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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #4

Hello hello, its that time again and I completely forgot about Leesandra this week. Instead I have been doing a lot of touch ups for Whiskey and Maeve. By the way, I wasn’t actually aware that Maeve was a real name. For those that don’t know already, Maeve as a name has a meaning too, ‘She who intoxicates’. I had honestly not known this when I thought up Whiskey as a character or gave her a name… so a bit of a happy accident there.

Gary thought himself a simple man, he didn’t want much, a cold beer at the end of a hard working day. To be sure in the safety of all he cared about, to one day find out what happened to Reuben. He used to be a zealot, he was a sworn weapon of Michael, smiting demons and leaving only light in his wake.

He looked down, there was at least four levels between him and the ground now. The climb had been pretty easy up until now, plenty of hand holds and deep slots that his feet could sit in. The design of this building made it seem like the architect gave up at this point and they hired someone else.

There was a fire escape nearby but the handholds didn’t reach it.

He thought about jumping over to it, it was close enough that he could make it and the metal was sturdy enough to take his weight. Doing so played out in his mind, it would make a lot of noise and he would probably be covered in demons before he could say ‘Fire department?’

Resigning that idea he slowly moved down until he found a line of hand holds that would get him close to the fire escape. They would mean he crossed a window but hopefully the curtains were closed.

This wasn’t his first encounter with Mammon’s demons. Around the time when Mammon first took control of this crime family there was a series of baby thefts in the area. The FBI was already investigating Manny but they never would have put two and two together.

Maeve and Gary did though, Maeve was also relatively new but she had studied everything she could get her hands on at the Refuge. They both figured that Mammon was in town and had a penchant for eating infants, most don’t make that association as it seems more like something the Arch-Demon of Gluttony would do rather than Greed.

Gary quickly popped his head down to see in the window, the curtains weren’t closed. There was no-one inside, a vacant hotel room. He moved across so that he was in front of it and tried to lift it open. It didn’t budge. Carefully he slid a small knife out from a sheath tied around his torso. He pushed it under the window and dragged it across. Giving the window another try, it opened with the familiar sound of wood against wood.

The room wasn’t much but probably came with all of Manny’s offered benefits. He may only want to get your soul into the Circle of Greed but he sure has a way of exercising all possible sins. Gary slid the window closed but didn’t lock it just in case.

Once again he donned his glasses and looked around, there was red everywhere. ‘How could I possibly find her?’ Just as he thought that he caught something in the corner of his eye. A demon that looked like it was in distress, its red visage vibrating wildly. ‘Recently possessed is a good chance’.

He pulled his gun off his belt and moved towards the door. There were no demons in the hallway but definitely some on this level. He slowly opened the door to see if there were any unpossessed, there was no-one. Making sure not to slap his feet he hurried down the hall.

Stopping at the stair well he looked around again, no demons on the move or out of place, only the newest addition whipping from side to side.

Gary’s heart stopped. He had finally remembered to look down and could only see red. ‘Mammon must have been out and just come back.’ Thinking quickly he ran up the stairs, if any other demon had caught him he would have been fine to just exorcise it, Mammon was far too powerful for him to do anything about.

He ran down the hall to the room with the volatile demon, not caring about being stealthy any longer. Flicking his head around to see if he was in any immediate danger. Several demons were on the move now, but none were close.

Gary slammed his hand repetitively on the door. Until the door opened.
“What!” The girl, Cameron, who opened it definitely had the face he was looking for, but the voice was that of something fresh from hell.
“Get back in there.” Gary put his gun against her head.
“You think something like that would hurt me human?”
“You bet your ass it will.” He kicked the door open enough to clamber inside.

“I am a shade of Mammon, how could you dare?” Gary smashed her in the head with the butt of his gun. She keeled over in pain. “Argh.”
He pushed the door shut with his foot and continued to point the gun at her. “Where did you come by such a weapon mortal?”
“Michael himself. And his name you shall leave this plain.”
“Ha, ha, ha. I am not under the beck and call of some pathetic frilly angel.”

Gary reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out a silver flask. He opened it and poured the contents over the girl. It seemed to be just water but it still made her scream in pain.

“In the name of Michael the sword of God himself you will leave this body. Or I will burn you inside of it.”
“Just you try!”
“They always push me.” He muttered as he reached down with his free hand and grabbed Cameron’s arm. Closing his eyes and facing towards the sky. “Michael, Gabriel and Uriel.  I am but a humble servant I call you now acting in your will…”

“Provide me with strength, provide me with your blessing and grant me the power to vanquish thyne enemies!”
“You cannot possibly have their ears!”
“Michael, Gabriel and Uriel hear my prayers. Allow me to be the sword with which you shall shatter the night!”

Cameron’s body started to writhe unable to get free from Gary’s grasp. “Michael! Gabriel! And Ur…” The girl started to scream, a scream so shrill it surely would have awoken the dead. Her face lit up with a holy white light. Gary continued to look away, to be sure not to accidentally glean the form of whoever was coming to his aid.

The girl went limp in his hand. Gary looked back at her making sure the demon was gone. There was no red showing through the glasses.
“Thank you.” He called out still unsure who had helped.

“No, thank you.” Gary recognized that voice.

Manny was now standing in the door way.


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Whiskey and Maeve – an update

Hello there,  this week we’re going to take a break from Leesandra and Kyber-kind and talk about Whiskey’s story. Just before Leesandra gets herself into trouble.

Now the first thing I want to talk about is the final state that Whiskey’s story is going to be in. Once I have actually gotten around to doing all the touch ups I want to do, and filled it out with all the fluff i want it to have. Only then will we look at a full publication.

Likely what will happen is I will just put links to downloads for it in an e-book format. So you can read it on your kindle or tablet or holo-screen or what ever. But at the same time we will be looking at doing an audio version because I have a friend who thinks I’m good at this or something.

In regards to that, I need some cover art for this. I had commissioned a very beautiful lady to get this done for me but alas the fates did not smile upon such an event. Luckily I have at least one other person who may be able to help on that front, but if anyone here is an artist I would love to see your ideas on how my cover should look. Bearing in mind that if I like it and want to use it, I will pay you for it despite this being a free publication because I have that fantasy of being a published writer.

So, how far have I gotten? How close is it too being done? How can we make it happen faster? What are plans for the future?

I have managed to collate it all into one file…

And have started to flesh more of the substance to the novel itself, characters and settings and the like. How close am I? Months still, at least. I wanted to take a good break from all writing while I did the touch ups but then I realized that unless I also didn’t go to work it would have been ages without any word from me at all.

Make faster? How? Well, continue to read everything I put out, maybe even go back and read the old stuff to. Tell me what you think even if you think its critical. Knowing that you’re interested will definitely spur me on.

The future is not set in stone. But my plans for it are probably cast in a form of clay. I would like to end up with the time to work on my writing more readily but I would also like to have the means to eat and live. In regards to this story in particular the plan is that once I complete the first part I will be doing draft chapters of the next story as before. If that collides with the Kyber story then so be it, I will probably do an on/off schedule like I did before.

As I said, let me know what you think about this, how it makes you feel. Write me a story sometime, give and take haha.


