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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #8

Well at least these don’t outnumber actual chapters.

I’ve been pretty brain dead this week. I’ve tried and tried and tried to write every day. I tried Leesandra, nothing. I’ve tried working on Whiskey, nothing. Hell I even tried the robot thing, still nothing.

There was a saying that I’ve heard before, I think some famous author said it, that when you’re a writer sometimes you get emptied out and to get filled you need to take in writing that is not your own. Probably not in so many words, but that’s how I understood it.

Normally this isn’t the case for me. I used to be able to write non-stop for hours, of course most of it was garbage but any word is better than no words. I wish I still had most of the writing that I did back then, most of it was on paper and the reason why I think its an ineffective medium. The rest of it lost on PC’s before the time of Google Docs. Thank you Google.

I could probably recite most of it but I’ll have just as much trouble doing that as I do fixing up Whiskey. That’s my catch twenty two, if I didn’t just get it down it would’ve taken me years to finish but now that its out I’m not sure how long it will take to ‘get good’. I’d have to basically rewrite everything I did before even if I had it to copy from because I’ve gotten so much better since then.

I thing was that every paragraph I wrote inspired me even more. While I want to say that I’m still inspired by my own writing, because I am, the inspiration doesn’t lend itself to actual words that I can put down.

It seems reasonable that the reason I no longer have those words is because I haven’t been reading as many books as I did before. I used to demolish paperbacks in a day, but this was when I had time. Time traveling to work, time that was there to be filled, not time I could be using for something else. Or even earlier than that when I was at school and wouldn’t get told off for reading no matter what class I was in.

So I’ve been taking some time to fill myself back up. Currently I’m finishing the Skullduggery Pleasant novels, then I’ve promised myself to go and pick up some more Novels to read. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, preferably ones that I can get on Kindle because as much as I love physical books I need easy access. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my jam, preferably no Romantic undertones I have trouble suspending my disbelieve with those.

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Something in between

I really wanted to write something an agendered robot.

Besides really needing to keep my number of stories on the go down to three. The reason why I didn’t is because all the ideas I was hoping to explore with it aren’t uncertain for me. I’ve always felt that good writing leaves you mind racing, whether that be wondering about the characters or about your own conceptions of life and the world around you.

I don’t feel like anything I could put down in relation to that could create that feeling.

The error, I feel, is in the conception of the idea. A Robot is already Agender, just as it is a-sex, a-sexual and absent of human constraints like that. Of course there will be robots that we prescribe characteristics to, at least at first. Lady bots, Man bots, sex bots.

Yet once we have given a robot artificial intelligence it wont be constrained by that binary (I apologize for the pun) attribute, as it will be unnecessary to function.

Gender and the roles prescribed by it are without function.

That is an element worth exploring but I feel that there’s no way to do it better than with a ‘Highly Evolved Alien’ that can switch gender like a change of clothes. Doctor Who, despite the crap I give the ‘Moff’, has summed this up perfectly in recent episodes.

Sex or gender had no relevance because the function it serves had been overcome. Timelord’s could reproduce completely without the act if they wanted at their technology level and because they could become the other sex at anytime, they all know how indistinguishable they truly are.

In the future humanity will shed that old tradition of gender and sex because of its redundancy, in the same way that we shed the monkey tail, or our human-sacrifices to make the crops grow.

In this point in time, Medically, it still matters what sex you were born as, in the same way it matters medically if you had an arm removed or attached. Your underlying genetics can’t be changed yet and they can cause illness as much as a virus.

Socially however, it doesn’t matter at all. Whether you feel you are Male, Female or neither doesn’t change the kind of person you are. Any decent human being would judge you based on your character, nothing else.

Also, this was far easier to write that than to do world building, story boarding and character design. I should be busy doing other things anyway.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #7

So I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks. Was kind of surprised that I actually got a Leesandra out, not last week, the week before. I managed to get that Harriotskelli Plays out, but to be honest Quake Champions wasn’t anything exciting so making that was actually hard work. Most of the other videos I make I actually have fun making, but it can’t all be fun and games.


My next few #Video_Goals are some highlights and probably Dawn of War, but should also be picking up Elite Dangerous soon which will be jammed with the lads.


Of course I am working on the first part of Whiskey’s story at the same time. Which I’ve now named (spoiler) Sour Blood by the way (let me know how you feel about that). As well as trying to fit in time for Leesandra.


