This WordPress contains my free (By free I mean boundless, but does also cost nothing to read) writing for several of my projects. It is very raw (If you find a mistake let me know) and it has not been properly edited.

Somethings might not make sense and many things might not be explained.

But please let me know if you like/dislike it.

Twitter, instagram, etc: @Harriotskelli

Consider all of this writing my intellectual property so please contact me if you want to use it.

If you feel that I have taken advantage of your intellectual property please also contact me, but know that this is all offered freely and I do not seek to profit directly from any posts here. Any ads you see on this site are from WordPress and are not associated with me.

I love writing, but more than that I love to create those written worlds in my head for me to live in when reality is not as clear as it ought to be.



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