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Didn’t finish a chapter in time #2

Hey hey hey, it’s that time again. Looks like it’s another week without I’m afraid.

Honestly I’m a bit surprised that I’ve been able to get them out for most of this month. It’s been a bit hectic around here. Late last month, basically earlier this month, it was confirmed that I needed to move out of my current apartment. I didn’t exactly have anywhere lined up and actually only found a place last weekend.

Yeah, my month of free time was encapsulated by searching for a house to rent.

With a full time job and living in the Capital city of New Zealand you would kind of expect that it wouldn’t be too hard to find someone to take my money in exchange for a living arrangement. Unfortunately January – early February is also when all the new students start looking for accommodation. The market was a bit saturated with demand for those who took economics.

Luckily that’s all okay now, signed on for a house, should even have fiber installed so I can upload to YouTube correctly.

So you may wonder why I didn’t manage to finish up a chapter this week, now that the stressful part is over. Well if we take a look at it in a general sense then we can say that its because my routine has been a bit broken by all that. And while that is a factor there are other forces at work.

My writing has always been at the mercy of my imagination, so long as I can pull my mind into the world I’m writing about I can usually trudge through the story even if sometimes begrudgingly.

This means that if I can focus enough I can just go and go until I need to eat, drink or get back to my actual job. Considering that, let me also add that under stress I gain immense focus, I think you’ll understand how this all works.

Now that I’m not stressed, in fact I’m mostly elated (I got a new job! Yeah!), I’m having a bit of a hard time with the whole focus thing. This isn’t all bad though, well of course it isn’t, being not stressed is a good thing. At least it means that we should return to our regularly scheduled program… maybe not next week as that’s when I move house but at least the week after.

As before, let me know if you like this kind of thing, or if you have any questions at all really.


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Whiskey and Maeve – A Christmas Special

Sorry it’s late,  I wanted to make sure this one was nice and polished.
It was going to be released on Christmas or Christmas Eve, so I guess its also kind of early?


Maeve picked up Whiskey’s desk with one hand and put it down on the other side of the room.

“Uh, what are you doing?” Whiskey asked trying to appear unsurprised by the feat of strength.

“Making room.”

“Making room for what?”

“The tree.”


“The tree?”

“The Christmas tree.”


Whiskey stepped out of the kitchen and felt a wave of queasiness, almost dropping her mug of eggnog. Maeve was suddenly beside her holding her steady.  “You okay?”


“Yeah I’m fine, drink is just a little stronger than I expected, I guess.” She looked down at herself, she was wearing a pair of Santa slippers with matching red knitted pants and sweater. Maeve was wearing a matching outfit, this seemed to both comfort and alarm her.

“Don’t get too drunk before everyone gets here.” Maeve let her go and poked out her tongue.

“I won’t…” The nausea had subsided but something else seemed off.


The white ball of her Santa hat had started to tickle her face so she brushed it away. That didn’t seem to be the cause of her unease.


“Guide, if you would do the honors.” Maeve picked up the rugged old book and held it open towards the now empty part of the room.

“It would be my pleasure.” Several of Guide’s pages flipped over in quick succession. “Here it is.”

“I pull from eden, pine tree!” Maeve called out. Guide lit up so bright that Whiskey had to cover her eyes.

She put down her hand and blinked a few times. There was now a small tree in her apartment, seemingly grown out of the floor.


“Uh!” Whiskey exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, it won’t leave a single trace. And neither will this.” Maeve pulled a glass tube from her jeans and pushed it up against the wall. It left behind a blue shine, like a luminescent stain on the wall.

“Ah!” She exclaimed again.

“Shush.” Maeve had quickly drawn up a runic circle. The blue light seemed to slip away as a dark patch formed in the wall. The wall grew darker and darker until it was black and seemed to suck away the light around it.


Something purple started to poke out from the black. It was a thick tendril, like the root of some alien tree. Once it had slithered out a metre or two it twisted back on itself.


Whiskey stood in the middle of the room, mesmerised yet freaking out about almost everything around her.


The tendril reached back into the void that it had came from and started to pull out something. Tinsel, it was pulling out red tinsel. Slowly but surely it wrapped the piece around the tree and then folded back on itself to get more decorations.


Eventually the whole tree was covered with trinkets, glitter and candy canes.


“What’s this?” Whiskey asked, but she wasn’t even sure what she wanted to know.  There was a knock on her apartment door.


“They’re here.” Maeve was already at the door pulling it open. “Merry Yuletide.” Maeve greeted Isaac and David standing in the door. They were both dressed in their everyday black coats, but David had a Santa hat on.

“Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti.” David replied. Isaac grumbled, Whiskey chuckled to herself as she imagined him saying ‘Bah humbug’.


Whiskey’s gaze stuck on David, an image flickered in her mind. It was a painful image, not physically painful but emotionally painful. She started to sway a little as her vision blurred around the edges. Maeve was holding her again, she moved Whiskey to her desk chair and sat her down in it.


“I really don’t think you’re okay.”

“No really, it’s probably just this drink.” Whiskey deflected

“What’s wrong with her?” Isaac asked.

“She’s been acting dizzy.”


“Have you been near any dimensional portals lately?” David asked. Something in Whiskey’s subconscious forced her not to look at him.

“I have my disciple tentacle in the wall, but I set it up after she almost fell over the first time.”

“I feel fine guys, people get light headed sometimes. This drink probably isn’t helping.” Whiskey handed Isaac the mug. He sniffed it and gave it a swig.

“Woah, alright, that’s mostly alcohol. Looks like you already know how this celebration works.” Isaac stared at the drink with wide eyes. Maeve and David laughed.


Whiskey tried to look at David in her peripheral vision. Slowly focusing on the bottom of his coat moving up. Each inch made her stomach flip over. She didn’t want to look at his face but she didn’t know why. Another inch, another butterfly in her gut. Another inch coming into focus. Blood.


“Present’s then?” Whiskey lost concentration as Maeve pushed a bright green box in front of her.

“Heck yes!” Whiskey answered.


‘How am I suddenly so perky, what the hell is going on?’ She wondered in the back of her mind.


“Oh presents for us too?” David asked as Maeve shoved boxes into his and Isaac’s hands.

“This is awesome, what is it?” Whiskey had already pulled apart her present and was holding its contents up to show it off.

“That is a demon shiv.” Isaac answered her. “It’s only really useful on spiritual entities. It wouldn’t hurt anything corporeal.”

“Thank you Maeve. I imagine that I’ll probably end up using it one day.”


‘…probably end up using it one day, god I am embarrassing… What am I thinking? Why are we not freaking out right now?’


“Alright my turn.” David grabbed part of the bow on the top and pulled. It started to unravel.


Time seemed to slow. Whiskey screamed in her own mind.


‘Look at him! Look at his face! Why can’t I look at him?’


Her head snapped into place. Her eyes resting on him. Everything froze in place. She remembered. Not even two months ago. His head was removed. David is dead. He can’t be here. Why are we having Christmas?


“You’re not real!” Whiskey screamed at the top of her lungs. Time resumed.

