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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #5

Hey guys, not gonna lie spent this week working on a doctor who fan fiction. But I have also been doing some work on Whiskey and Maeve. But not as much as I would like to have done. Anyway here is another bit of writing I have done that I’m not sure where I would ever put. Enjoy

I placed the last brick, it squelched as I pushed down, there was too much mortar underneath. Previously being a builder myself I was slightly disappointed but I didn’t let it show. The crowd below me cheered and clapped.

Carefully I stood up, making sure to smile even though I was focusing on keeping my balance. The builder next to me lightly grabbed my shoulder, he could tell I was having trouble.

His name is Tim’thy if I recall correctly, he has two kids and a lovely wife. Every month I get the same confession from him regarding his ability as a builder, but I would never hold that against him. Slowly he helped me down from the new building. A school house, made from brick and mortar like I remember from my own schooling days.

As I reacquainted myself with the ground I thought again of my own childhood teachings. There once was a device that could capture the sight of something, then you could show it to all of your friends. Like a memory that you could share. There were many times, including now that I half wished we still had such a device.

“Coenn, my dear lady.” I didn’t think I would be surrounded until after lunch. But hopefully she’s only got a small request.
“Regent, John’than has cut his hand open whilst preparing the vegies!”
“Oh, bring him to my house and bring me the firewater.”

“Dear boy, you need to be more careful.” I had finished stitching his wound back together. I had been taught to deal with cuts, bruises and breaks back when I became Regent.
“Thanks Regent, I’m just glad I didn’t get any blood in our lunch.” I’m glad he didn’t cut any deeper, he could have easily cut into something more vital the way he sliced.

“Well you can be off to lunch John’than. Send in Coenn for me, she never did like the sight of blood.” He nodded. I sat down in the chair he had just left, it was much more comfortable than the Regent’s chair that I had behind my desk.
“Saved a life, built a school house. No wonder Regess chose you over me.”
“She must have known that you would still be bitter about it after all these years.”
“How are you? We haven’t spoken much since you last did your round through the kitchens.”
“Tired. I’m always tired, I knew getting old would come on like this. But it just doesn’t seem real.”
“Feels like we spent all our energy in those yesterdays and now we’ve got none saved.”
“Or perhaps it’s because no one brought me breakfast.” I brought up a sly smile, Coenn caught on and smiled herself.

“Well we best get you some food then. Come on.”

Lunch was served in the grandhall as it was always done. Plates lined every table, stacked high with fruit and vegetables. We had just come out of the cold season so all of this preserved food would go to waste if we don’t eat it now. I grabbed potatoes and pumpkin, Coenn looked at me with her normal half scowl. I also pulled some spinach and beans onto my clay dish.

She smiled at me and pulled out the chair next to her motioning me to come and sit.

“Oh Regent you are a hungry man aren’t you!” One of the other cooks commented as I passed, I just smiled at her.
“So how are you Coenn, no other accidents in the kitchen? How is the pantry looking?”
“Nothing I haven’t handled m’self. Pantry is rather bare but that’s normal this time of year.”
“I hear that we are growing some different crops this year.”
“Yes, Mary has concocted a new breed of potato, they have a sweeter texture.”
“Sweet potato? She finally managed to bring them back?”
“Yes, yes but keep your voice down, we don’t want anyone to get too excited…”

“Regent! Regent!” A young boy came running in shouting for me, this was becoming too regular.
“Yes child, what is it?”
“Something has come out of the sky and landed in the unploughed field!”
“Something? What thing?”
“I don’t know Regent, it’s as big as the schoolhouse but made of metal!”
“Metal?” Coenn wondered out loud beside me.

“Alright I’m coming.” I picked myself up and put my half eaten serving on the closest table. Hobbling towards the door I turned back to Coenn and smiled, she smiled back with concern on her face.

The unploughed field the boy mentioned was several sections of grass. We would move sheep between the different sections for them to graze on. I could see the thing he had mentioned as soon as I rounded the corner of the hall.