I have a bit on my plate when it comes to all that, not to mention my actual every day job which will come first even if it wasn’t the only thing paying my bills. Talking about my actual job, they sent me to Australia for a day this week for a conference. I know I’m becoming an adult because I actually feel like I got something out of it and it was all about about my work.


During my time there I had a little inspiration of the Science Fiction variety though. In normal circumstances this would help me write for Leesandra, but this is for a more contemporary timeline.




I exited the airport into the cold, it bit into my fingers and arms like wolf that had been gnawing on snow all morning. Even though I knew I’d be flying from summer into winter I could never have packed for this. New Zealand’s cold was different from the mid-west, it was the Antarctic wind.


Trying in vain to keep myself warm I pulled my sweater up over my nose. At least it stopped my teeth from chattering. I pulled my phone from my pocket, instantly regretting it as another gust picked up. A black electric car pulled up in front of me and it’s back door opened. I hadn’t called a car but I knew it was coming.


The personal concierge app had connected to the in-flight wifi and ordered a ride, the plane would have given up it’s flight details on request. Knowing that I hadn’t made any calls or received any emails regarding my travel arrangements it prompted me while I was catching up on a Netflix show. I had instinctively pressed yes.


I got into the self driving car, the leather seats were softer than i was expecting leaving me both comfortable but uncomfortable at the same time. There were no front seats, this was still jarring as right up until my teens I can remember my parents sitting there in front of the wheel.


The door closed as I pushed in my seat-belt. I barely noticed as it slowly pulled away from the curb. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I winced thinking about how cold it was the last time i took my hands out of my pockets. Shaking off the unreasonable fear, I slid out my hand holding my phone and looked at it.


The screen was on but black except for an alert.


‘Would you like to book a hotel for your stay?’ It has already checked my emails and found my return date. I pressed ‘Yes’ and the screen went black again. It would have already set up the booking, single room, higher than the third floor and a bar of dark chocolate waiting for me. Just how I liked it.


I looked out the window of the car into the cloudy sky. We passed a couple of old street signs giving rough distances and speed limits. It dawned on me that I hadn’t seen any billboards since I departed the airport.


Fumbling at my pockets again I dragged my phone out from the depths and held down the main button.


“Why are there no billboards?” I asked out loud.

“Checking…” My phone responded with the voice of Mufasa, just as I had set up. “The Anti-Advertising bill of…” There was a loud honk from a car next to me, damn human drivers. “… In simple terms has disallowed all signposting in publicly accessible areas. This bill was met with multiple protests from both major business entities but also small…”

“Yeah, that’s enough.” I said as I stuffed it back in my pocket.


The rest of the drive was quiet. The car slowed to a stop outside of the Hotel that was booked for me. I climbed out and it took off just as smoothly as it arrived. I looked down the street. It seemed so bare without posters and billboards. Then I noticed the green, there was flowerbeds and trees every few metres.


Wind hit me again. I shuddered as though my soul had left my body. I need a jacket.


I pulled my sweater up over my mouth again and took off down the street.


“I see…” I said, talking to myself “They are allowed to have their store signage up.” I had spotted a men’s clothing shop. The door was closed but the lights were on. I pushed on the door and let myself in, warm dry air washing over me revitalizing my senses.


“Welcome, how can I help you?” I turned up towards the greeter, for a few short moments I would have sworn, that this store was managed by a human being. Eventually I could see that the gentle and kind face that I saw was not organic. There was always something about the texture of the skin that didn’t look right, even when it’s made to seem like they’re wearing make up. “Would you like to see our winter collection?”


“Yes, thank you.” I responded looking about the store. It was about the size of a large wardrobe. The walls were covered in posters with different male models wearing the clothing brand. The greeter stood behind a semi-translucent white plastic desk.


I walked up to the desk, the top of it had lit up and was now displaying the stores logo twisting around slowly. The greeter tapped their hand on the desk and it faded to another screen, a catalog of winter clothing. “Just a jacket please.”


“Sure thing.” The greeter acknowledged and the screen changed again, now displaying several styles of jacket as worn by pale torso. It was using my exact measurements to create this body double


“Bring that one up.” I pointed to one that would have come down past my hips.