“Huh?” Maeve, David and Isaac all looked at her at once.


Whiskey stood up, grabbed the shiv tightly in her hand and bolted out the door and down the stairs. She bursted through the exit onto the street. At least it seemed like the street at first. It was dark, but darker than it should have been, even for late at night. Whiskey looked up, there weren’t any streetlights nor buildings besides her apartment building.


“You just had to look the gift lion in the mouth didn’t you?” She heard a voice that came from all around her.

“Who are you?” She held out the dagger and spun around trying to see where it was coming from.

“Well.” A man appeared in front of her, like he had coalesced out of the air itself. He was barely covered by a white piece of cloth, like an ancient greek noble “I am the ghost of all possible Christmas’s.”

“That’s dumb, you’re dumb. Take me back to where you took me from.”


“Why is it dumb?” He started to pace along the pavement. Whiskey now noticed that it only reached a few metres out from where they stood.

“Because Christmas was only recently thought up, if there was a pantheon of Christmas ghosts then why weren’t you in the stories with all the other myths?”

“Well I was around before it was called Christmas.”

“Ah. Why am I having this conversation with you? Take me back.” Whiskey side stepped a few times to keep up with him.


“Do you really want to go back? Are you sure you don’t want to stay here with all your friends.”

“This isn’t real, they aren’t real.”

“Of course it’s real, this is a real Christmas that could have been.”

“You’re telling me that you can control the very fabric of time and make it so that David didn’t die?”

“Yes.” He stopped and turned to her.

“Then why didn’t Isaac conjure you to bring him back? Why are you talking to me?”


“Because it needs to be someone who would believe. Isaac doesn’t believe in hope or in the good of the universe, he is black at heart. Where as you are so full of wishes and dreams, unabashed by the horror you have faced.”

“So the standard Christmas hullabaloo. Why isn’t this world complete then?”

“Seriously, so many questions.”


“Because it’s feeding off your soul. This world would only come to pass if you gave up your life.” Maeve appeared outside the apartment building.

“How did you get here? I didn’t pull you through.” The ghost started to walk back towards her.

“I’m a soulless, idiot.”

“Huh, so you are. No matter, you can stay if you like. Don’t listen to her though Whiskey.” He turned his back on Maeve and headed back to Whiskey. “It’s really not like that all. Why offer you the deal if you’re not there to enjoy it?” Maeve stared at Whiskey fiercely until she noticed her gaze.

“Then what are you asking for in return?” Whiskey asked. Maeve started to make gestures with her hands. Like she was punching low.

“Just your cooperation, you do this for me, I’ll ask favours of you. Standard Wizard deal type stuff.”

“I see.”


Maeve started to act like she was stabbing herself in the gut. Whiskey clicked.

“Oh Maeve.” He shook his head and started to turn back to face her. “That little dagger won’t work on me, I made this world.” Whiskey made two large bounds and jabbed the Demon shiv directly into where the ghost’s kidney ought to have been. “Ugh! How?”

“That wasn’t the shiv you had made for me to put in the present.” Maeve popped up behind him as well. She ripped out the blade and jammed it into his other side. “This is the one I always carry.”


He faded away, as did the rest of the street.


They were back in Whiskey’s apartment and back in their normal attire.

“How did you figure it out?” Whiskey asked.

“I was never really under the spell. Soulless aren’t affected by dimension merging. I’m just glad you figured it out.”

“Yeah, I guess that he could have just ejected you whenever. What was he?”

“Angel I think, trying to trick you into selling your life for an alternate timeline. Getting around Death’s control over his soul.”


“But why my life? And why would an Angel want David to be alive so badly?”

“Who knows, but whatever the reason, the Angel won’t be dead. Can’t actually kill Angels. They’ll be back at some point. You should probably keep a hold of that Shiv.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 34

‘Pick me up.’

Whiskey heard Anima call out to her. ‘No.’ She yelled in her mind.

She looked past the blade trying to lose focus on it. Isaac groaned as the golem dragged him up by his feet.

“I’ve killed David, stomped on Maeve and am about to give Isaac a swirly in blood. Are you really the best the refuge has to offer?” Radu stepped out from behind the golem. “Oh you brought someone else. No matter.”

The golem threw it’s free arm as though going for an upper cut. The blood dragged along the ground, picking up Anima before hitting Whiskey head on.

The arm swallowed her up. She was smothered in blood again but managed to hold her breath this time.

She swirled around and around in the thick soup, holding her nose closed with her hand. Her lungs starting to scream for air.

Whiskey was suddenly deposited on the ground. She rolled onto her side and took the deepest breath she had ever taken. She heard the sound of metal hit the marble beside her. Anima entered her mind again.

‘Pick me up Whiskey.’ The voice was clear now, a gentle voice, like her mother’s.

‘I will not!’

“Such turmoil in this one. She’s a human, did we bring an apprentice Isaac? To a fight between masters?” Radu was close to her now, only steps away. “Magic has barely touched this soul. She hasn’t been trained at all?”

Radu made a few quick strides, his shoes tapping along the floor. “I guess I could use some minions after what happened. But first, we have to work out the kinks.”

His foot smashed into Whiskeys stomach. Her back hit something hard and all the air she had just got back was gone.

Whiskey opened her eyes. Her vision blurred but she could see enough. Isaac was hanging lifelessly from the hand of the golem. Maeve’s every move was met with a quick squeeze making her arms and legs contort against the ground.

‘Pick me up.’

“Look who’s awake.” Radu stared down at her.

‘Pick me up Whiskey.’ The voice was getting impatient.

“I- can’t…” Whiskey couldn’t pull in enough breath to speak.

“You can’t what?” Radu kicked her again. She pulled her head back in pain, she saw David’s headless body.

‘Pick me up or your friends will die by your hands!’ Anima screamed in her head.

Whiskey slowly pulled her hand away from her stomach.

“Are you going to beg for your life?” Radu laughed mockingly. The sword beside him flipped over, he looked down at it. It shot across the ground and landed in Whiskey’s hand. “What?”

Anima felt warm, yet her hand had began to feel numb.

“Stop whatever it is that you are doing.” Radu slammed his foot onto her forearm. The pain disappeared as quickly as it hit her. She tightened her grip.

‘I’ve never had to fill in this much. I can’t wait to see how this goes.’

The numb-warm feeling spread out from her arm and bloomed out once it hit her torso. She jumped to her feet, she felt no exhaustion or fatigue.

“Kill her!” The blood golems fist came down fast.

Anima flashed, the fist splashed down behind Whiskey, losing form and cascading into a puddle.

Radu disappeared into hyper speed. Anima came up and blocked the blow of his sword.

He darted around and slashed at her as fast as he could. Every time, Anima was there to meet his sword.

“H-how? You’re human! That’s just a sword! Isaac wasn’t like this with it!” The golem’s arm had regenerated. It dropped Isaac from the other hand and started to bring them together with Whiskey in between. She didn’t move, she wasn’t afraid.

The golem clapped with a wet sloshing sound. Radu pulled out of hyper speed and stared intently where the hands had met. The golem exploded like a water balloon in slow motion.

