What holds them together #1

So just a little foreword before we start. I took a little break there for a while, mainly because I went to Japan and had a good old time there. Follow me on Instagram (should be @Harriotskelli on everything if not, then Harriot Skellington) if you want pictures (also of my cat and maybe other […]

Not Completely Soulless 4

Sari leaned on the building on the other side of the alley. She patted down the pockets of the coat she was wearing looking for something. It was a men’s small in a dark grey, Cherise was who had initially taken her clothes shopping and had suggested male clothes for more pockets. Sari was very […]

Not completely soulless

Sari lifted her feet off of her desk and swung herself around on her chair. The alarm on her phone had started it’s morning mating call. She switched it off and turned back to what she was doing.   The game she was playing pulsed blue and grey light over her. Her research into this […]

The Meaning

Yeah, still on a snag with Leesandra at the moment so here’s something completely different   I remember a dream I had when I was younger, where an Angel told me the meaning of life. It wasn’t a particularly vivid dream, I only think it was an Angel because I remember bright white light, smooth […]

Didn’t finish a chapter in time #4

Hello hello, its that time again and I completely forgot about Leesandra this week. Instead I have been doing a lot of touch ups for Whiskey and Maeve. By the way, I wasn’t actually aware that Maeve was a real name. For those that don’t know already, Maeve as a name has a meaning too, […]

Whiskey and Maeve – an update

Hello there,  this week we’re going to take a break from Leesandra and Kyber-kind and talk about Whiskey’s story. Just before Leesandra gets herself into trouble. Now the first thing I want to talk about is the final state that Whiskey’s story is going to be in. Once I have actually gotten around to doing […]

Didn’t finish a chapter in time #2

Hey hey hey, it’s that time again. Looks like it’s another week without I’m afraid. Honestly I’m a bit surprised that I’ve been able to get them out for most of this month. It’s been a bit hectic around here. Late last month, basically earlier this month, it was confirmed that I needed to move […]

Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 34

‘Pick me up.’ Whiskey heard Anima call out to her. ‘No.’ She yelled in her mind. She looked past the blade trying to lose focus on it. Isaac groaned as the golem dragged him up by his feet. “I’ve killed David, stomped on Maeve and am about to give Isaac a swirly in blood. Are […]

Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 33

“This is it.” “Thanks, I wasn’t sure after you told me to drive through the gates.” Isaac spoke plainly and pushed open his door. Whiskey and Maeve got out as well, all three slamming their doors closed. “I was expecting more of a welcome.” Maeve waved out her hand at the empty courtyard they were […]