“This is our Ram’s Head jacket, made from synthetic Merino wool, no animals were exploited to create this item.”

“I’ll take it.”


“Please wait a moment while we find one in your size.” The greeter walked, no, glided away out to the back room. They weren’t going to search for my size out back, that was just something all store robots say. Right now they were probably standing in front of a small machine that was chugging away at synthesizing my order. Generating the wool from a fluid pumped into the top and weaving it into the brands trademarked ‘Ram’s Head’ jacket.


I would know, I used to run maintenance on those machines.


For some reason I suddenly remembered a random out of context memory from my childhood. It all a blur except the sound of my father voice. He was talking to someone on the street, they were holding a sign, I don’t know what it said but I can guess.


“Machines won’t ever replace me. They could never do the kind of work that I do.”


I think that was only two years before the last car repair closed it’s doors. I can remember that year a bit better it would have been the same year that the United Nations bill of human rights was updated to include a living wage.


“Here is your jacket sir. Have a nice day.” The greeter smiled at me

“Thank you.” I took the clothing out of her hands and I smiled back. I pulled on the jacket and stepped outside without hesitation.


The year after I quit my maintenance job was the same year that currency was abolished. What could money mean when every task worth doing could be done for free.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #6

So yeah… It’s not that I didn’t try to get something done.

I sat there with the last chapter open on my screen for hours, staring blankly, letting the space between the characters wash over my mind. Yet I couldn’t draw forth Leesandra’s world, I just couldn’t get back there. Normally all it takes is a quick read of the last few paragraphs, this time nothing. I reached the last word and where my mind normally wanders, it just stopped.

Maybe I was forcing it too hard. I did manage to get some work done for Whiskey and Maeve though. Procrastinating one story for another is at least some kind of progress I guess. Hopefully I’m close to something I actually want published, it doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time. When I open the document it picks me up where I left off at Chapter 4 which only serves to make me feel like I’m behind on it even though I’ve technically already finished.

I don’t know, when I thought about writing my first novel I never thought that it would be so much work. I guess really its only so much like that because I forced it out originally, but if I hadn’t we’d probably still be doing the draft. So a bit of a Scylla and Charybdis decision in hindsight.

Its not like I don’t enjoy it, I just wish I could be faster than I was. There’s a bunch of other ideas that I want to flesh out but if I start them then I’ll loose track of where i was with everything else. Best to keep with just two projects at a time for now but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, hope you all have a good two weeks till we talk again.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #5

Hey guys, not gonna lie spent this week working on a doctor who fan fiction. But I have also been doing some work on Whiskey and Maeve. But not as much as I would like to have done. Anyway here is another bit of writing I have done that I’m not sure where I would ever put. Enjoy

I placed the last brick, it squelched as I pushed down, there was too much mortar underneath. Previously being a builder myself I was slightly disappointed but I didn’t let it show. The crowd below me cheered and clapped.

Carefully I stood up, making sure to smile even though I was focusing on keeping my balance. The builder next to me lightly grabbed my shoulder, he could tell I was having trouble.

His name is Tim’thy if I recall correctly, he has two kids and a lovely wife. Every month I get the same confession from him regarding his ability as a builder, but I would never hold that against him. Slowly he helped me down from the new building. A school house, made from brick and mortar like I remember from my own schooling days.

As I reacquainted myself with the ground I thought again of my own childhood teachings. There once was a device that could capture the sight of something, then you could show it to all of your friends. Like a memory that you could share. There were many times, including now that I half wished we still had such a device.

“Coenn, my dear lady.” I didn’t think I would be surrounded until after lunch. But hopefully she’s only got a small request.
“Regent, John’than has cut his hand open whilst preparing the vegies!”
“Oh, bring him to my house and bring me the firewater.”

“Dear boy, you need to be more careful.” I had finished stitching his wound back together. I had been taught to deal with cuts, bruises and breaks back when I became Regent.
“Thanks Regent, I’m just glad I didn’t get any blood in our lunch.” I’m glad he didn’t cut any deeper, he could have easily cut into something more vital the way he sliced.