“A-” Radu squeaked as he started to shrivel back inside himself.

Whiskey stood in the rain of blood that came down. Anima resting on her shoulder. She let the drops fall on her face, smiling in the shower.

Radu’s blade came down at her. Anima was there to stop his attack, Whiskey just held her head back smile on her face.

“What are you?”

“I am free.” Whiskey spoke but two voices came out.

He swung again horizontally. Whiskey grabbed his blade out of the air. She lifted her head and saw the terrified look on Radu’s face.

“Are you going to beg for your life?” The second voice laughed mockingly.

Anima came down and sliced into his shoulder, not stopping for even bone. Radu didn’t scream he only opened his mouth and stared with wide eyes. Whiskey looked at the split she had put in him.

She looked back at his face. Her back started to hurt.

‘Don’t let me go!’

“No.” Whiskey spoke with just her own voice.

‘You can’t be complete without me!’


‘You won’t be safe.’

“No!” Anima dropped out of her hand. Pain and exhaustion hit her with a sack of Nokia phones. Her knees gave out and she fell to her ass.

Anima hit the ground, making small twangs with each bounce.

‘Pick me back up!’ The voice screamed over and over in her head.

Isaac half ran half limped over and snatched Anima off the ground. The voice cutting out with a whining scratching noise like a molested turntable.

Whiskey rolled over and held her stomach with both arms. She ached all over, her hair was sticking to her scalp and face. Her eyes burned trying to cry but nothing came out.

“How did she do that?” Maeve asked.

“I’m- not- sure.” Isaac winced as he spoke.


Maeve carried Whiskey to the car, Isaac carried David.

“I’m putting her in front. I’ll sit next to David.”

“Okay.” Isaac’s tone hadn’t changed since Whiskey had gone catatonic.

She lifted the door handle with her foot and placed her down as gently as she could. She could feel a war going on inside Whiskey but she barely moved on the outside.

Maeve pulled the seatbelt across her.

“Thank you.” Whiskey breathed the words warmly into her ear.

“No, thank you.” Maeve checked that all Whiskey’s limbs were inside the car before closing the door. Isaac was just as careful with David.

“So how did she do that? That was full soul fusion, it would take years to blend that well with a weapon let alone one like yours.”

“I said, I don’t know.”

“And how did she let go? She was gone, you heard the sword speak through her.”

“Soul magic isn’t an exact science, I guess she just had the willpower to overcome it.”

They got in the car and started the engine.

“How can you be as plain as her?” Whiskey turned to Isaac.

“What?” Isaac asked.

“You, you’re not feeling grief at all, not at any stage. David is dead and your acting exactly like the soulless we have in the back seat.”

“He’s not going to stay dead.”

“No wonder life doesn’t mean anything to you lot, death holds nothing over you.”

Whiskey popped open the glove compartment and pulled out the holy water David put in there. She took a long swig and stared out the window saying nothing else.


Isaac drove all the way out of the city back to their small town. He dropped Whiskey and Maeve off at Whiskey’s apartment at Maeve’s request. He made sure that they were inside before he took off back to the magic shop.

He parked outside the back entrance, picked up David and carried him inside.

Gently putting him down on the sofa Isaac moved to the store room briskly. He grabbed a small box from the top of a small tower of identical boxes and started to fill it with items.

He must have been around the whole storeroom twice before he came back out.

Isaac dropped the box on the staff room counter and walked over to what seemed to be another cupboard. It opened onto a library, it was two levels high and stacked with books even though the building only had one floor.

He stopped in the middle of the room and closed his eyes, he pointed his finger out in front of him and slowly twirled around. He stopped and extended his arm out further.

There was a shuffle of leather and cloth as a thick brown book slid out slowly then glided elegantly across the room to him. He plucked the book out of the air and left, slamming the door behind him.

The book made a loud thump as it hit the ground next to the sofa. Isaac rustled through the box of ingredients. He took out and carefully placed a small satchel next to the box. He picked up a small sack and threw it back in the direction of the store room. It slapped the door and sagged onto the ground.

Isaac pulled a pen and notepad from his inside pocket. He scribbled a few words on the first page then ripped it off, stuffing it into the satchel.

He stuffed in a few other items as well directly from the box. A small cat bone, a vial of blood, and a pinch of sand from one of the sacks. He dumped the rest of the box onto the floor and sat next to it’s contents.

Isaac started to draw onto the concrete floor with some black chalk. There was already some faded lines drawn in that he was just filling in.

After the circle was complete, he poured himself a cup of water, which he then used to wash away the runes in the middle of circle.

He reached over to where David lay and grabbed the book.

He flicked through the pages and found what he was looking for.

Isaac frowned, he dropped the book onto its spine, leaving it open. He jumped to his feet and re-entered the library. He came out a few moment later with a much thicker and darker book.

He sat back down and began flicking between them as though trying to find differences. He was matching names of the runes to how they looked in reality. He could never remember how to draw them.

Once he had memorized their looks he pulled himself up again. He kicked the box away and shifted its previous contents around with his feet.

He went into his coat again and pulled out his own wand. It was carved nicely to fit perfectly in his hand and decorated with jewels and golden thread.

Pointing it at the ground he gave it a flick, black goo shot out the end of it and splattered in the middle of the circle. With a few more flicks the goo shifted around into the runes he had wanted painted down.

“Why did you always draw these?” Isaac looked at David and grinned.

He picked up the satchel off the counter and put it down in the middle of the circle.

He gave a relieved sigh now that he had finished. Pulling up a stool he closed his eyes and started to chant in his head, he didn’t have to wait long.

“What do you want?” Isaac opened his eyes and saw the corpse in front of him. It still looked alive, freshly made up for the funeral he assumed.

“You didn’t have to come yourself Death, I’m sure one of your assistants could have sorted this one out.” He stood and pushed away the stool.

“You haven’t answered my question.” Death pulled up one of the body’s arms and inspected the rings and other jewelry on it’s hands.

“David, to come back. It’s all in the offering.”

“No deal.”

“You want more souls?”

“I don’t want anything, David’s not coming back.”

“What? After all the things I’ve done for you.”

“All things that I have compensated you for.”

“Don’t play games with me! Give him back right now!” The corpse moved faster than any soulless could have. It was suddenly in front of him, dead eyes staring into his.

“You dare try to command me. I could take you right now without a moment’s thought.”

“You do this and I won’t be doing anything for you ever again.”

“I know, that was the point.” Death disappeared, so did the runes of the circle and everything in it. Isaac dropped to his knees.

He stayed there till the sun rose the next morning.


Hi, so you may have noticed that this one was a fair bit longer than the previous chapters. That’s because it’s going to be the last for a while, at least when it comes to Whiskey and Maeve.
This is because I will be spending a few months collating these into a more cohesive story. The complete works will the true cannon by the way for all of you like myself that actually care about that.
Once it is done I will find a way for this to be freely available to everyone who would enjoy it so don’t worry about that.

Otherwise, we will be having an intermission between now and the next chapter that will probably be just a bunch of random ramblings of mine and see what sticks.

Thank you all for reading during all those other short gaps, I hope you continue to enjoy as I move forward 🙂

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 33

“This is it.”

