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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #6

So yeah… It’s not that I didn’t try to get something done.

I sat there with the last chapter open on my screen for hours, staring blankly, letting the space between the characters wash over my mind. Yet I couldn’t draw forth Leesandra’s world, I just couldn’t get back there. Normally all it takes is a quick read of the last few paragraphs, this time nothing. I reached the last word and where my mind normally wanders, it just stopped.

Maybe I was forcing it too hard. I did manage to get some work done for Whiskey and Maeve though. Procrastinating one story for another is at least some kind of progress I guess. Hopefully I’m close to something I actually want published, it doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time. When I open the document it picks me up where I left off at Chapter 4 which only serves to make me feel like I’m behind on it even though I’ve technically already finished.

I don’t know, when I thought about writing my first novel I never thought that it would be so much work. I guess really its only so much like that because I forced it out originally, but if I hadn’t we’d probably still be doing the draft. So a bit of a Scylla and Charybdis decision in hindsight.

Its not like I don’t enjoy it, I just wish I could be faster than I was. There’s a bunch of other ideas that I want to flesh out but if I start them then I’ll loose track of where i was with everything else. Best to keep with just two projects at a time for now but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, hope you all have a good two weeks till we talk again.


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Leesandra 16

“Should my legs tingle like this?” Leesandra asked looking up at Merah and the new woman.

“You were out there a while, you’re probably healing. Or they’re about to…”

“Fall off?” Leesandra cut her off.


“I already made the joke sorry.” said Merah apologetically

“Damn it.” She shook her fist at Merah jokingly. “I guess funs over then. I’m Bronwyn by the way, who are you?”

“My name is Leesandra, just a dock worker.” Leesandra managed to pull her legs up to her chest. She rubbed them to try and revitalize them more quickly but it didn’t seem to work. The feeling was uncomfortable, she imagined that this was what ‘pins and needles’ was supposed to feel like. There was probably a lot more pain involved than she was actually experiencing, the Kyber in her would have automatically shut out anything considered unbearable or unnecessary.


“She knows she has doctorate genes but without going into her….” Merah trailed off.

“Yeah without HUD use that may be a bit interesting, we probably know someone who can help though.”

“Why would you want me to join La Mesclado? Especially considering that basically makes me disabled.” Leesandra wondered out loud.


“Disabled? Why would you think that? You’re still kyber? Still far more capable than even the most able bodied human.” Bronwyn questioned, wild at the idea.

“How could I be useful for the solar system’s most wanted criminal organisation?”

“We’re actually the only criminal organisation in the solar system.” Interjected Merah.

“Exactly! Surely it would be better to just put me back outside.”

“Wow, how could you be so brainwashed if you don’t open your HUD?” Bronwyn shook her head.


“Huh? Brainwashed?”

“La Mesclado has never killed anyone, kyber or human.” Stated Merah as a matter of fact.

“But the Mars Colony?”

“None of the people were harmed. We evacuated every single living thing.”
“Before or after you put a crater where it was?”


Bronwyn shifted her weight onto her other leg.

“Yeah, probably not the best publicity stunt we’ve ever come up with.”

“But it did what we wanted, no one’s tried to settle there again.” Merah stood straight as she defended what seemed to be her own pride.

“But why?” Leesandra appeared to be begging, but that may have been due to her inability to get up.


“Kyber kind has stagnated.”


“It’s become dull, repetitive. We have the knowledge and resources to spread into the cosmos yet we float around this pathetic yellow star for no good reason.”

“It’s our home?”

“No, Earth is our home and we gave it up. There’s no point in trying to go backwards. La Mesclado is trying to move us on.”


“Why not just go? You have cloaking and anti-gravity, the rest of kyber-kind couldn’t stop you.”

“I’m afraid that isn’t actually true.”


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