It was much larger than the schoolhouse but I don’t think the boy knew of anything bigger to measure it against. It was definitely made of metal but there were sections of it that housed blackened glass. I remembered stories of something like this but i couldn’t quite bring it the front of my mind.

“Get back, has anyone touched it?” I called out to everyone surrounding the towering thing. It was on metal stilts that had pushed into the ground. Everyone shook their heads. I looked down at where the metal touched the grass, there didn’t appear to be any damage. “This came from the sky? But it did not fall?”
“It was suddenly just there Regent, I do not know if it came from the sky.” A young girl spoke from nearby. I nodded.

There was a noise from the thing, like mother trying to shush her children. The metal seemed to fold itself outwards. I stepped back slowly, the others did the same. A hole formed in the side of the metal and the bottom seemed to stretch out. Once it touched the ground it snapped into the shape of stairs.

“Do not be afraid, I have not come to hurt you. I wish to talk with your Regent.” A voice came from the metal thing. It was not deep, it seemed very unthreatening.
“I am the Regent.” My voice seemed to catch in my throat. “Please show yourself.”
“Of course where are my manners.” A foot appeared from the opening, it was covered in a curious black leather. Another foot of the same nature then the rest of the body.

It was a woman, her entire body apart from her face was covered in the same black material. Her hair was long, thick and down her thighs. I heard some people around me make gasps in awe, her hair was bright blue. She smiled at the crowd that had gathered, her skin was so smooth and pale that it seemed to give off it’s own glow.

I started to step over to her as she disembarked. I stuck out my hand and she shook it. I had to look up as she did her chest was at my head height even with her standing on the flat ground, I am one of the taller people in the village.

“My name is Dougl’s, Regent of Cali our town.”
“I am Zoe, I am the human representative of this solar system. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” She grinned, beaming at everyone in the crowd.
“Why have you come? The people who left were never supposed to come back.” I tried to be polite but that seemed rude.
“Of course, you’d never forget that huh? We have discovered something in a far away galaxy that may be of interest to your people.”
“What might that be?”



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Leesandra 13

It’s a short one this week, I’ve not slept well the last two days.

‘Okay so, I have reaction control. Why do would I have this? Kybers surely wouldn’t naturally have this? Or do they?’ Leesandra hovered in space staring at the tube protruding from her forearm.


‘First things first, reduce momentum.’ With that thought a short burst of gas came from her tube pushing her faster in her spin. ‘One of these is not enough.’  She pushed on the port panel of her right arm, it popped open and another identical tube slithered out. It sent out another burst of gas halting her spin.


‘My systems are calculating my inertia and reaction requirements without the HUD. This must be a safety feature.’ She was now facing the other side of the dock, the side that she was heading towards. ‘I’ve got a lot of velocity but I don’t think i’ll be conscious by the time I hit it. I don’t think I’d have as much gas as Astro-suit and even they wouldn’t get fast enough to cross the dock in under five minutes.’

‘Unless they used all the gas they carried.’

‘And be unable to slow down at the end, no thanks. I think my only hope is to try and go back.’

‘Hoping that you have enough gas to counteract your current momentum. And give you enough force to get back with enough time before your blood is de-oxygenated.’

‘Exactly. And that I can slow down when I get there or aim it enough to get back inside.’


Both of her tubes slid further out and bent themselves so that they pointed out around her center of gravity. ‘Good idea.’ They blasted out a steady stream of white. The dissolution of the gas in the vacuum was beautiful, Leesandra didn’t normally get to see it this clearly. It was a stark reminder of how she should have been dead by now.


The side of the dock that was coming towards her started to slow. Leesandra smiled, her lips still tight.


It came to a stop, then started to move away. Leesandra had to stop herself from cheering in delight.