“Thanks, I wasn’t sure after you told me to drive through the gates.” Isaac spoke plainly and pushed open his door.

Whiskey and Maeve got out as well, all three slamming their doors closed.

“I was expecting more of a welcome.” Maeve waved out her hand at the empty courtyard they were standing in. “Maybe just one guard?”

The mansion was almost brand new, a mix of dark stone and wood painted black. Whiskey could definitely appreciate the building but she winced away from the idea of living in a house like this.

“How much do you think a place like this cost?” Isaac wondered out loud.

“These days probably three to four million. They probably didn’t pay for it though.” Maeve answered.

‘Oh god I could buy a house like this easily.’ Whiskey quickly made a few calculations in her head. ‘And still have enough to live off with investment returns.’ Whiskey coughed as if it would stop anyone from reading her mind.

Maeve zipped forward and knocked on the front door, still using her hyper speed which made it sound like machine gun fire. “I don’t think anyone’s home. Can’t sense anyone.”

Isaac made his way up to the door at his normal human pace.

“Standard breaking and entering then.” He nodded at Maeve, she put her hand on the door. Whiskey was close enough to see the door entirely now. It was tall, at least twice her height, probably about twice her width as well. It had an intricate design carved into it, spirals and stars, very reminiscent of Van Gogh.

“No enchantments, just wood.” Maeve stated. The door shattered into splinters, each flying off into the mansion.

“Gah…” Whiskey let out a muffled shout.

“You okay?” Maeve asked.
“Yeah… I guess I’m just a little sentimental.”
“It was a door.”

“It was pretty.”

The entrance to the house was just as any mansion should be, crystal chandelier, marble floors and two grand staircases.

Their footsteps echoed as the stepped inside. Isaac and Maeve were in front looking from side to side checking everywhere for an ambush. Whiskey stuck close, she felt hot flushes run up her neck and mouth went dry. She didn’t shake though.

‘Maybe I’m just too tired, it is getting late.’

Two doors slammed open, one on each side. Maeve and Isaac stared down their respective doors, Whiskey darted her eyes between them. Three men filed out of the doors, each wore jeans and a shirt of varying colour. But all of them had a bullet proof vest on.

Whiskey had never seen a bullet proof vest in real life before, they seemed to be similar to those in movies, maybe a little bulkier. She felt a coldness touch the front of her, like opening a freezer while wearing only your underwear.

It was different to those that she had felt before but she knew that these were soulless.

Maeve disappeared. So did two of the Vampyres. The last one looked at Isaac and Whiskey. Isaac lifted his arm slowly and reached over his shoulder.

Whiskey blinked. Isaac suddenly held out Anima, but she hadn’t seen him carrying it. The Vampyre was right in front of them, he seemed to be frozen inches from the tip of Anima’s blade.

He let out a gurgle and fell to the side revealing Maeve standing behind him. She smiled and returned a small blade to a sheath at her hip.

“You kept the replica?” Isaac asked as he started to return Anima, Whiskey could see it now, changing shape to be hidden behind his back. “Living dangerously.”

“You know me.” Maeve put her mouth to the arm of her leather coat and licked up to the cuff. Whiskey saw the blood in her mouth before she turned around.

Whiskey couldn’t see the other two Vampyres but assumed they were just as dead as the one starting to create a puddle on the marble.

“Can you sense David now?”

“Yeah, follow me.”

Maeve ran off with Isaac in tow. Whiskey followed suit, she didn’t know what else to do.

“Just behind these doors.”

Isaac kicked the double doors open and drew Anima so fast it hit the ground with a twang.

David hand his arms tied around a small decorative pillar, right next to the throne at the end of the hall. Radu sat smiling resting his hand on David’s head.

“Isaac and Maeve, you two make quite an entrance don’t you.” Isaac bent one knee readying himself for a pounce. “Ba…ba…bap… Hold it right there.” Radu flicked his blade out beside him stopping just as it pressed against David’s neck.

“Did you bring it?”

“Are you a retard?” Maeve stepped in behind Isaac. Isaac raised Anima, blocking her path. With his other hand he reached into his coat. “Oh okay, apparently he’s the retard.” Isaac pulled out the glass jar and smashed it on the ground. White smoke burst out flowing over the steps and slowly dissipated.

Radu froze, shock creeped over his face. He moved his arm, as though he was letting the weight of it carry his hand down. Isaac made a step forward. Radu ripped his sword backwards, David’s neck spurted out a long stream of red. A blood fountain replaced his head.

Isaac lept off the ground and bolted down the hall with Anima raised high. Whiskey screamed as she started to process what had just happened

Suddenly her vision filled with red, a torrent of blood shout from Radu slamming into Isaac sending him reeling to the side. The blood hit her legs with enough force to throw her face-first into the stream of it. She took a short breath involuntarily blood filling her mouth and lungs she fought desperately to get up.

As the blood slowly drained away she found herself on all fours with her head just above the tide. She coughed up the rogue blood, her nostrils and mouth covered in what felt like liquid rust.

She wiped away the thickening mess on her face and managed to open her eyes.

There was a loud booming noise and the ground shook. The blood around her was drained away.

In front of her, Maeve was laying on the ground, a red pillar pushing her down.

It wasn’t a pillar it was a leg, of a giant red man. A blood golem.

Isaac ran in from the side. An arm got in his way, he sliced right through it.

He almost made it to the leg on top of Maeve but the other arm slammed into his back.

He lost his grip and was thrown hard into the wall.

Anima flicked through the air and slammed blade down into the marble floor right in front of Whiskey.

“I really have to hand it to that Refuge witch that thwarted me before, I don’t even need the Omokane with this guy!” Radu gloated out of Whiskey’s sight.

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 32

Hey guys and gals, sorry about this one taking so long. I’ve been trying to keep to two a month basis, normally that ended up being ‘bi-weekly’. But alas I was in Japan for two weeks and did not get far enough ahead to schedule any thing substantial.

So without further adieu-

“Took your sweet time didn’t you.” Isaac greeted Whiskey.

“I’ve been helping Red with search and rescue, what have you been doing?”

“The Observatory is the only other accessible entrance to the Refuge, we were preparing for flanking maneuvers.”

“What about the Parking lot?”

“It’s opening cannot be forced, you’d only end up smashing into the building behind this one. Where’s David?”

“I thought he was with you, he ran off after finding out where you were, like an hour ago.”

“Isaac!” Maeve popped out of hyper speed just inside of the Observatory.

“What?” He asked as she threw something over to him.

Isaac stuck his arm out, the silvery ball stopped but not in his hand. It hovered out in front of him. “Don’t just throw things at people.”
“It’s a message pearl.”

“I know what it is.”

“I was telling her.” She pointed at Whiskey.

Isaac allowed the orb to draw closer to him. He plucked it out of the air and twisted it open like a jar of pickles.

“How do you record on these things again, Ah right.” An unfamiliar voice poured out of the pearl, it had a twang to it like it was it was coming through a bad microphone. “Hello Refuge, sorry about the mess. You may think that you have thwarted me, that I would run away with my tail between my legs.”

