Insert Taidan Title

I was half expecting that the metro station access would be guarded by military grade turret installations but as it turns out bullets are still more expensive than thick metal bars. To get on the metro you must enter a little metal cage and present method of paying for the fare.   Looking at the […]

Where the Taidan things are.

The Police Chief’s Hologram sizzled trying to keep cohesion as the airlock replaced the poison with breathable air. The glare on his face conveyed both his ignorance of the law and his inability to work with the anonymity features of his Holo-avatar.   He disappeared without another word. The other side of the airlock hissed […]

Something something Taidan

It took me a few minutes to get into Hiigara’s sphere of influence, bending space within a solar system has been tested since it was invented with no obvious issues. Often the gravity well of a solar mass offsets any disruption, however the gateways between systems are kept well away from any planetary body just […]

I dunno, A Taidan thing

Hyperspace transit isn’t the only way to travel. Obviously I could have just as easily fired up my own hyperspace drive to fly to the Taidan system. It just would have taken me a few months even with the fastest drive on the market.   Top speed for a hyperspace drive is relative in the […]

Space police in space

They say that fifty percent of all humans are trapped in the Matrix. Not trapped in the, they can’t get out, kind of way. Just in the, they don’t want to leave, kind of way. The Matrix is virtual world, they say it was named from an old movie but it’s really from something even […]

The future is all long hallways

The city’s police department took up one of the largest buildings in the city, not including the housing Agropolises. It doubled as a civil defence base with the firepower of a capital class ship. Capable of lifting off the ground and leaving the atmosphere in the event of planetary emergency. Unlike other buildings, which had […]

I love a rainy night

This is kind of a continuation of ‘Taidan for fear’ so if you haven’t read that one, I suggest you go back and do that. Nova turned away from me, giving away the truth of her appearance. She became a flurry of random pixels, a ‘snow crash’ was what I’ve heard some people call it. […]

The New Pilot

So I really struggled to write anything this week, I was getting over a cold/flu that was rather tenacious so I barely had the energy to be at work. Anyway that means we’re pulling out of the archives, here is the first part to that Doctor Who fanfiction/spin off I started. Let me know if […]

Passion of the Insurmountable Void

“The Kaksians only have two languages.” Douglas chirped in his usual excited tone. He beamed at me with that glee that sickened me but I couldn’t help but be infected with.   “How is that special at all? The Earth Empire has at least ten different languages and hundreds of dialects.” We sat on what […]