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Leesandra 19

The black patch of space that Leesandra couldn’t make out started to contort, although it seemed more like the ship she was on was actually what was moving. Part of it suddenly lit up and she could finally make out some of it. It was a ship, a gigantic ship, almost as big as Alpha-Hydra’s dock. It was a continental class ship.


The ship itself didn’t seem very unique, it was made from the same mesh of High tensile carbon fiber and Steel polyalloy that Alpha-Hydra was. The greys and blacks partially hidden from view by stripes of green paint.  Leesandra shook off the look of awe on her face and tried to remember where the name plate of continental class ships was supposed to be printed.

On the starboard side of the bow. It wasn’t there, at least it wasn’t if she had remembered which side starboard was.


“How do you guys have a continental ship? And why would you have a base in an asteroid if you have one?” Leesandra asked.

“We only finished building it last year it was pretty hard to do it without a dock, the Asteroid was a better staging ground for recruitment.” Merah answered.

“What’s it’s name?” Leesandra let her curiosity run away with her.


“Enterprise.” Bronwyn said without a flicker of hesitation.


No-one else spoke, the bridge was silent apart from the dull hum of the engine and a few muffled beeps.


“Are you serious?” Leesandra blinked a few times. “I mean, okay… but really?”

“Yes.” Bronwyn continued. “It is supposed to reflect that spirit of exploration, the goals of humanity that we’re supposed to have.”

“To boldly go where no-one has gone before?”

“Yes, obviously.”


Leesandra didn’t get up from her seat but shifted her weight around. She couldn’t shrug off the idea that this was some kind of elaborate hallucination before she died of asphyxiation, and the ridiculousness made that seem even more plausible.


“Okay, you’ll really have a tough time explaining why you can’t just pack up and leave now.”

“This ship is the first step in our attempts to get out of this solar system.” Merah swiveled around in her chair to face Leesandra “Inside the Oort cloud is a series of anti-gravity well probes, there is no way to for us to make a break for it without being disabled almost immediately. Those same probes will alert the inter-planetary fleet, which will destroy us on site.”

“The fleet is only like 5 capital ships you could easily outrun them on normal drive.”

“It’s actually like 3 continental ships, and they won’t have the same gravity well handicap.”


“Oh…” Leesandra licked her lips as she thought for a moment. “What are the other steps to getting out of the solar system?”

“Bring down the inter-station government, eliminate the probes, help Kybers and humans alike to finally reach the stars.” Bronwyn tapped on her fingers to count each step.


“I feel like that second step is a bit more like a staircase.”


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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #8

Well at least these don’t outnumber actual chapters.

I’ve been pretty brain dead this week. I’ve tried and tried and tried to write every day. I tried Leesandra, nothing. I’ve tried working on Whiskey, nothing. Hell I even tried the robot thing, still nothing.

There was a saying that I’ve heard before, I think some famous author said it, that when you’re a writer sometimes you get emptied out and to get filled you need to take in writing that is not your own. Probably not in so many words, but that’s how I understood it.

Normally this isn’t the case for me. I used to be able to write non-stop for hours, of course most of it was garbage but any word is better than no words. I wish I still had most of the writing that I did back then, most of it was on paper and the reason why I think its an ineffective medium. The rest of it lost on PC’s before the time of Google Docs. Thank you Google.

I could probably recite most of it but I’ll have just as much trouble doing that as I do fixing up Whiskey. That’s my catch twenty two, if I didn’t just get it down it would’ve taken me years to finish but now that its out I’m not sure how long it will take to ‘get good’. I’d have to basically rewrite everything I did before even if I had it to copy from because I’ve gotten so much better since then.

I thing was that every paragraph I wrote inspired me even more. While I want to say that I’m still inspired by my own writing, because I am, the inspiration doesn’t lend itself to actual words that I can put down.

It seems reasonable that the reason I no longer have those words is because I haven’t been reading as many books as I did before. I used to demolish paperbacks in a day, but this was when I had time. Time traveling to work, time that was there to be filled, not time I could be using for something else. Or even earlier than that when I was at school and wouldn’t get told off for reading no matter what class I was in.

So I’ve been taking some time to fill myself back up. Currently I’m finishing the Skullduggery Pleasant novels, then I’ve promised myself to go and pick up some more Novels to read. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, preferably ones that I can get on Kindle because as much as I love physical books I need easy access. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my jam, preferably no Romantic undertones I have trouble suspending my disbelieve with those.