“Do you know this guy?” Whiskey asked the room. Nobody answered, most shook their heads.

“Well you thought wrong, I have something you may want. Well actually someone, he’s got a really good arm on him…”

“Shit.” Isaac muttered, he dropped the pearl and walked off. It hit the ground with a cracking noise but the voice didn’t stop.

“… has blond hair, goes by David. Anyway, if you want him back you’ll bring me the Omokane by sunrise. I’ll be at the mansion I’m sure you’ve managed to get the location of.”

“Uh…” Whiskey looked around, she couldn’t see where Isaac went. Maeve seemed to have disappeared as well. “Red, are we planning on rescuing David?”

“Isaac’s probably already on his way.” Reese came up beside them answering her question.

“Is that all you want to send?”

“Maeve is gone too.”

“You’re not going to help save your friend?”

“They can handle themselves.”

“Are they going by car and how do I get the garage?”


Whiskey leaned up against the nearest car. She had run over as fast as she could.

“I really need to get fit.”

“I could help with that.” Maeve was suddenly beside her.

“Ah!” Whiskey jumped to the side, surprisingly she still had more adrenaline to use.

“Sorry, I forget that most people aren’t always on guard.”

“It’s okay, I guess I’m already a little on edge. What do you mean you could help with that?”

Maeve disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the car.

“I could turn you, make you faster, stronger.”

“All I need to give up is my soul and moral compass.”

“They’re one in the same actually. But yes.”

“Even if I wanted to be turned, would you really?”

“No, probably not. You have a little more choice than I did. Not saying I don’t like being this killing machine but there are options to consider.”

“Being a Mage or a Soulless.”
“Or a shapeshifter or a beast or a holy, unholy servant. Then there are choices beyond them.” Maeve was back beside her. “Would you hide or would you fight? Well I guess you’re trying to come and save David so you’re a fighter.”

“I-I want to do what I can to help get him back, he’s going to train me.” Whiskey stood straighter in her resolve. ‘But I don’t want to kill anyone else.’ She thought.

“No killing huh?”

“What? Can you…?”

“…Read minds? Ha ha, no I can sense your emotions. Most Soulless can if you don’t keep them under control. I’m just good at educated guesses.”

“That’s still unnerving.”

“Not as unnerving as basically knowing what people are thinking all the time. Ah, Isaac finally made it, did you get lost?”

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

“I forgot my coat.” Whiskey couldn’t remember seeing him without his coat nor did she see him on the way here. “We’re taking David’s car.”

They made their way over to the car. Whiskey got into the back seat and this time there wasn’t a Vampyre causing her any grief.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Maeve asked.

“No, that’s why I’m letting you come.”


Death sat in Radu’s thone. She wrapped bony fingers of the deceased police officer around the intricate wood work in the arm rests. She crossed and uncrossed the legs, straightening the hat as she felt one of her soulless get close.

Another soul came into range at the same time, it was the colour of a mages but it was also branded. Death recognised the brand as one of her own, this soul had made deals with herself or another reaper.

Death grabbed hold of the body she inhabited and slipped back under the mortal veil.

“Death? Are you here?” Radu called out as he burst into his throne room. David’s mouth was covered by duct-tape. “Huh, I guess not.” Radu dragged him up to the throne and kicked him to the ground next to it.

She returned the body to it’s coffin with a single thought. Able to move freely without a vessel under the veil, she floated over to where David lay. Coalescing some of her form into hand she caressed his cheek.

“Of course it had to be one of you two.” She whispered.

David didn’t notice anything, the veil was not close enough for that.

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Whiskey and Maeve 31

Whiskey coughed and spluttered her way through the cigarette, she felt like her lungs were cursing her with every breath. It was only in her mind but it made her lose focus on what she had seen. The bodies and blood.


She never liked the smell of tobacco smoke, it was the reason she stayed away from the alleyways at her old high-school.


“Well at least smoking isn’t the worst thing I’ve done today.”

“Murder detectives all used to smoke back in the day whether they liked it or not.” Mr Red said after having said nothing for a while.

“Before they invented nose plugs I guess. You were right, this at least makes me think of something less terrible.”


“Come on Sam!” Alix’s shout reached down the corridor to them. Whiskey and Red looked at each other then Red bounded down the hallway. Whiskey looked at the burning paper in her hand then looked around, hesitating isn’t a strong enough word for what she was doing.


“Just throw it, these halls are magically protected.”


Whiskey was still frozen in place. She couldn’t just throw rubbish around, let alone something on fire.


“Damn it Sam!” Alix was screaming this time. It pierced Whiskey’s mind breaking whatever mental conditioning had been preventing her from littering. She released her grip and let it fall, she ran after Red.


“Alix? Sam!” Red was gone from Whiskeys view but he could hear him clearly as she leapt forward with every step.


“Sam!” Alix screamed again her voice turning hoarse. Whiskey made it round the corner, Alix was sitting on the ground holding Sam’s limp body. “Red! Red she’s hurt!”


“Alix, what’s happened?”

“I found her. Like this. She’s breathing. Her arm is broken. Her back. Her back is broken too. She’s not healing. Why isn’t she healing?” Alix’s voice was much quieter than it was before.

“Her curse is gone, temporarily. This is some strong blood magic.”
“You can fix it right, blood magic isn’t as strong… right?” Whiskey got down on her knees next to Alix.


“As strong as soul magic?” He had guessed she meant, Whiskey nodded. “Yeah, but only Isaac and David studied that. You haven’t trained in transfiguring a human have you Alix?” Alix shook her head hurriedly “And if there was a ritual that could fix this Sam would be the one to ask.”


“So what do we do?” Whiskey asked quietly almost in a whisper. “Could we get Isaac or David to help?”

“It would take too long to fix this and if I know them they’re probably already helping someone else.”


Whiskey’s thoughts ran wild.

“She’s human now, for how long?” It felt as though something in her head had clicked into place, her eyes widened.

“A day, two maximum.” Red replied
“And she’ll heal once she has her curse back?”

“To perfect health.”

“Alix can you pick her up?” Alix nodded saying nothing. “We’ll take her to the hospital.”
“They’ll ask questions.” Red said “We can’t draw attention”

“People who come into hospitals with bullet wounds draw attention, girls who may have fallen down the stairs get politely dealt with.”

“So i’ll be staying here then?”

“People are presumptuous and you are rather… large. No drawing attention right?” Whiskey got up finally having a plan.

“Alix take Sam to the nearest hospital, me and Whiskey are going to track down anyone else who needs help.

“Yeah I guess that’s fair.”




The observatory was drawing close. David had started to walk, all the running he was doing started to make him remember how human he was.


He stopped suddenly, then slowly put himself into a fighting stance.


“Hello David. Sensed me coming did you?” David flicked round bringing up his arm for a block, a thin long sword hit it with a twang. “That’s quite the arm you have there.”


The attacker’s clothes were small melted patches. Half his face was the wrong complexion and tighter than rest. His hair missing in places and too long in others.


“That’s quite the face you have there. I don’t think we’ve been introduced.”

“My sincerest apologies, I am Radu I lead the Vampyre army laying siege to this Refuge.”

