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Leesandra 15

“I don’t know.” Leesandra whispered with half a breath.

“You don’t have to answer right away, let your air reserves fill back up.”

“I think I’m okay now.” She tried get to her feet, she couldn’t even get to her knees.

“You were out there a long time, I wouldn’t be surprised if some parts are fairly damaged.” Merah sat on one of the seats on the side of the cargo bay.

“Do you have a doctor on board?” Leesandra looked around the bay a little more. She recognised some of the crates in this bay, they were the ones loaded from Delta ten.

“No we don’t. You’ll be fine though, you’ll heal. Or things will fall off, then grow back.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about that.”


“So what gene’s do you have?”


“Pure doctorate doesn’t give you that ability honey.” Merah leaned over, the red light making her look sinister.

“I don’t know what else I have. Never met my Father, Mother’s human.”

“Your Mother is human? Wow.” She sat back up straight curiosity on her face. “You know can check what genes you have right?”

“I can’t open my heads up display.”


“Oh, hud-phobic huh? Well there are other ways to find out.”

“Who are you people? How did you sneak into the station?”

“We are La Mezclado, this ship has cloaking technology.”


Leesandra didn’t really expect an answer and this response wasn’t even in the same department of ones she could have been ready for.

“I… uh…” She stopped and thought on this for a moment. Merah sat patiently as if wanting to see her squirm. “And it has artificial gravity? Aren’t La Mezclado supposed to be some kind of backwater resistance? How do you have this tech? How do you have the power on this ship to cloak and use artificial gravity?”


“Okay i’m going to stop you there.” Another woman walked in, she didn’t have the Kyber braid but her skin was reflective in ornate patterns giving her away. “We’re going to be asking the questions.”


“She’s hud-phobic, she couldn’t tell us anything.” Merah stood up as she defended Leesandra.

“Great.” She said sarcastically. “Guess she just going to have to join the cause then.”


“Uh, can i just go home?” Leesandra tried to get up again.

“Ha. No.”


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Leesandra 14

Suddenly, a feeling passed over her, like a cold shiver. Her physiology would normally keep her warm even in the harshness of space.

‘Have I started to run out of oxygen?’ Her terror asked itself.

‘If I have CRC then i’ll probably have a larger oxygen capacity than I first thought.’


Darkness started to surround her vision.

‘Yeah I’m dying.’ The thought was a dagger of ice.


Lights came on around her. A panel of metal started to lift in front of her.

‘Huh? But no-one was around to rescue me.’ There was no relief only confusion.


“You can breath now. You’re inside our shielding.” The woman’s voice from before.


Leesandra breathed in without even thinking, filling her lungs with more air than she ever had done before.

“What? How?” Leesandra breathed out and in again.

“Don’t start hyperventilating, concentrate on long breaths.” The door to the ship finally closed making a small thud.


Leesandra fell to the floor as gravity suddenly acted on her knocking the breath out of her again. “What did I tell you about gravity without warning!” There was the sound of a hand hitting metal.

“Sorry Merah.” An unfamiliar male voice.

“Leave.” Her voice was stern yet somehow soft.


Leese lay on the ground looking at the side of the ship, she was focusing on her breathing but tried to take in her surroundings. She seemed to be some kind of cargo bay, the floor was more a grid than a flat surface with larger holes for straps to fit in. The wall had a couple of padded seats with belts and was otherwise bare metal. It was painted a clinical white but was scuffed all around where the seats were.


“So what is your name?” The woman that she now knew to be Merah came into view. She was a kyber, her braided heatsink was a dark red and pulsed nefariously. This made her features seem sharp and fierce but Leesandra could instantly tell that she had a much softer face then she let on.


“Leesandra.” She managed to get out between breaths.

“Nice to meet ya. I’m Merah.” Merah sat down in one of the seats across from her. “Now tell me, what kind of genes give a girl CRC and enough oxygen to use it?”




Kari heard the news about the missing night shift operator before she even made it to the dock. She called Leesandra’s onboard comms at least fifteen times hoping for once she’d pick up. She only gave up once she heard Leesandra’s addendum to the log.


“Add addendum to your personal log, recent log and sensor damage has lowered system integrity, this is inhibiting your processing of current alerting and system data from level Delta. Human element has advised that there may be an intruder and it is being investigated.”


All of CAL’s other logs were being scrutinized. The corruption was being treated as purposeful and every authority in the station was being brought into investigate. Angus was trying to hold a conversation with her but she barely responded.

“Even CAL’s creator has been called. Can you believe that? I didn’t even know he was on this station.”

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