“Well you can be off to lunch John’than. Send in Coenn for me, she never did like the sight of blood.” He nodded. I sat down in the chair he had just left, it was much more comfortable than the Regent’s chair that I had behind my desk.
“Saved a life, built a school house. No wonder Regess chose you over me.”
“She must have known that you would still be bitter about it after all these years.”
“How are you? We haven’t spoken much since you last did your round through the kitchens.”
“Tired. I’m always tired, I knew getting old would come on like this. But it just doesn’t seem real.”
“Feels like we spent all our energy in those yesterdays and now we’ve got none saved.”
“Or perhaps it’s because no one brought me breakfast.” I brought up a sly smile, Coenn caught on and smiled herself.

“Well we best get you some food then. Come on.”

Lunch was served in the grandhall as it was always done. Plates lined every table, stacked high with fruit and vegetables. We had just come out of the cold season so all of this preserved food would go to waste if we don’t eat it now. I grabbed potatoes and pumpkin, Coenn looked at me with her normal half scowl. I also pulled some spinach and beans onto my clay dish.

She smiled at me and pulled out the chair next to her motioning me to come and sit.

“Oh Regent you are a hungry man aren’t you!” One of the other cooks commented as I passed, I just smiled at her.
“So how are you Coenn, no other accidents in the kitchen? How is the pantry looking?”
“Nothing I haven’t handled m’self. Pantry is rather bare but that’s normal this time of year.”
“I hear that we are growing some different crops this year.”
“Yes, Mary has concocted a new breed of potato, they have a sweeter texture.”
“Sweet potato? She finally managed to bring them back?”
“Yes, yes but keep your voice down, we don’t want anyone to get too excited…”

“Regent! Regent!” A young boy came running in shouting for me, this was becoming too regular.
“Yes child, what is it?”
“Something has come out of the sky and landed in the unploughed field!”
“Something? What thing?”
“I don’t know Regent, it’s as big as the schoolhouse but made of metal!”
“Metal?” Coenn wondered out loud beside me.

“Alright I’m coming.” I picked myself up and put my half eaten serving on the closest table. Hobbling towards the door I turned back to Coenn and smiled, she smiled back with concern on her face.

The unploughed field the boy mentioned was several sections of grass. We would move sheep between the different sections for them to graze on. I could see the thing he had mentioned as soon as I rounded the corner of the hall.

It was much larger than the schoolhouse but I don’t think the boy knew of anything bigger to measure it against. It was definitely made of metal but there were sections of it that housed blackened glass. I remembered stories of something like this but i couldn’t quite bring it the front of my mind.

“Get back, has anyone touched it?” I called out to everyone surrounding the towering thing. It was on metal stilts that had pushed into the ground. Everyone shook their heads. I looked down at where the metal touched the grass, there didn’t appear to be any damage. “This came from the sky? But it did not fall?”
“It was suddenly just there Regent, I do not know if it came from the sky.” A young girl spoke from nearby. I nodded.

There was a noise from the thing, like mother trying to shush her children. The metal seemed to fold itself outwards. I stepped back slowly, the others did the same. A hole formed in the side of the metal and the bottom seemed to stretch out. Once it touched the ground it snapped into the shape of stairs.

“Do not be afraid, I have not come to hurt you. I wish to talk with your Regent.” A voice came from the metal thing. It was not deep, it seemed very unthreatening.
“I am the Regent.” My voice seemed to catch in my throat. “Please show yourself.”
“Of course where are my manners.” A foot appeared from the opening, it was covered in a curious black leather. Another foot of the same nature then the rest of the body.

It was a woman, her entire body apart from her face was covered in the same black material. Her hair was long, thick and down her thighs. I heard some people around me make gasps in awe, her hair was bright blue. She smiled at the crowd that had gathered, her skin was so smooth and pale that it seemed to give off it’s own glow.

I started to step over to her as she disembarked. I stuck out my hand and she shook it. I had to look up as she did her chest was at my head height even with her standing on the flat ground, I am one of the taller people in the village.

“My name is Dougl’s, Regent of Cali our town.”
“I am Zoe, I am the human representative of this solar system. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” She grinned, beaming at everyone in the crowd.
“Why have you come? The people who left were never supposed to come back.” I tried to be polite but that seemed rude.
“Of course, you’d never forget that huh? We have discovered something in a far away galaxy that may be of interest to your people.”
“What might that be?”