“What Vampyre army? You’re the first one I’ve seen since I got here.”


Radu slashed his sword down again hitting David’s arm again with the same effect. David threw a punch with his free hand, Radu jumped back to dodge.


Now that his soul bound arm was free he swung it forward. Radu quickly bent over backwards to dodge again. He flicked his sword at the same time, aiming for the closest leg. David jumped over it and grabbed it with his enchanted hand.


“Well you are quite spry for someone your age.” Radu licked his lips as he spoke.

“I could make the same quip except you’re probably younger than me. However we seem to be in a stalemate.”

“You may have misread the situation then.” Radu bit down on his tongue and spit blood into David’s face. David didn’t let go but did start to bring his other arm up to wipe away the fluid on his face. “Oh it’s too late for that.”


David felt his legs go numb and his face started to burn.


“What have you done?”

“Seriously, didn’t you guys know I was a blood mage.”




Whiskey wasn’t going into the main bar area anytime soon but luckily anyone that was still alive in there had already been taken to a makeshift triage room they had.


“Why don’t you guys have some medical facilities?” Whiskey asked as they scoured the hallways. “Surely most cursed don’t want to go to a human doctor.”

“We do get complaints. But healing magic isn’t something that many people study.”
“Why not? It would surely come in handy?”

“Anyone with Cain’s curse wouldn’t have even wavered with the injuries Sam had.”

“But what about people without a curse that use magic?”

“Magic holds them together as well, they’ll heal most wounds quickly even ones magical in nature. Some have said that Mages are stronger than the cursed simply because you have to kill them quickly if you want to succeed at all.”


“So let’s say that Isaac got hit by an Afreet’s slow burn, what would happen to him?”

“Oh he’d be dead after a while, unless David got to him.”

“But he surely he could save himself.”

“As far as I’m aware Isaac doesn’t know any healing magic at all. David and Reese are the only people I can think of that know magic like that off the top of their heads.”


Whiskey went quiet, she was thinking. She knew that she still had many questions to ask about the Refuge in general but they all seemed insignificant now.


“Do you know any magic? You never mentioned…” Whiskey trailed off wondering if it was an impolite thing to ask.

“I don’t have a focus no, I don’t do much field work. Being a Chimera is enough for me.”

“Chimera of what exactly?”


“Oh right, sorry science has taken that word out of context for me. So you can turn into a lion-goat-snake? That’s pretty cool.”
“Yeah, I thought so.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 30

The Golem crumbled in front of her. The ritual binding it together was rendered invalid by the hole punctured through the paper it was on. Radu pulled his sword back and plucked the bright green stationery from the end of it.


Sam broke into a run at him. He smiled, his teeth lightly stained red. He swung his sword to the side but it didn’t touch her. She had transformed into her Puma form putting her lower to the ground.


Her jaw clamped down onto Radu’s revealed leg, she threw him into the wall again, her teeth locking around his tibia. He groaned in pain.


Radu slammed his other leg into Sam’s stomach just under her ribcage knocking all the air out of her. Unable to stop herself, her mouth released him. He kicked her again sending her into the other side of the corridor.


“Damn shifters.”


He reached down and wiped off some blood from his leg. Turning his palm to face her he lowered his head and mumbled something under his breath. She turned to look up at him with a human head.


“You morphed me?”

“No, I temporarily removed Cain’s curse from your blood.”  Sam pushed herself up with her hands and flicked her legs around into him. He fell the ground face first.


They both jumped up, Sam threw a low punch, he blocked it and swung wide to the right. Sam put her arm up to block, his fist cracked into her arm, she screamed as it broke. “As if you could fight me as a human.”


Sam fell to her knees grabbing her elbow with the other hand to stop the break from moving. She breathed hard and fast tears dripping from her eyes.


Radu stepped over her then snapped his leg back, his heel hitting her spine. Sam fell forwards, paralyzed with pain. He continued down the hall without breaking stride. He stopped at the vault entrance, the double doors seemed inconspicuous but he knew what was inside. Bringing up his hands he searched for a hidden seal over the door. He didn’t find one, so he started to push on the doors.


He stopped, his grin turned into a frown. It was too late to move away, the trap was sprung. A fountain of enchanted fire blasted from the floor to the ceiling enveloping him. Just as suddenly, it was gone leaving no marks on the building around him.


Radu was scorched, what clothes were left were still on fire and his skin was black where it wasn’t stripped away. Letting out a series of small squeaks as he lowered his arms.


Then he ran.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Sam mumbled, unable to move and delirious with pain.




Alix stopped at the corner of the street holding up a fist. David and Whiskey stopped behind her.


“What’s up Alix?” David asked.

“I can smell a lot of blood and we’re near the Refuge.”

“Do you think…?” Alix lept forward, shifting mid stride.


David and Whiskey ran after her but they couldn’t keep up.

“We’re too late aren’t we?” Whiskey wondered between breaths

“Yeah, they’d survive without our help.”

“I sense a but.”

“But… if they were facing an army casualties are expected.”


Whiskey started to run again even though she was exhausted.


It wasn’t long before they had made it to the hole in the side of the Refuge. Whiskey squinted and held her hand up to shade her from the city lights but she still couldn’t see through the shadow that was obscuring the hole.


She looked around, the street was much the same as she had seen before. There was now rubble covering the sidewalk and a dead woman in the gutter. Whiskey didn’t look too hard at the body but could see at least one large hole in it.


David came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ready to go inside?”

“Y-Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.”


They climbed the small mound of concrete and passed into the Refuge.


It was the smell that hit her first. Her mind flicked up every warning signal it had as it realized it was detecting burnt human flesh. She stumbled over a body losing her train of thought, the tang of rusted iron filled her nostrils and back of her throat. Blood, that was a smell she remembered vividly.


She ran over to the bar and leant up against it. She took deep breaths, holding her nose, closing her eyes.


“David! What do you think you’re doing bringing her in here?” Whiskey didn’t recognise this voice.

“I didn’t think it would be this bad Red.”

“Come here.” The voice named Red was close. He picked her up in arms like tree trunks and carried her in great strides. She heard the door to the back open and the air rush past her as they moved through.


Hesitantly she opened her eyes.

“T-Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome. David you idiot, this poor girl, she’s never dealt with something like this.”

“I just came back from killing some bat creature, I don’t blame him for this.”

“You killed it? Reese didn’t tell me that.”


“She’s a natural. Where is Reese and Isaac I need a status report. Alix went on ahead she’ll be here somewhere.”

“Reese’ll be in the observatory, that’s where we moved the vault.”

“Can you look after Whiskey for me? I need to make sure they’re okay. Will you be alright here Whiskey?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay, go check on your boyfriend.” David grinned at her and she half smiled back.


“Here.” Red was large and toned, he held out something to Whiskey but she only really noticed how he could hold both of her hands in one of his own.

“What is it?”

“It’s a cigarette.”

“I’m not a smoker.”

“If you ever want to get over that smell you’ll be one.”

“I think i’d rather…”
“Not get cancer? We have magic for that.”


“Can you cure addiction too?”

“Of course.”