Then her gas ran out.
‘Shit.’ She didn’t know exactly how far away she was from the entrance, but she was sure it would take hours to make it there.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #4

Hello hello, its that time again and I completely forgot about Leesandra this week. Instead I have been doing a lot of touch ups for Whiskey and Maeve. By the way, I wasn’t actually aware that Maeve was a real name. For those that don’t know already, Maeve as a name has a meaning too, ‘She who intoxicates’. I had honestly not known this when I thought up Whiskey as a character or gave her a name… so a bit of a happy accident there.

Gary thought himself a simple man, he didn’t want much, a cold beer at the end of a hard working day. To be sure in the safety of all he cared about, to one day find out what happened to Reuben. He used to be a zealot, he was a sworn weapon of Michael, smiting demons and leaving only light in his wake.

He looked down, there was at least four levels between him and the ground now. The climb had been pretty easy up until now, plenty of hand holds and deep slots that his feet could sit in. The design of this building made it seem like the architect gave up at this point and they hired someone else.

There was a fire escape nearby but the handholds didn’t reach it.

He thought about jumping over to it, it was close enough that he could make it and the metal was sturdy enough to take his weight. Doing so played out in his mind, it would make a lot of noise and he would probably be covered in demons before he could say ‘Fire department?’

Resigning that idea he slowly moved down until he found a line of hand holds that would get him close to the fire escape. They would mean he crossed a window but hopefully the curtains were closed.

This wasn’t his first encounter with Mammon’s demons. Around the time when Mammon first took control of this crime family there was a series of baby thefts in the area. The FBI was already investigating Manny but they never would have put two and two together.

Maeve and Gary did though, Maeve was also relatively new but she had studied everything she could get her hands on at the Refuge. They both figured that Mammon was in town and had a penchant for eating infants, most don’t make that association as it seems more like something the Arch-Demon of Gluttony would do rather than Greed.

Gary quickly popped his head down to see in the window, the curtains weren’t closed. There was no-one inside, a vacant hotel room. He moved across so that he was in front of it and tried to lift it open. It didn’t budge. Carefully he slid a small knife out from a sheath tied around his torso. He pushed it under the window and dragged it across. Giving the window another try, it opened with the familiar sound of wood against wood.

The room wasn’t much but probably came with all of Manny’s offered benefits. He may only want to get your soul into the Circle of Greed but he sure has a way of exercising all possible sins. Gary slid the window closed but didn’t lock it just in case.

Once again he donned his glasses and looked around, there was red everywhere. ‘How could I possibly find her?’ Just as he thought that he caught something in the corner of his eye. A demon that looked like it was in distress, its red visage vibrating wildly. ‘Recently possessed is a good chance’.

He pulled his gun off his belt and moved towards the door. There were no demons in the hallway but definitely some on this level. He slowly opened the door to see if there were any unpossessed, there was no-one. Making sure not to slap his feet he hurried down the hall.

Stopping at the stair well he looked around again, no demons on the move or out of place, only the newest addition whipping from side to side.

Gary’s heart stopped. He had finally remembered to look down and could only see red. ‘Mammon must have been out and just come back.’ Thinking quickly he ran up the stairs, if any other demon had caught him he would have been fine to just exorcise it, Mammon was far too powerful for him to do anything about.

He ran down the hall to the room with the volatile demon, not caring about being stealthy any longer. Flicking his head around to see if he was in any immediate danger. Several demons were on the move now, but none were close.

Gary slammed his hand repetitively on the door. Until the door opened.
“What!” The girl, Cameron, who opened it definitely had the face he was looking for, but the voice was that of something fresh from hell.
“Get back in there.” Gary put his gun against her head.
“You think something like that would hurt me human?”
“You bet your ass it will.” He kicked the door open enough to clamber inside.

“I am a shade of Mammon, how could you dare?” Gary smashed her in the head with the butt of his gun. She keeled over in pain. “Argh.”
He pushed the door shut with his foot and continued to point the gun at her. “Where did you come by such a weapon mortal?”
“Michael himself. And his name you shall leave this plain.”
“Ha, ha, ha. I am not under the beck and call of some pathetic frilly angel.”

