Stuck in Traffic

>> Runtime date change 92D8431 Set to Green light Route A Registered Black SUV 52 MPH Green light Route A Registered Blue Corvette 0 MPH Red light Route B Set to Amber light Route A Set to Red light Route A Set to Green light Route B Red Twin Trailer 0 MPH Red light Route […]

Insert Taidan Title

I was half expecting that the metro station access would be guarded by military grade turret installations but as it turns out bullets are still more expensive than thick metal bars. To get on the metro you must enter a little metal cage and present method of paying for the fare.   Looking at the […]

Not Completely Soulless 5

“English really took the flavor out of it didn’t it, Vampir just invokes much more eloquence, more royalty.” The Demon continued. Sari knew they liked to hear the sound of their own voice but she could see why, he spoke with a tone that put her shimmer to shame. “I live here too.” “Oh I […]

Where the Taidan things are.

The Police Chief’s Hologram sizzled trying to keep cohesion as the airlock replaced the poison with breathable air. The glare on his face conveyed both his ignorance of the law and his inability to work with the anonymity features of his Holo-avatar.   He disappeared without another word. The other side of the airlock hissed […]

What holds them together #2

“Is that an order?” Whiskey pointed at the box Maeve was holding. “No it’s a delivery.” Maeve held it out in front of her. “I mean is it for a customer’s order?” “Stock it looks like. Were you expecting a customer order?” “Yes, I have been for three days now. Like I have been saying […]

Something something Taidan

It took me a few minutes to get into Hiigara’s sphere of influence, bending space within a solar system has been tested since it was invented with no obvious issues. Often the gravity well of a solar mass offsets any disruption, however the gateways between systems are kept well away from any planetary body just […]

What holds them together #1

So just a little foreword before we start. I took a little break there for a while, mainly because I went to Japan and had a good old time there. Follow me on Instagram (should be @Harriotskelli on everything if not, then Harriot Skellington) if you want pictures (also of my cat and maybe other […]

Knarrian’s hesitation

“Flukia! Flukia wake up!” Abhain lightly shook her arm as she began to rouse. “I’m awake, barely. How long have we been out?” Flukia slowly opened her eyes. “I don’t know, all of the clocks have stopped.” “Their magic is gone, all enchantments will be.” “The people…”  Abhain fell out of his kneeling position as […]

I dunno, A Taidan thing

Hyperspace transit isn’t the only way to travel. Obviously I could have just as easily fired up my own hyperspace drive to fly to the Taidan system. It just would have taken me a few months even with the fastest drive on the market.   Top speed for a hyperspace drive is relative in the […]

Not Completely Soulless 4

Sari leaned on the building on the other side of the alley. She patted down the pockets of the coat she was wearing looking for something. It was a men’s small in a dark grey, Cherise was who had initially taken her clothes shopping and had suggested male clothes for more pockets. Sari was very […]