“Why is magic kept secret again?”

“You managed to see the warzone before you shut your eyes right?”

“Ah, fair point.”

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Whiskey and Maeve Chapter 29

Radu stomped his boot down onto the pathway outside of the Refuge. He twisted his feet slowly as he shifted his body, crunching on some loose stones. He put his hand onto the door but stopped an inch from it, pushed back. The door lit up around where his hand was, sparking yellow like a Plasma ball.


He pulled out his sword from the sheath at his waist, holding it up to tell the crowd behind him to settle down. He put the sword into his palm and pulled down slowly.


Blood dripped from the slice on his hand. It dripped towards the sky but got stuck in the air. The drops hovered there frozen as though they had forgotten how to move. He squeezed his hand into a fist, causing a large gush of red to shoot out. The blood had formed a runic circle that was now glowing very lightly over the sidewalk and the door to the refuge.


“Boom.” He said, loudly and clearly, slapping his cut hand onto the circle. The was a flash of red light twisted with yellow, the sound was muffled but it definitely sound like an explosion.


The wall entering the refugee was destroyed, leaving a couple of stronger steel support beams and a mound of broken concrete rubble. There was still magic protecting the Refuge, sealing it away from prying eyes, keeping what was inside hidden in shadow. “Well, go on then.”


“Radu… I could still be of use.” Her face was covered with dry tears and mascara. She held her sides and moved slowly even with two other vampyres pulling her along.

“No, you can’t.” He pointed his sword at her and motioned towards the dark hole in the wall.


She stopped just before the hole in the wall, shaking in terror. “Go!” He walked up behind her

“I-I can’t!” She screamed. He lifted his leg and gave her a hard shove with his foot.


She half fell, half stumbled through the threshold.


Her body shot back out, Radu stepped to the side to dodge it. A large piece of ice protruded from her chest and back, there were several holes in her now, most cauterised, some glowing and some sparkling. The front of the crowd looked at her and took a few short steps back.


“If you don’t run in now you’ll all end up like that!”


They all seemed to turn and look to the Vampyre next to them, then nodded. Breaking into a human paced run, they piled into the hole.


Radu slipped in through the barrier with a bigger cluster of Vampyre, allowing them to take most of the hits. The moment he passed through the barrier he jumped into hyper speed. He felt his whole body get heavy, they had planned for that as well.


No matter, he was still faster than most.


He ran at the closest refuge enforcer he could see, the one shooting the bolts of ice. She noticed him heading for her and quickly fired four ice-javelins out of her hands.


He only just managed to sidestep them. They left cold patches on his jeans and shirt. He put his hands onto her head, a look of terror came over her face. Her eyes so wide he could see his own smile in them


With a flick of his wrists the reflection was gone and she fell limp to the floor, the ice sword she was preparing shattered into a cloud of snow.


He looked up from her lifeless body and snarled hungrily. Two other mages chose him as their target.


‘Wise’ He thought dodging an arrow made of pure white light. His sword was drawn again, just in time to cut through a wire net that appeared above him.


Darting forward in a zig zag, he was upon the archer after he missed his second shot. He shot past without even turning his body. The archers bow split in two, as did his body.


The net Weaver was already moving backwards as fast as he could without taking his eyes of Radu. Radu made a sucking sound with his tongue on his teeth. The Weaver clicked his knuckles and made several swift movements with his hands out stretched in front of him. Like he was tying a knot with the air.


Radu almost ran directly into the wire net that appeared in front of him. He wasn’t used to fighting mages that would actualize non magical items for combat purposes. Not because it was particularly hard to master but to do it at useful speed you would have to stick to creating the same item if you wanted to do it quickly.


As he twisted to avoid the second net another one appeared in front of him. He hadn’t touched it but he could tell it was made from silver, he could feel his own aura burning as it drew close. Radu twisted his neck, facing towards the mage who wove this trap.


The wound in his hand was long since healed due to his soulless nature. There wasn’t even a scar. Without drawing it completely he used his sword to open it back up.


He flicked his own blood at the mage who just grinned arrogantly.


In an instant Radu was no longer flesh but a mist of blood, spreading out like a swarm of mosquitos.


The Weaver frowned, he had never fought a blood mage before.

Radu reformed, slamming his hands onto the mages’ shoulder and head, pushing him to reveal his neck. His Vampyre teeth punctured the jugular, he only took in a mouthful of the blood. He only wanted to replenish the strength lost during the mist. The mage dropped to the floor already becoming pale as his essence poured onto his shirt and puddled around him.


Radu looked at his army, it was mostly gone now. Only the strongest were left, and they were still fighting with the strongest of the enforcers. ‘The strongest they have on the door’ He turned towards the bar, the door to the stairs and the door to the kitchen had been sealed. A stronger seal than the one on the wall. ‘But not the door to the back. You think you could entrap me?’


He decided to leave the fight, it was starting to bore him.




Sam stood guard outside the artefact vault. The Vampyres’ should have been smart enough to know that even if didn’t know what they were after that we wouldn’t move everything somewhere else. However, Mr. Red suggested that she stay, to be a trap for the stupider of the bunch.


She had prepared several traps infact, but they would only kill if you continued to push through them. Her golem was with her, he was leaning on the wall like she was. This one had a tendency to imitate her, the soul energy used to create a golem would never pull a whole consciousness out of the next life. Sam had made very sure of that, but it seemed that some personality traits were copied from the spirit.


A pale man jumped into view at the end of the corridor. He had his back to her, he was swinging and thrusting sword around at nothing.


Sam blinked and let her Chatesque vision take over, he was swinging at a Hellhound. Another was lying dead just around the corner. It wasn’t just a man. It was a Vampyre.


She stood up straight, the golem did the same. She readied herself, putting one foot facing the opponent and the other behind her for balance. Her Golem stood in front of her but didn’t obscure her vision.


The Vampyre made one last powerful thrust and managed to pierce the shriveled heart at the centre of the Hound. He seemed to relax all of sudden, putting away his blade and dusting himself off. The arms of his coat and one of the legs in his pants had been shredded.


Turning to face the vault his kinked out his neck and scrunched up his face, as if to say ‘Seriously?’


He jumped into a sprint, his shoes slapped against the ground slightly wet with dog saliva. Her golem swiped to the right and slammed him against the wall. He let out a groan like the life was leaving his body.


“You can turn away at any time. The Omakane isn’t even in this vault.”

“As if i’d be that stupid.”


Sam put one hand on her hip and her other palm onto her face. Sighing deeply.


“William, kill him please.”

“Yes my lady.” The Golem’s voice was less a voice and more a grinding of rocks that were done strategically to create the same noise as a voice.


It grabbed the Vampyre with both hands and slammed him into the ceiling, extending its arms as needed to reach.


“I am so done with being trapped today.” The Golems arms were suddenly severed, falling to the ground. It lifted up what was left to its face, confused. They were already starting to reform as the others were being reabsorbed. “Not so fast.”


The blade went right through where the golem’s face ought to be, something came out with it. As Sam saw it she frowned.


“Fuck it, now I have to make another one.”

“You won’t be making anything ever again.”

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