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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #4

Hello hello, its that time again and I completely forgot about Leesandra this week. Instead I have been doing a lot of touch ups for Whiskey and Maeve. By the way, I wasn’t actually aware that Maeve was a real name. For those that don’t know already, Maeve as a name has a meaning too, ‘She who intoxicates’. I had honestly not known this when I thought up Whiskey as a character or gave her a name… so a bit of a happy accident there.

Gary thought himself a simple man, he didn’t want much, a cold beer at the end of a hard working day. To be sure in the safety of all he cared about, to one day find out what happened to Reuben. He used to be a zealot, he was a sworn weapon of Michael, smiting demons and leaving only light in his wake.

He looked down, there was at least four levels between him and the ground now. The climb had been pretty easy up until now, plenty of hand holds and deep slots that his feet could sit in. The design of this building made it seem like the architect gave up at this point and they hired someone else.

There was a fire escape nearby but the handholds didn’t reach it.

He thought about jumping over to it, it was close enough that he could make it and the metal was sturdy enough to take his weight. Doing so played out in his mind, it would make a lot of noise and he would probably be covered in demons before he could say ‘Fire department?’

Resigning that idea he slowly moved down until he found a line of hand holds that would get him close to the fire escape. They would mean he crossed a window but hopefully the curtains were closed.

This wasn’t his first encounter with Mammon’s demons. Around the time when Mammon first took control of this crime family there was a series of baby thefts in the area. The FBI was already investigating Manny but they never would have put two and two together.

Maeve and Gary did though, Maeve was also relatively new but she had studied everything she could get her hands on at the Refuge. They both figured that Mammon was in town and had a penchant for eating infants, most don’t make that association as it seems more like something the Arch-Demon of Gluttony would do rather than Greed.

Gary quickly popped his head down to see in the window, the curtains weren’t closed. There was no-one inside, a vacant hotel room. He moved across so that he was in front of it and tried to lift it open. It didn’t budge. Carefully he slid a small knife out from a sheath tied around his torso. He pushed it under the window and dragged it across. Giving the window another try, it opened with the familiar sound of wood against wood.

The room wasn’t much but probably came with all of Manny’s offered benefits. He may only want to get your soul into the Circle of Greed but he sure has a way of exercising all possible sins. Gary slid the window closed but didn’t lock it just in case.

Once again he donned his glasses and looked around, there was red everywhere. ‘How could I possibly find her?’ Just as he thought that he caught something in the corner of his eye. A demon that looked like it was in distress, its red visage vibrating wildly. ‘Recently possessed is a good chance’.

He pulled his gun off his belt and moved towards the door. There were no demons in the hallway but definitely some on this level. He slowly opened the door to see if there were any unpossessed, there was no-one. Making sure not to slap his feet he hurried down the hall.

Stopping at the stair well he looked around again, no demons on the move or out of place, only the newest addition whipping from side to side.

Gary’s heart stopped. He had finally remembered to look down and could only see red. ‘Mammon must have been out and just come back.’ Thinking quickly he ran up the stairs, if any other demon had caught him he would have been fine to just exorcise it, Mammon was far too powerful for him to do anything about.

He ran down the hall to the room with the volatile demon, not caring about being stealthy any longer. Flicking his head around to see if he was in any immediate danger. Several demons were on the move now, but none were close.

Gary slammed his hand repetitively on the door. Until the door opened.
“What!” The girl, Cameron, who opened it definitely had the face he was looking for, but the voice was that of something fresh from hell.
“Get back in there.” Gary put his gun against her head.
“You think something like that would hurt me human?”
“You bet your ass it will.” He kicked the door open enough to clamber inside.

“I am a shade of Mammon, how could you dare?” Gary smashed her in the head with the butt of his gun. She keeled over in pain. “Argh.”
He pushed the door shut with his foot and continued to point the gun at her. “Where did you come by such a weapon mortal?”
“Michael himself. And his name you shall leave this plain.”
“Ha, ha, ha. I am not under the beck and call of some pathetic frilly angel.”

Gary reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out a silver flask. He opened it and poured the contents over the girl. It seemed to be just water but it still made her scream in pain.

“In the name of Michael the sword of God himself you will leave this body. Or I will burn you inside of it.”
“Just you try!”
“They always push me.” He muttered as he reached down with his free hand and grabbed Cameron’s arm. Closing his eyes and facing towards the sky. “Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.  I am but a humble servant I call you now acting in your will…”

“Provide me with strength, provide me with your blessing and grant me the power to vanquish thyne enemies!”
“You cannot possibly have their ears!”
“Michael, Gabriel and Uriel hear my prayers. Allow me to be the sword with which you shall shatter the night!”