Gary reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out a silver flask. He opened it and poured the contents over the girl. It seemed to be just water but it still made her scream in pain.

“In the name of Michael the sword of God himself you will leave this body. Or I will burn you inside of it.”
“Just you try!”
“They always push me.” He muttered as he reached down with his free hand and grabbed Cameron’s arm. Closing his eyes and facing towards the sky. “Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.  I am but a humble servant I call you now acting in your will…”

“Provide me with strength, provide me with your blessing and grant me the power to vanquish thyne enemies!”
“You cannot possibly have their ears!”
“Michael, Gabriel and Uriel hear my prayers. Allow me to be the sword with which you shall shatter the night!”

Cameron’s body started to writhe unable to get free from Gary’s grasp. “Michael! Gabriel! And Ur…” The girl started to scream, a scream so shrill it surely would have awoken the dead. Her face lit up with a holy white light. Gary continued to look away, to be sure not to accidentally glean the form of whoever was coming to his aid.

The girl went limp in his hand. Gary looked back at her making sure the demon was gone. There was no red showing through the glasses.
“Thank you.” He called out still unsure who had helped.

“No, thank you.” Gary recognized that voice.

Manny was now standing in the door way.

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Leesandra 12

Leesandra’s heart smashed at her chest, blood splashed around in her head, that was all she could hear.

She had closed her eyes once she was unable to grab hold of anything on her way out. She was trying to stop the vacuum of space from popping her eyes.


As much as she had basically resigned herself to death at this point she wanted to at least hope for rescue. She had yet to feel the pain of ebullism or any of the depressurisation effects. Luckily in the last few seconds before complete decompression she has remembered to breath out.


‘Maybe you don’t like weightless flight because you know too much about space exposure.’ She thought to herself.


She was still holding her breath out, her kyber modifications would have allowed her to continue doing so for about twenty minutes before she would black out. It would have been longer if having air in her lungs wouldn’t have caused them to burst in the reverse pressure.


She guessed that she had now been completely depressurized for over two minutes. A normal human probably would have been unconscious at twenty seconds due to hypoxia and dead by ninety due to anoxia, atelectasis, freezing maybe even just shock. As a kyber she should only have maybe double that time.


‘You have to turn on your HUD if you want to survive this.’ She thought.

Her heart skipped a beat thinking about it. It would only take a single conscious decision to open it. She couldn’t do it.


She was probably about thirty seconds from death and she couldn’t do it.


‘If we turned it on how would that save us?’

‘We could contact CAL to pull us in.’

‘CAL should have already recognised that we are outside and would have saved us if she could.’

‘I could get CAL to have one ships pick me up.’

‘Would they get here in the next thirty seconds?’

‘CAL can send a message to my mother…’


Her thoughts paused, filling with the sound of heart kicking the heaviest drum that it could find.


‘It’s probably been about thirty seconds now’

‘If we’re judging based on heart beats.’

‘How am I still alive? I should have at least started to feel it by now?’

‘Fuck it.’


Leesandra opened her eyes. Nothing happened.


She was definitely in the center of the dock. She could feel the pull of the vacuum against every inch of her body, now even her eyes. But nothing happened. She floated among the stars without any pain.


‘They could have updated the kyber code to protect from space?’

‘I don’t get updates.’

‘Okay so we’re still alive. How do we get back inside?’


Leesandra looked at her arms, the seam of her left port panel was more evident than normal. She pushed on it with her other hand, it opened and a utility cable slithered out. She had never liked seeing her more mechanical parts but she was sure this cable was different from any of her export cables, even any of her doctorate attachments.


It was round and had an opening at the end more like a tube opening than a data connection. it  seemed to be wrapped in blue fabric, likely woven from her own hair follicles.


‘How does this help me?’


It shot out a puff of white gas. Putting her into a slight spin.
‘CRC gas? Why am i filled with CRC gas?’

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