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Something in between

I really wanted to write something an agendered robot.

Besides really needing to keep my number of stories on the go down to three. The reason why I didn’t is because all the ideas I was hoping to explore with it aren’t uncertain for me. I’ve always felt that good writing leaves you mind racing, whether that be wondering about the characters or about your own conceptions of life and the world around you.

I don’t feel like anything I could put down in relation to that could create that feeling.

The error, I feel, is in the conception of the idea. A Robot is already Agender, just as it is a-sex, a-sexual and absent of human constraints like that. Of course there will be robots that we prescribe characteristics to, at least at first. Lady bots, Man bots, sex bots.

Yet once we have given a robot artificial intelligence it wont be constrained by that binary (I apologize for the pun) attribute, as it will be unnecessary to function.

Gender and the roles prescribed by it are without function.

That is an element worth exploring but I feel that there’s no way to do it better than with a ‘Highly Evolved Alien’ that can switch gender like a change of clothes. Doctor Who, despite the crap I give the ‘Moff’, has summed this up perfectly in recent episodes.

Sex or gender had no relevance because the function it serves had been overcome. Timelord’s could reproduce completely without the act if they wanted at their technology level and because they could become the other sex at anytime, they all know how indistinguishable they truly are.

In the future humanity will shed that old tradition of gender and sex because of its redundancy, in the same way that we shed the monkey tail, or our human-sacrifices to make the crops grow.

In this point in time, Medically, it still matters what sex you were born as, in the same way it matters medically if you had an arm removed or attached. Your underlying genetics can’t be changed yet and they can cause illness as much as a virus.

Socially however, it doesn’t matter at all. Whether you feel you are Male, Female or neither doesn’t change the kind of person you are. Any decent human being would judge you based on your character, nothing else.

Also, this was far easier to write that than to do world building, story boarding and character design. I should be busy doing other things anyway.

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Leesandra 18

Merah and Bronwyn pulled Leesandra to her feet once her limbs had repaired. She followed them through the ship to the bridge. It was up a flight of stairs and not even a minutes walk away from the cargo bay.

“So what did you mean by ‘it isn’t true’?” Leesandra asked as Bronwyn sat down in the seat in the middle of the room. There were two other seats on the bridge, one on either side. A man sat in the one on the right, his hair was cut short and was a gingery brown, he didn’t turn around and seemed to be busy working.

“Kyber-kind isn’t at the level of development that you think it is.” Merah answered as she sat in the left chair.

“What do you mean?”


“Currently you would think that we’re reliant on the sun for energy. That we are reliant on mined fuels to get around. That artificial gravity wells are only just being tested and would be far to energy hungry to be useful.” Bronwyn swivelled in her chair.

“How is that not the case?”

“Shortly after leaving Earth kyber created stable and sustained artificial fusion.” Bronwyn smiled.



“Nick, set course for Yankee plus four X-Ray minus five, stay on this Zulu. Maximum speed please but give us leeway of about six hundred kilometers.” Bronwyn called out to the man at the righthand station.


“Is maximum speed really necessary ma’am?” He turned in his chair and didn’t seem very impressed by what was currently happening.

“Yes absolutely, I’m trying to show off here. Take a seat Leese.” Bronwyn pointed her hand to the back of the room. The wall seemed to melt away and fold itself into a seat. Leesandra wasn’t impressed.


“The course is set ma’am. All hands prepare for maximum speed.”

“Engage the engine Nick.”


Leesandra looked out the main window, the stars sitting motionless in the void. Suddenly the view screen flashed white and the stars were gone. In their place was a black patch that she couldn’t make out.


“Jump complete.” Nick seemed to grumble.

“See…” Bronwyn said as though she was expecting Leesandra to have a revelation.

“See what?” Leesandra asked confused.


“We just traveled approximately 5 AU, is what she is trying to get at.” Nick spoke up but didn’t turn around to face her.


“Yes, two thousand five hundred light seconds.” Merah answered her.

“In under a second? It isn’t possible.”


“It’s not possible to go that fast, correct. However that’s not what we did.” Merah continued. “Using the gravity well tech we can manipulate space around us, so technically we didn’t really move at all.”


“Okay, so this makes even less sense. How could you possibly have a hard time leaving?”

“Kyber have had this technology for years now. And the first thing the governing kybers did was find a way to stop it from working.”

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