally so I don’t really have the power to write a significant blog post. So I will leave you with a small excerpt from another story that i put on the back burner a long time ago. I hope you enjoy.


She walked through the Gruetal Marsh, the final resting place of the soldiers who died in the Necromatic Silencing. Her aura filled the air, darkening it, filling it with a dark pastel-blue fog. Moving slowly, her bare feet squelched in the mud, her dress, once a stunning purple ball dress with all the trimmings. Now a muddy wreck, it used to have one sleeve on the left side, the right arm and shoulder exposed, currently it had no sleeves, both arms exposed to the cold swamp air. The silk and cotton fabric used to flow all the way down to her ankles, almost sweeping the floor as she danced in the ballroom. She ripped off the bottom up to the knees as she started to enter the mud and water. That piece of fabric now flying on the wind soaked in her own neck blood. She made very cautious steps over the logs and large furry corpses. As she moved into a small clearing she remembered flashes of the previous night.

The yellow light shimmering on the the silk gowns, girls twirling to the music. Rare wines and cheeses floating along on the suspended serving dishes. Men in fine military uniform dancing alongside the girls. She caught a man staring at her from across the room. His face handsome and smooth yet rugged from the years of service. His long dark hair, swept to the side like the rest of the gentlemen there, had some grey gently pushed through. He clearly had many years on her but at the time she did not mind. Now when she imagines his face she is instantly repulsed and her hands shake with terror. “What’s that all about?” her voice was muffled and weak from the dehydration and healing neck wound. She thought her guesses were pretty close based on her current predicament. Her next step was heavier than it was supposed to be making her foot sink into the ground, the mud cuddled her entire shin. She attempted to pull it out but the mud had already tightened around her ankle. Looking down at it with disdain her first thought was to cut it off, she decided against it when she realized that dealing with the wound appropriately would leave her naked. She spotted  a log within reach and went to grab it.

Ever since she could remember she had wanted to go to a fine ball. Being Sir Eldersteern’s ward had prepared her to be a fine lady, pampered by maids everyday. Kept away from kids her own age, kept away from almost everyone in fact had conditioned her to be very strong by herself and easily impressed by the feats of others. Although she remembered a day when she had finally met some new people. The maidservant supposed to be watching her had fallen asleep so without supervision she sneaked out the front gates of the mansion. Her small boots crunching along the stone path. Soon she came across some other children around her age, they seemed to like playing with her at first, running around chasing each other. Until a boy, bigger and more confident than the rest seeming to be the leader, asked her where she lived and who her parents were. After she told them their once cheerful faces became solemn and cold their cheers turned to shouts and their playful chasing turned to stone throwing. “Necrophile! You won’t take our bodies!”

She sat on the log. ‘why did i just remember that?’ she wriggled her foot from side to side attempting to loosen the mud around it. She knew it might take a while, but she didn’t exactly have anywhere to be.

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Whiskey and Maeve – an update

Hello there,  this week we’re going to take a break from Leesandra and Kyber-kind and talk about Whiskey’s story. Just before Leesandra gets herself into trouble.

Now the first thing I want to talk about is the final state that Whiskey’s story is going to be in. Once I have actually gotten around to doing all the touch ups I want to do, and filled it out with all the fluff i want it to have. Only then will we look at a full publication.

Likely what will happen is I will just put links to downloads for it in an e-book format. So you can read it on your kindle or tablet or holo-screen or what ever. But at the same time we will be looking at doing an audio version because I have a friend who thinks I’m good at this or something.

In regards to that, I need some cover art for this. I had commissioned a very beautiful lady to get this done for me but alas the fates did not smile upon such an event. Luckily I have at least one other person who may be able to help on that front, but if anyone here is an artist I would love to see your ideas on how my cover should look. Bearing in mind that if I like it and want to use it, I will pay you for it despite this being a free publication because I have that fantasy of being a published writer.

So, how far have I gotten? How close is it too being done? How can we make it happen faster? What are plans for the future?

I have managed to collate it all into one file…

And have started to flesh more of the substance to the novel itself, characters and settings and the like. How close am I? Months still, at least. I wanted to take a good break from all writing while I did the touch ups but then I realized that unless I also didn’t go to work it would have been ages without any word from me at all.

Make faster? How? Well, continue to read everything I put out, maybe even go back and read the old stuff to. Tell me what you think even if you think its critical. Knowing that you’re interested will definitely spur me on.

The future is not set in stone. But my plans for it are probably cast in a form of clay. I would like to end up with the time to work on my writing more readily but I would also like to have the means to eat and live. In regards to this story in particular the plan is that once I complete the first part I will be doing draft chapters of the next story as before. If that collides with the Kyber story then so be it, I will probably do an on/off schedule like I did before.

As I said, let me know what you think about this, how it makes you feel. Write me a story sometime, give and take haha.


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