Cameron’s body started to writhe unable to get free from Gary’s grasp. “Michael! Gabriel! And Ur…” The girl started to scream, a scream so shrill it surely would have awoken the dead. Her face lit up with a holy white light. Gary continued to look away, to be sure not to accidentally glean the form of whoever was coming to his aid.

The girl went limp in his hand. Gary looked back at her making sure the demon was gone. There was no red showing through the glasses.
“Thank you.” He called out still unsure who had helped.

“No, thank you.” Gary recognized that voice.

Manny was now standing in the door way.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #3

Well hello there boys and girls. It is 7 o’clock New Zealand Standard Time and I have not written a single word this week. Basically it’s all because my job has put me through a nice little training course that lasted the whole week and I have been finishing around this time everyday.

Of course this has also left me extremely exhausted mentally so I don’t really have the power to write a significant blog post. So I will leave you with a small excerpt from another story that i put on the back burner a long time ago. I hope you enjoy.


She walked through the Gruetal Marsh, the final resting place of the soldiers who died in the Necromatic Silencing. Her aura filled the air, darkening it, filling it with a dark pastel-blue fog. Moving slowly, her bare feet squelched in the mud, her dress, once a stunning purple ball dress with all the trimmings. Now a muddy wreck, it used to have one sleeve on the left side, the right arm and shoulder exposed, currently it had no sleeves, both arms exposed to the cold swamp air. The silk and cotton fabric used to flow all the way down to her ankles, almost sweeping the floor as she danced in the ballroom. She ripped off the bottom up to the knees as she started to enter the mud and water. That piece of fabric now flying on the wind soaked in her own neck blood. She made very cautious steps over the logs and large furry corpses. As she moved into a small clearing she remembered flashes of the previous night.

The yellow light shimmering on the the silk gowns, girls twirling to the music. Rare wines and cheeses floating along on the suspended serving dishes. Men in fine military uniform dancing alongside the girls. She caught a man staring at her from across the room. His face handsome and smooth yet rugged from the years of service. His long dark hair, swept to the side like the rest of the gentlemen there, had some grey gently pushed through. He clearly had many years on her but at the time she did not mind. Now when she imagines his face she is instantly repulsed and her hands shake with terror. “What’s that all about?” her voice was muffled and weak from the dehydration and healing neck wound. She thought her guesses were pretty close based on her current predicament. Her next step was heavier than it was supposed to be making her foot sink into the ground, the mud cuddled her entire shin. She attempted to pull it out but the mud had already tightened around her ankle. Looking down at it with disdain her first thought was to cut it off, she decided against it when she realized that dealing with the wound appropriately would leave her naked. She spotted  a log within reach and went to grab it.

Ever since she could remember she had wanted to go to a fine ball. Being Sir Eldersteern’s ward had prepared her to be a fine lady, pampered by maids everyday. Kept away from kids her own age, kept away from almost everyone in fact had conditioned her to be very strong by herself and easily impressed by the feats of others. Although she remembered a day when she had finally met some new people. The maidservant supposed to be watching her had fallen asleep so without supervision she sneaked out the front gates of the mansion. Her small boots crunching along the stone path. Soon she came across some other children around her age, they seemed to like playing with her at first, running around chasing each other. Until a boy, bigger and more confident than the rest seeming to be the leader, asked her where she lived and who her parents were. After she told them their once cheerful faces became solemn and cold their cheers turned to shouts and their playful chasing turned to stone throwing. “Necrophile! You won’t take our bodies!”

She sat on the log. ‘why did i just remember that?’ she wriggled her foot from side to side attempting to loosen the mud around it. She knew it might take a while, but she didn’t exactly have anywhere to be.

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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #2

Hey hey hey, it’s that time again. Looks like it’s another week without I’m afraid.

Honestly I’m a bit surprised that I’ve been able to get them out for most of this month. It’s been a bit hectic around here. Late last month, basically earlier this month, it was confirmed that I needed to move out of my current apartment. I didn’t exactly have anywhere lined up and actually only found a place last weekend.

Yeah, my month of free time was encapsulated by searching for a house to rent.

