Not with a bang but a chug

The revolution started in August. I guess that’s not really true, the gears were set in motion a long time ago.   Back in twenty, twenty six when oil ran dry was probably when it started up. Some people say that it was instant economic collapse. It’s odd that they can have such cognitive dissonance […]

Hop skip and a jump

Madeline’s mother had always said ‘You can’t tie the rainbow to the Galgadorf if you don’t have Pixie blood.’ Madeline could remember bouncing her head up and down in agreement as a child, as though she had just heard a proverb of ancient wisdom. She wanted to say that it was before her mother was […]

Taidan for fear

I think my upstairs neighbor is dead. There is a pungent smell seeping through the decayed seal between our compartments. It could have just been an animal stuck between my ceiling and her floor. Although the only things I could imagine getting in there would be a pigeon or seagull but I’ve never seen a […]

The Meaning

Yeah, still on a snag with Leesandra at the moment so here’s something completely different   I remember a dream I had when I was younger, where an Angel told me the meaning of life. It wasn’t a particularly vivid dream, I only think it was an Angel because I remember bright white light, smooth […]

Writing Prompt Response

I’ve been trying to stretch my writing muscle. I don’t want to get side tracked with another story so I’ve been looking through some writing prompts on reddit and see which ones give me some inspiration. So here is the thread: The oldest creature in the universe meets the youngest one. From: Dioksys Clearly there […]