With a full time job and living in the Capital city of New Zealand you would kind of expect that it wouldn’t be too hard to find someone to take my money in exchange for a living arrangement. Unfortunately January – early February is also when all the new students start looking for accommodation. The market was a bit saturated with demand for those who took economics.

Luckily that’s all okay now, signed on for a house, should even have fiber installed so I can upload to YouTube correctly.

So you may wonder why I didn’t manage to finish up a chapter this week, now that the stressful part is over. Well if we take a look at it in a general sense then we can say that its because my routine has been a bit broken by all that. And while that is a factor there are other forces at work.

My writing has always been at the mercy of my imagination, so long as I can pull my mind into the world I’m writing about I can usually trudge through the story even if sometimes begrudgingly.

This means that if I can focus enough I can just go and go until I need to eat, drink or get back to my actual job. Considering that, let me also add that under stress I gain immense focus, I think you’ll understand how this all works.

Now that I’m not stressed, in fact I’m mostly elated (I got a new job! Yeah!), I’m having a bit of a hard time with the whole focus thing. This isn’t all bad though, well of course it isn’t, being not stressed is a good thing. At least it means that we should return to our regularly scheduled program… maybe not next week as that’s when I move house but at least the week after.

As before, let me know if you like this kind of thing, or if you have any questions at all really.


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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #1

Hey guys. How are we doing?

Basically the idea with my wordpress was that it was supposed to force me to actually put some effort into my writing work. This kinda falls apart if I don’t work to a schedule.

But of course, as we saw when I went to 日本 (Japan), I actually posted nothing for 4 weeks. All because I had been slack the week before and the week after. To try and stop this from happening, give me more breathing room and to make sure that I do the best i can rather than just the most… I have come up with this idea.

Standard blog posts. I know, its bat shit and totally original.

We can sit down, have a little chat, grab a tea or coffee and get a little insight into how I work.

I don’t really have much to say at this point though except I’m sorry about the sporadic and more commonly non-existent posting.

I guess I can give a rundown on how my process normally goes.

Monday, I go to work like everyone else, if I can get some time in over the day I will re-read some previous chapters. Or just try to drown out the lingering brain-mites from previous calls with some good old youtube.  Then I get home and basically black out trying not to remember that it’s only the start of the week.

Tuesday is much the same, sometimes I will have gotten some inspiration and have started on a new chapter by now but normally I will just struggle to make it through the day.
I don’t hate my job by the way, I love the work that i do. I hate the environment that I have been made to work in and the amount of cleaning up after others that I have to do.

Wednesday, this is when things kick off, I will have started work on the next chapter if I’m onto it. Works not as busy so I have time to find inspiration normally by reading previous chapters and listening to heavy music. I’ll go grocery shopping after work and normally get home exhausted.

Thursday, panic mode, I normally haven’t finished even most of the chapter and frantically try to get it done. Music shifts to upbeat J-Pop or anything electronic.

Friday, in the last few minutes of my day the idea of not having anything done normally fills me with enough dread to slip into that alternate personality that does all the writing for me. But sometimes, like today, I will have not hit inspiration or been unable to call upon the dark forces.

Then on Saturday I will catch up with any Doctor Who i haven’t managed to fit in, then do a Whoscussion. Sunday I can relax for a bit until we start it all off again.

Slipping in some Video gaming, Harriotskelli plays (Not very often) and even some reading outside of my own. Normally at times when i really should be doing something else of course.

So yeah, that’s my schedule.

It’s been nice to just talk for a bit, I’ll probably make this a normal thing, unless I somehow manage to finish a chapter every-week from now till forever.

Let me know if you like this kind of thing, or if you have any questions at all really.


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Tl;dr I moved

Hi guys

No chapter this week I’m afraid, I moved house today and was so stressed out all week that I couldn’t write. But I should be good to go next week.

Here’s a little update on what’s going on though.

Maeve and Whiskey is going strong, I’ve basically finished what would be two real world chapters for them so yay.

Leesandra is getting basically rewritten as I feel like I tried to chop both my arms off and did the first one with a saw and now I have no hand to do the other one. In regards to that story. I know that was a stretch but I am really tired.

I am also writing some scripts for some possible webseries so keep an eye out for those.

Thanks for enjoying my work

If you do enjoy, otherwise thanks for reading.

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